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Families covered: Brooke of Aspall, Brooke of Haseler (Haselour)
[We are now aware of there being any connection between the families shown below. They share the page for our convenience.]

Reginald Brooke of Aspall, Suffolk
m. Anne Everton
1. Edward Brooke of Aspall
  m. Florence Ashfield (dau of Robert Ashfield of Stowlangtoft)
  A. George Brooke of Aspall
m. Anne Carew (dau of John Carew)
  i. George Brooke of Aspall
  m1. Alice Tyrrell (d 1580, dau of Sir John Tyrrell of Gipping)
  a. George Brooke of Aspall
  m. Mary Jobson (dau of Edward Jobson of Douiland)
  (1) Edward Brooke of Aspall (b 1613)
  (A) Edward Brooke of Aspall
  m. Rebecca Wiseman
  (i) John Brooke of Aspall & Athelington (d 1733)
m. (1681) Mary Green (dau of George Green of Athelington)
  (a) George Brooke (b 1682, d 1752)
  m. Mary Eames (dau of Robert Eames)
  ((1)) Francis Brooke of Woodbridge, Suffolk (d 1799)
  m1. Anne Thompson (dau/heir of Samuel Thompson of Ufford Place)
  ((A)) Charles Brooke of Ufford Place, Suffolk (b 1765, d 30.03.1836) had issue
m. (13.12.1809) Charlotte Capper (dau of Rev. Francis Capper of Earsloham & Monksoham)
  ((B))+ other issue - Thompson (d unm), Francis (d unm), Edward (dsp)
  m2. Mary Sparrow (d 1817, dau of Rev. John Sparrow of Skettleburgh)
((E))+ other issue - Mary (d unm), Louisa (d unm), Elizabeth, Emma (d unm)
  b Elizabeth Brooke probably of this generation
  m. John Rivett of Bildeston (d 1624)
  m2. Elizabeth Withypole (d 1592, dau of Edmund (not Sir John) Withypole of Ipswich)
  c. Robert Brooke
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  d. Mary Brooke (d before 10.02.1629/30)
  m1. William Brewse of Little Wenham (d 05.08.1599)
  m2. (28.01.1599/1600) Sir Clipsby Gawdy
  B. Robert Brooke (alderman of London)
  m. Ursula Ofley (dau of Robert Ofley)
  i. Sir Robert Brooke of Blithburgh, Suffolk (d 1646)
  m. ?? Weld (dau of Humphrey Weld, Lord Mayor of London)
2. Elizabeth Brooke probably of this generation
  m. Francis Peyton



Visitation reports that "Dagge says that the first Brooke of Haselour was a "serving man," and was promoted "from the stable to his young mistress;s bed." " It identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, a cross engrailed per pale sable and gules, in the dexter quarter an annulet of the last."
Thomas Brooke
1. John Brooke of Hasler, Staffordshire (bur 11.06.1571)
  m1. Lucy Hodleston (dau of Sir Richard Hudleston by Margaret/Margery, dau of Sir William Smith of Elford by Anne, dau of William Stanton or Staunton by Margery, dau of John Stanley of Elford)
  A. Robert Brooke of Hasler (Haslour or Haselour) (bur 23.06.1597)
  m. Catherine Agard (dau of Clement Agard of Foston in Derbyshire)
i. William Brooke of Haseler or Haselour (b 1578-9, d 22.05.1641)
  m. Elizabeth Dawes (dau of William Dawes of Haseler)
  a. William Brooke of Haseler (b 1602-3, a 03.1663)
  m. Anne Nicholls (dau of William Nicholls of Halstead, brother of Sir Augustine)
  (1) William Brooke (b 1632-3, bur 25.09.1672)
  m. Susannah (bur 19.06.1675) widow of William, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Mary Brooke
  m. Christopher Heveningham of Lichfield
  (2) John Brooke
  m. Margerie Babington of co. Durham
  (A) Anne Brooke
  (3) Anne Brooke
  m. John Eedes of Warwick
  (4) Elizabeth Brooke
  m. John Perrott of Chadesley Corbett (son of John of Over Arley)
  (A) Lucy Perrott
m. John Bradley of Coleborne Brook
  (B) Elizabeth Perrott
  m. Samuel Smart of Bromsgrove
  (5) Frances Brooke
  b. Elizabeth Brooke  
  m. John Foones of Dodford
  c.+ other issue - Robert (d unm), John, George (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Agard (dsp)
  ii. Lucy Brooke  
  m. Henry Kendall of Austrey
  iii.+ other issue - James (Jacob), Susanna, Eleanor
  B.+ other issue - John (dsp), Jerosme
  m2. Alice Croker (bur 10.10.1560, dau of John Croker of Hook Norton)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 16.09.08) : Commoners (vol I, 'Brooke of Ufford Place', p337+)
(2) For lower section (originally uploaded 14.03.08 to a Temporary page, moved here 28.04.22) : Visitation (Salt Society (Part II, vol V, 1884), Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, 'Brooke of Haseler')
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