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Families covered: Brodrick of Midleton, Brodrick of Wandsworth
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William Brodrick of Richmond (Yorkshire), later of Wandsworth (Surrey) (d 1620)
1. Sir Thomas Brodrick of Wandsworth (b c1596, bur 04.02.1642, Lt. Governor of the Tower of London)
  m. Katherine Nicholas (bur 04.12.1678, dau of R obert Nicholas of Manningford Bruce by Jane, dau of Nicholas St. John of Lydiard Tregoz)
  A. Sir Alan Brodrick of Wandsworth (b 28.07.1623, d unm 25.11.1680, Surveyor General in Ireland)
B. Thomas Brodrick of Wandsworth (b 04.10.1625, a 1680, 3rd son) 
  m. Margaret Cotton (dau/coheir of Richard Cotton)
  i.+ issue - Thomas (a 1680), Alan (a 1680), Mary (bur 10.03.1655), Catherine (a 1680)
  C. Sir St. John Brodrick of Midleton, co. Cork (b 03.12.1627, bur 23.01.1711)
  BP1934 & MGH identify St. John's wife as Alice, dau of Sir Randal Clayton of Thelwall, but TCP (Midleton) identifies her as ...
  m. Alice Clayton (bur 21.04.1696, dau of Laurence Clayton of Mallow, sister of Randall Clayton of Thelwall)
i. Thomas Brodrick of Ballyanan Castle, Midleton (b 04.08.1654, dsp 03.10.1739)
  m. Anne Pigott (b 1656-7, d 03.05.1731, dau of Alexander Pigott of Inishannon)
  ii. Alan Brodrick, 1st Viscount Midleton of Midleton, Lord Chancellor in Ireland (d 08.1728, Speaker of the House of Commons in Ireland, Chief Justice)
  m1. Catherine Barry (dau of Redmond Barry of Rathcormack (Rathcormick) by Mary, dau of John Boyle of Castle Lyons)
  a. St. John Brodrick of Ballyanan (dvp 21.02.1728)
  m. Anne Hill (dau of Michael Hill of Hillsborough, sister of 1st Viscount Hillsborough)
  (1) Katherine Brodrick (d unm bur 02.11.1713)
  (2) Anne Brodrick
  m. James Jeffreyes of Blarney Castle
(3) Alice (sb Catherine?) Brodrick
  m. (c01.1736) Charles O'Neill of Shane's Castle
  (4) Mary Brodrick
  m. Sir John Redmond Freke, 3rd Bart of Castle Freke (dsp)
  (5) Jane Brodrick
  m. Rev. Laurence Brodrick @1@ below
  m2. (1695) Lucy Courthope (bur 30.06.1703, dau of Sir Peter Courthope of Little Island by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Giffard)
  b. Courthope Brodrick (bpt 25.03.1700, d 12.1700)
c. Alan Brodrick, 2nd Viscount Midleton (bpt 31.01.1701/2, d 08.06.1747)
  m. (07.05.1729) Mary Capel (d 12.11.1762, dau of Algernon, 2nd Earl of Essex)
  (1) George Brodrick, 3rd Viscount Midleton (b 03.10.1730, d 22.08.1765)
  m. (01.05.1752) Albinia Townshend (d 18.09.1808, dau of Thomas Townshend (by Albinia Selwyn), sister of 1st Viscount Sydney)
  (A) George Brodrick, 4th Viscount Midleton (b 01.11.1754, d 12.08.1836)
  m1. (05.12.1778) Frances Pelham (d 23.06.1783, dau of Thomas, 1st Earl of Chichester)
(i) Frances Anne Brodrick (d 19.02.1858)
  m. (24.08.1803) Inigo Thomas of Ratton
  m2. (13.06.1797) Mary Benyon (b 08.03.1772, d 14.01.1852, dau of Richard Benyon of Englefield House)
  (ii) George Alan Brodrick, 5th Viscount Midleton (b 10.06.1806, dsp 01.11.1848)
  m. (14.05.1833) Ellen Griffiths (b 1812, d 13.11.1886, m2. Richard Quain of London)
  (iii) Harriet Brodrick (b 10.08.1804, d 13.08.1893)
  m. (31.03.1829) William John Brodrick, 7th Viscount Midleton @2@ below
  (iv)+ other issue - Maria (b 28.03.1799, d 11.04.1893), Charlotte (b 1800-1, d unm 12.04.1863), Emma (b 13.08.1807, d 05.04.1894), Lucy (b 07.1809, d 31.12.1895)
  (B) Charles Brodrick, Archbishop of Cashel (b 03.05.1761, d 06.05.1822, 4th son)
  m. (08.12.1786) Mary Woodward (d 28.03.1799, dau of Richard Woodward, Bishop of Cloyne)
(i) Charles Brodrick, 6th Viscount Midleton (b 14.09.1791, d 02.12.1863) had issue (4 daus)
  m. (05.05.1825) Emma Stapleton d 29.12.1879, dau of Thomas, Lord Le Despencer)
  (ii) George Brodrick (b 23.04.1797, d unm 29.05.1861, rector of Titsey)
  (iii) William John Brodrick, 7th Viscount Midleton (b 08.07.1798, d 29.08.1870, Dean of Exeter, chaplain to Queen Victoria) had issue
m1. (14.03.1824, sp) Elizabeth Anne Brudenell (d 21.11.1824, dau of Robert, 6th Earl of Cardigan, widow of Hon. John Perceval)
  m2. (31.03.1829) Harriet Brodrick (dau of George Brodrick, 4th Viscount Midleton) @2@ above
  (iv) Mary Susan Brodrick (d 23.04.1870)
  m. (13.03.1809) James, 2nd Earl of Bandon (d 1856)
  (v) Albinia Brodrick (d 20.04.1863)
  m. (18.10.1817) Sir James Ashley Maude (d 23.10.1841)
  (vi) Louisa Brodrick (d 10.01.1864)
  m. (01.1823) James Smyth Scott (d 07.1854, QC)
(vii) Frances Brodrick (d 12.12.1853)
  m. (10.10.1827) Henry Dunbar Tolly (d 1837, General)
  (C) William Brodrick (b 14.02.1763, dsp 29.04.1819, MP)
  m. (25.08.1794) Mary Preston (dau of Rev. Nathaniel Preston of Swainston)
  (D) John Brodrick of Reading (b 03.11.1765, d 09.10.1842, General) had issue
  m. (06.09.1809) Anne Graham (d 03.05.1832, dau of Robert Graham of Fintry)
  (E)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (b 17.04.1756, d 13.01.1795, Under Secretary of State), Henry (b 12.12.1758, d 16.06.1785, Colonel), Albinia (b 15.09.1757, d 03.10.1760), Mary (b 14.02.1760, d 04.08.1842), Harriet (b 05.1764, d infant)
  (2) Courthope Brodrick (bur 01.09.1733)
  d. Alice Brodrick (b 31.05.1697, d 1780)
  m. (03.03.1736) Rev. John Castleman
  m3. (01.12.1716, sp) Anne Trevor (d 12.11.1762, dau/heir of Sir John Trevor of Brynkinalt, widow of Michael Hill)
  iii. William Brodrick (a 1721, attorney general for Jamaica, judge in Ireland, 5th son)
  a. Thomas Brodrick of Peper Harow, Surrey (b c1704, d 01.01.1769, Vice Admiral)
  m. Mary Robins (b 1709-10, d 16.06.1760, dau of Benjamin Robins)

issue - Edward (bpt 25.03.1744), Alithea (b 1735-6, d unm 16.02.1763), Mary Elizabeth (b c1739, d unm 27.12.1761), Ann (b 05.04.1745, bur 07.04.1745), Charlotte (b 05.04.1745, bur 07.04.1745)

  iv. Laurence Brodrick of Islip, Oxfordshire (d 19.07.1748, Chaplain to the House of' Commons, prebendary of Westmister)
  m. (27.04.1710) Anne Humphrys
  a. Laurence Brodrick (d 04.1786, Rector of Callan, later of Stradbally) had issue
  m. Jane Brodrick (dau of St. John Brodrick of Ballyanan) @1@ above
  b. Catherine Brodrick
  m. (03.1741/2) Benjamin Bathurst of Lydney & Brackley (d 05.11.1767)
  v. Katherine Brodrick (d 03.05.1731)
  m. William Whitfield (Dr.)
  a. Eleanor Whitfield probably of this generation
  m. Rev. George Chinnery of Midleton (d before 23.04.1755)
  vi.+ other issue (d unm) - St. John of the Middle Temple (d 13.06.1707, Serjeant-at-law), Randal
  D. Anne Brodrick
  m. Francis Walsted of Walsted
  E. Lucy Brodrick (a 1680)
  m. _ Lewis
  F.+ other issue - Oliver (b 23.09.1624, d young), Oliver (b 04.11.1630, a 1680), William (b 14.09.1633), Henry (b 12.05.1635), Margaret bpt 05.04.1632)

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Midleton'), MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876, #XV, December 1872), 'Brodrick Pedigree', p364+)
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