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Families covered: Brome of Badisley (Baddesley Clinton), Brome of Brome (Broome of Broome, Warwickshire), Brome of Burton-on-Trent, Brome of Halton (Holton), Brome of The Vent, Brome of Woodlow, Skeffington of Skeffington Hall

William Brome of Warwickshire
1. Denys Brome of Bromes in Lapwith
2. John Brome of Brome
  A. Robert Brome
  m. Parnell Stereton (dau/heir of Robert Stereton)
  i. William Brome
  m. Havis Halwys (dau of William Halwys or Halwis by Avicia (who m2. Galfred Dod), dau of Richard le Gaunte)
a. Robert Brome of Brome
  m. _ Stonley (dau/heir of William Stonley)
  (1) John Brome of Brome
m. Joane Rody (dau/heir of Thomas Rody of Badisley)
  (A) John Brome of Badisley (Baddesley Clinton)
  m. Beatrix Shirley (dau of Sir Ralph Shirley of Shirley (Sherley))
  (i) Nicholas Brome of Badisley Clinton
  m1/2. Elizabeth Arundell (dau of Sir Ralph Arundell)
  (a) Margaret or Isabell Brome
  m. Sir Thomas Marrowe (d c1506, sergeant-at-law)
(b) Constance Brome
  m. (1497) Sir Edward Ferrers of Badesley
m2/1. _ Catesbie (dau of Nicholas Catesbie)
  (c) John Brome (dsp)
  (d) Ralph Brome of Woodlow, Warwickshire
  m1. Anne Digby (dau of Reinold Digby of Coleshall)
  ((1)) Reignold Brome of Woodlow (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Skevington (dau of Thomas Skevington of Skevington)
  ((2)) William Brome of Woodlow (3rd son) - continued below
  m. Katherine Skeffington (dau/coheir of Thomas Skeffington of Skeffington)
  ((3)) Anne Brome
  m. Edward Palmer
((4)) Gertrude Brome
  m. Thomas Wagstaffe
  ((5)) Katherine Brome
  m. William Stonor
  ((6))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), William, Skevington
  m2. _ Newport (dau of William Newport)
  ((9)) William Brome
  ((10)) Alice Brome
  m. John Olney @@ see here @@
(ii) Thomas Brome (dsp)
  m. Jane Midlemore
  (iii) Jane Brome
  m. John Gregorie
  (iv) Isabell Brome
  m1. Phillip Purfoye
m2. John Denton
  (B) William Brome of Halton, Oxfordshire (d 1461)
  Visitation does not follow this line. We presume that this was the William who is mentioned in a note in Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574, Brome of Holton) as bur 17.12.1461 but does not specifically identify a connection between him and later generations. That record, together with Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574, Brome of Clifton), provides the following. The latter record starts with the following Christopher who, having regard to the dates, we presume to have been William's son. Not mentioned by the Visitations was ...
m. Agnes Baldington (dau of Thomas Baldington of Albury (by Agnes Danvers), m2. Sir Geoffrey Gate) wife of William, presumed mother of ...
  (i) Christopher Brome
m. _ Hampden
  (a) Sir John Brome of Halton (d 24.07.1558)
  m. Margaret Rous (sister/heir of Thomas Rous of Ragley)
  ((1)) Sir Christopher Brome of Halton (d 23.04.1589)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Weynman (dau of Sir Thomas Weynman of Careswell)
m2. Elianor Windsor (dau of William, Lord Windsor of Stauwell)
  ((A)) George Brome 'of Holton'
  ((i)) William Brome (dsp 23.9.1599)
  ((ii)) Ursula Brome
  m. Sir Thomas Whorwood of Sandwell (d 1634)
  ((B)) Katherine Brome
  m1. John Dynham of Bowstall (Bostall)
  m2. John Fullwood of Fordhall
((C)) Elianor Brome probably the Ellenor who married ...
  m1. Richard Lewknor of West Deane (b 1567/8, d 1602)
  m2. Sir William Oglander (d 07.03.1609)
  ((D))+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth, Bridget, Anne, Mary
  ((2)) Catherine Brome apparently of this generation
  m. Edward Nevill, 7th Lord Bergavenny (d 10.02.1588)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Brome (bur 24.01.1566) probably of this generation
  m. John Purefoy of Shalstone (dsp 1579)
  ((3)) Magdalen Brome probably of this generation
  m. John Denton of Ambresden
  ((4)) Jane Brome probably of this generation
m. William Lenthall of Latchford
  (b) William Brome of the Vent in Forest Hil, Oxfordshire
  m. _ Hampden of Buckinghamshire
  ((1)) Nicholas Brome of the Vent
  m. Audrey Man (dau/coheir of Robert Man of Bullingbrooke)
  ((A)) Henry Brome of Clifton, Oxfordshire
  m. Elizabeth Denton (dau of William Denton of Blackthorne)
  ((i))+ issue - Nevill, Francis, Mary
  ((B)) Jane Brome
  m. William Wickham of Garsington
  b.+ other issue - William, Paulin, Agnes
  B. Phillip Brome



William Brome of Woodlow (d c1620) - continued above
m. Katherine Skeffington (dau/coheir of Thomas Skeffington of Skeffington)
1. Thomas Brome 'of Fisherwick' of Croxhall, Derbyshire (b c1613, a 1685)
  Visitation ends with this generation. The line of his successor comes from TCB (vol 5, 'Skeffington i.e. Farrell-Skeffington of Skeffington Hall', p259). We thank a contributor (RH, 28.01.11) for identifying his wife and providing us with a schedule which identifies other of his issue as shown.
  m. (1657) Bridget Gresley (d 1713, dau of Thomas Gresley by Bridget, dau of Sir Thomas Burdett, Bart)
  A. Thomas Brome, later Skeffington (b c1664, d 25.12.1709)
i. Thomas Brome, later Skeffington of Skeffington Hall (b 1696-7, dsp 18.05.1729) probably the Thomas who married ...
  m. Elizabeth Dugdale (b c1672, dau of Sir John Dugdale of Blythe Hall, m2. William Hyde)
  ii. Elizabeth Brome or Skeffington
  m. William Farrell, of Skeffington Hall, Leicestershire (b 17.01.1689 in Dublin)
  a. William Farrell of Skeffington Hall (b 1715-6, d 06.04.1777, 3rd sons)
  m1. (13.08.1741) Mary Arnold (bur 25.08.1746, dau of Richard Arnold)
  (1) Sir William Charles Farrell, later Farrell-Skeffington or Skeffington, 1st Bart of Skeffington Hall (b 24.06.1742, d21/26.01.1815, Colonel)
  m. (09.12.1765) Catharine Josepha Hubbert (b c1743, d 26.07.1811, dau/coheir of Michael Hubbert of co. Cork by Margaret O'Condon)
  (A) son (dvp)
  (B) Sir Lumley St. George Skeffington of Skeffington Hall, 2nd Bart (b 23.03.1771, d unm 10.11.1850, author)
  m2. ??
  b.+ other issue (dvp) - at least 2 sons
  iii. Bridget Brome or Skeffington (dsp 12.1762)
  m. Sir Thomas Peyton, 3rd Bart (dsp 29.06.1771)
  B . Charles Brome of Burton-on-Trent (6th son)
m. _ Pole
  i. Thomas Brome (d before 1752)
  m. Elizabeth Selleck (d c1754, dau of John Selleck)
  a. Thomas Selleck Brome of Burton-on-Trent (b 1741, d 1819)
  m. (1774) Catharine Patteson (dau/heir of Edward Wace Pateson of Birmingham)
  (1) Henry Selleck Brome (b 1781, d 1818, minister)
  m. Mary Anne Kynaston of Ellesmere
  (2) Catharine Brome (b 1775)
  m. (1804) Rev. William Johnstone of Culmington
  (3) Louisa Brome (b 1776, d 1853)
  m. (1803) James Hart (b 1772, d 1826, Captain)
  C. Mary Brome (d 1742)
  m. (sp) Sir Robert Burdett, 3rd Bart (b 1640, d 1715)
  D.+ other issue - 4 sons, Bridget, Catherine, Frances
2.+ other issue - Robert (b c1608, a 1619), George (dsp by 1619), John (b 1618-9), Anne (b c1611, a 1619)

Main source(s): Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Brome) with input as reported above
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