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Families covered: Brodie of Asleisk Castle, Brodie of Brodie, Brodie of Spynie

Macbeth (Mael Beth), Thane of Dyke (a 1262)
1. Malcoln (Mael Coluim), Thane of Dyke and of Brothy (a 1285)
  A. Michael, Thane of Brothie and Dyke (a 1311)
  i. John de Brothy (a 1376)
  a. Thomas de Brothie (a 1386)
  (1) John de Brothi (a 1410)
  (A) Richard de Brothy (d 09.1446)
  (i) John Brode of that ilk (a 1466)
(a) Alexander Brode of that ilk (d c1491)
  ((1)) John Brode of that ilk (d c1511)
  ((A)) Alexander Brode of that ilk (d c1540)
  m. Janet Douglas
  ((i)) Thomas Brode of that ilk (d Pinkie 1547)
  m. Agnes Schaw
  ((a)) Alexander Brode of that ilk (d 1583)
  m1. (1553) Marjory Dunbar of Durris
  (((1))) David Brodie of that ilk (b 1553, d 1627) - continued below --
  m. (1584) Janet Hay (d 1607, dau of John Hay of Park and Lochloy) --
  m2. Margaret Hay of Park and Lochloy
  (((2))) John Brodie (b 1580, d 1660)
  m. Helen Mackenzie
  (((3)))+ other issue - George, Henry, Margaret, Thomas, Andrew, Marjory, Elspeth, Janet, Catherine
  ((B)) John Brodye, Sheriff of Ayr (a 1514)
  ((2)) David Brody
  (b)+ other issue - Archibald, Adam, Andrew
  (ii) Andrew Bryde (a 1452)
  (B)+ other issue - John (a 1432, canon of Tain), Alexander, Malcolm (a 1450, Abbot of Arbroath)
  (2)+ other issue - Alexander (a 1406, vicar of Dyke), William (priest in Glasgow, Treasurer of Ross)
  b.+ other issue - Nicholas (priest in Ross), William
  ii.+ other issue - Sir Robert (d Culblen 1335), Sir Thomas (d Culblen 1335)



David Brodie of that ilk (b 1553, d 1627) - continued above
m. (1584) Janet Hay (d 1607, dau of John Hay of Park and Lochloy by Janet, dau of William Sutherland of Duffus)
1. David Brodie of Brodie (b 1586, d 22.09.1623)
  m. (1616) Katherine Dunbar of Grange (niece of the Admirable Crichton)
A. Alexander Brodie of Brodie (b 25.07.1617, d 1679, Senator as Lord Brodie)
  m. (28.10.1635) Elizabeth Innes (d 12.08.1640, dau of Sir Robert Innes of that ilk, 1st Bart)
  i. James Brodie of Brodie (b 15.09.1637, d 03.1708)
  m. (28.07.1659) Mary Ker (b 28.03.1640, d 03.1708, dau of Sir William Ker of Ancrum, Earl of Lothian)
a. Anne Brodie
  m. (1679/80) William Forbes, 13th Lord (d 07.1716)
  b. Katharine Brodie (b 1663, d 1701)
  m. (1682) Robert Dunbar of Grangehill (Dalvey)
  c. Elizabeth Brodie (b 1663)
  m. (1694) Alexander Cumming of Altyr
  d. Grizel Brodie
  m. (1685) Robert Dunbar of Dumphail (d 1717)
  e. Emilia Brodie
  m. (1692) George Brodie of Brodie (d 12.1714) @1@ below
  f. Margaret Brodie
  m. (1698) James Brodie of Whitehill @2@ below
  g. Vere Brodie (b1672, d 1698)
  m. (1694) Joseph Brodie of Muirhouse
h. Mary (Lilllias) Brodie
  m1. Patrick Cumming (surgeon in Inverness)
  m2. (1708) _ Scheviz of Muirtown
  i. Henrietta (Herriot) Brodie (b 1676, d unm)
  ii. Grizzel Brodie (b 1636)
  m. (1664) Sir Robert Dunbar of Grangehill
  B. Joseph Brodie of Asleisk Castle (d 1682, 3rd son)
BLG1952 shows Joseph as grandson of the above David, son of an intermediary David, but ABofB shows him as son.
  m1. (1660) Christian Baillie of Jerviswood
  i. Katharine Brodie
  m. (1675) James Dunbar of Boath
  m2. (1664) Isabell Dundas (dau of George Dundas of Duddingstone)
ii. David Brodie of Asleisk Castle (d unm 10.1683)
  iii. George Brodie of Brodie (d 12.1714)
  m. (1692) Emilia Brodie (dau of James Brodie of Brodie) @1@ above
  a. James Brodie of Brodie, Provost of Forres (d unm 1720)
  b. Alexander Brodie of Brodie (b 17.08.1697, d 09.03.1754, Lord Lyon King of Arms)
  m. (03.09.1724) Mary Sleigh (b 03.10.1704, d 1760)
  (1) Alexander Brodie of Brodie (b 29.05.1741, d unm 1759)
  (2) Amelia (Emilia) Brodie (b 30.04.1730)
  m. (1751) John Macleod, younger of Macleod (b 1725, dvp 07.01.1767, Lord Lyon King of Arms)
  (3)+ other issue - George (b 1729, d young), Samuel (b 1732, d young), Isabella (b 1726), Mary (b 1731), Henrietta (b 1733)
c. Henrietta Brodie
  m. (09.04.1714) John Sinclair of Ulbster, Sheriff of Caithness (d 1736)
  d. Anne Brodie (b 1701)
  m. John Munro of Novar (d 1734)
  e.+ other issue (d unm) - Joseph, William
  iv. James Brodie of Whitehill, Coltfield and Spynie (d 1742)
  m. (1698) MargaretBrodie (dau of JamesBrodie of Brodie) @2@ above
a. James Brodie of Spynie (d 1756)
  m. Emilia Brodie (d 1770)
  (1) James Brodie of Brodie (b 31.08.1744, d 17.01.1824)
  m. (06.03.1768) Margaret Duff (b 1745, d 24.04.1786, dau of William Duff, 1st Earl of Fife)
  (A) James Brodie (b 1768, dvp 1802)
  m. (1791) Anne Story (dau of Col. _ Story of Ascot)
  (i) William Brodie of Brodie (b 02.07.1799, d 1873) had issue
  m. (27.11.1838) Elizabeth Baillie (b 1819, d 30.01.1914, dau of Col. Hugh Baillie of Redcastle)
  (ii) Jane Brodie (b 1796)
  m. (1823) Francis Russell (son of Sir Henry, Bart, by Ann Whitworth)
  (iii) Charlotte Brodie (b 1797)
  m. (1822) Edward Woodcock (b 1789)
  (iv) Isabella Brodie (b 1798)
  m. (1821) Archibald Pattullo (b 1787, d Redan 1824, Captain)
(v) Louisa Brodie (b 1801, d 1862)
  m. (1825) Hugh Cotton (pb 1798, d 1881, Captain)
  (vi)+ other issue (d unm) - George (b 1802, d 1826), Margaret (b 1795, d 1826)
  (B) Margaret Brodie (b 1776, d 1828)
  m. (1820) _ Colquhoun-Grant (b 1780, d 1829, Lt. Colonel)
  (C) Charlotte Brodie (b 1777, d 1847)
  m. (1802) Matthew Macalister (d 1829, Colonel)
(D)+ other issue - William (b 1769, d 1826), Jane Ann Catherine (b 1770, d unm 1842)
  (2) Alexander Brodie of Arnhall and the Burn (b 1748, d 1818, 3rd son)
  m. (1793) Elizabeth Wemyss (b 11.12.1769, d 19.07.1800, dau of James Wemyss of Wemyss Castle)
  (A) Elizabeth Brodie (b 20.06.1794, d 31.01.1864)
  m. (11.12.1813) George Gordon, 5th Duke of Gordon (b 02.02.1770, dsp 28.05.1836)
  (3) Margaret Brodie (b 1743, d 1820)
  m. (1779) Charles Calder (b 1749, d 1812, minister of Urquhart)
(4) Elizabeth Brodie (b 1746, d 1836)
  m. _ Ketchen (minister in Nairn)
  (5)+ other issue - George (b 1745, d unm 1812, Governor of Fort Augustus, Colonel), Isabella (b 1751, d 1834)
  b. Alexander Brodie (b 1711, d young)
  c. Janet Brodie (b 1715)
  m. Alexander Dunbar of Boath
v. Janet Brodie
  m. (1699) James Sutherland of Kinsteary
  vi.+ other issue - Alexander (d 04.1672), Maria, Anna
  C. Elizabeth Brodie
  m. (1634) Colin Campbell of Ardesier (d 12.09.1642)
  D. Grizel Brodie
  m. (1628-9) Walter Kinnaird of Culbin
E.+ other issue - David (b 1620, d unm 1653), William (dsp), Janet
2. Alexander Brodie of East Grange, Lethen and Kinloss (b c1587, d 07.11.1672)
  m1. Margaret Clerk (dau of James Clerk of Balbirnie)
  m2. Margaret Grant
3. John Brodie of White Wreath (d 01.1655, Dean of Moray)
  A. William Brodie
  i. William Brodie (d unm 1739)
  B. John Brodie (b 1655)
  C. Janet Brodie (d 1707) --
  m. (1660) Sir William Dunbar of Durn, Bart --
4. William Brodie of Coltfield (d 09.1650)
  m. Jean Falconer (d 1676)
  A. William Brodie (dsp)
5. Francis Brodie of Milton and Inverlochtie (d 08.1676)
6. Ninian Brodie at Calsayford
7. Joseph Brodie (b 1600, d 1656, minister of Keith and Forres)
  m. Nicola Guthrie (d 10.1668, dau of Bishop of Moray)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 04.02.06) : information kindly provided by Alexander Brodie of Brodie (see below)
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 (Brodie of Brodie) with significant support & input from a contributor, Alexander Brodie of Brodie (30.01.06) who identified as a main source 'Genealogy of the Brodie Family from Malcolm Thane of Brodie Temp Alexander III (A.D. 1249-85) to year 1862' by Brodie of Eastborn
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