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Families covered: Broughton of Broughton (Staffordshire), Broughton of Lowdham, Broughton of Tunstall Hall

John, lord of Broughton and Charlton, Staffordshire (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-61, 1470-1)
1. ?? Broughton
  A. Richard Broughton (a 1490)
  m. Margaret Sandford (dau (sister?) of Hugh Sandford of Sandford)
i. Richard Broughton (a 1533)
  m. Catherine Aston (dau of Richard Aston of Aston)
  a. Thomas Broughton (a 1583)
  m. Mary Roos (dau of Francis Roos of Swinshed & Laxton)
  (1) Francis Broughton (a 1590)
  m. Ellen Kinnersley
(A) Thomas Broughton (d 24.07.1648)
  m. Frances Bagot (dau of Walter (not Sir Hervey) Bagot of Blithfield)
  (i) Sir Brian Broughton, Sheriff of Staffordshire, 1st Bart of Broughton (b 23.05.1618, d 30.07.1708)
  m. Bridget Lucy (d 01.09.1692, dau of Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecote)
  (a) Sir Thomas Broughton, 2nd Bart of Broughton (d 1710)
  m. (10.07.1672) Rhoda Amcotts (dau of John Amcotts of Aystrop)
((1)) Sir Brian Broughton, 3rd Bart of Broughton (d 12.09.1724, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Delves (d 02.01.1746, dau of Sir Thomas Delves, Bart of Doddington)
  ((A)) Sir Brian Broughton, later Broughton-Delves, 4th Bart of Broughton (b 06.01.1717-9, d 11.08.1744)
  m. (21.05.1738) Mary Forrester (dau of William Forrester)
  ((i)) Sir Brian Broughton, later Broughton-Delves, 5th Bart of Broughton (b 1740, dsp 16.01.1766)
  m. Mary Hill (dau of Thomas Hill of Tern)
((ii)) Sir Thomas Broughton, 6th Bart of Broughton, Sheriff of Staffordshire (d 23.07.1813)
  m1. (31.03.1768) Mary Wicker (d 07.06.1785, dau of John Wicker of Horsham)
  ((a)) Sir John Delves Broughton, 7th Bart of Broughton (bpt 17.08.1769, dsp 09.08.1847, General)
  m. (05.06.1792) Elizabeth Egerton (d 27.01.1857, dau of Philip Egerton of Oulton)
  ((b)) Sir Henry Delves Broughton, 8th Bart of Broughton (b 10.01.1777, d 03.11.1851, Reverend) had issue
  m. (15.06.1807) Mary Pigott (d 26.12.1863, dau of John Pigott of Capard)
  ((c)) Thomas Delves Broughton (b 26.08.1778, d 24.01.1846) had issue
  m. (28.03.1800) Elizabeth Hester Rowlis Legh (d 15.11.1821, dau of John Rowlis Legh of Adlington)
  ((d)) Charles Delves Broughton of Almington Hall (b 30.01.1780, dsp 11.02.1868)
m1. Mary Anne Atkinson (d 1822, dau of M. Atkison of Maple Hayes)
  m2. (06.10.1825) Caroline Greene (dau of Col. William Greene)
  ((e)) Edward Delves Broughton (b 11.12.1782, d 24.04.1825) had issue
  m. (25.10.1808) Elizabeth Batt (d 13.03.1857, dau of John Batt of Modintonhill Hall)
  ((f)) Maria Broughton (d 16.06.1841)
  m. Thomas Langford Brooke of Mere Hall (d 21.12.1815)
((g)) Emma Broughton (d 22.03.1820)
  m. Lt. General Cognian
  ((h)) Henrietta Broughton
  m. (1794) Trafford Trafford of Oghtrington Hall
  ((i)) Eliza Broughton (d 02.1856)
  m. J. William Clough of Oxted Hall
((j)) Jemima Broughton (d 15.01.1863)
  m. William Robert Broughton (d 12.03.1821, Captain RN) @@ below
  m2. (06.06.1787) Anne Windsor (dsp 10.08.1793, dau of Other Lewis Windsor, 4th Earl of Plymouth)
  m3. (02.07.1794) Mary Keating (d 17.11.1813, dau of Michael Keating of co. Cork)
  ((B)) Jane Broughton
  m. (1732) Sir Rowland Hill, Bart (d 1783)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Broughton (d unm 1725)
  ((2)) John Broughton
  ((A)) Brian Broughton
  ((3)) Rhoda Broughton
  m. Sir J(ohn) Huband, Bart of Ipsley
  ((4))+ other issue - Amcoats (dvpsp 14.09.1700), Thomas (d unm), Mary
  (b) Charles Broughton (6th son)
  ((1)) Charles Broughton of Hamburgh
  m. Anne Elizabeth de Hertoghs (dau of _, Baron de Hertoghs)
BP1934 shows the next generation with the same names as this generation but the dates make this appear genuine rather than a mistake. It is not known whether Charles's wife was de Hertoghs or de Hertoghe.
  ((A)) Charles Broughton of Hamburgh (d 27.08.1820)
  m. Anne Elizabeth de Hertoghe (dau of _, Baron de Hertoghe)
  ((i)) William Robert Broughton (d 12.03.1821, Captain RN) had issue
  m. Jemima Broughton (d 15.01.1863, dau of Sir Charles Broughton, 6th Bart) @@ above
  ((ii)) Brian Broughton (d 28.05.1768, d 08.01.1838, rector of Long Ditton)
m. (12.07.1825) Frances Fagg (d 30.10.1876, dau of Benjamin Fagg of Wouldham Hall)
  ((a)) Frances Broughton (d unm 05.1900)
  ((iii)) Harriet Broughton
  m. Daniel Stowe
  ((iv))+ other issue - Charles (d unm), Anne Elizabeth, Charlotte Maria, Caroline
  (c)+ other issue - Peter (dsp 1708), Brian (d unm 1710), Spencer (d unm 01.02.1702, Lt. Colonel), Harvey (dsp)
  (ii) Peter Broughton of Lowdham (b 1628, d 22.09.1694)
  m. (27.11.1656) Anne Staunton (d 01.12.1684, dau of William Staunton of Staunton)
  (a) Peter Broughton of Lowdham (d 30.05.1702)
  m. (06.1688) Jane Laming (dau of Robert Laming of Broughton)
  ((1)) Peter Broughton of Lowdham (b 04.1689, d 11.1774)
  BLG1886 identifies Peter's wife as Jane Sherwin of Nottingham but BLG1952 (Broughton-Adderley of Tunstall Hall and formerly of Barlaston and Coton) identifies her as ...
  m. Jane Bailey (dau of Weston Bailey of Madeley)
  ((A)) Peter Broughton of Lowdham (b 06.1716, d 03.1777)
m. Eleanor Church (dau of William Church of Tunstall Hall)
  ((i)) Peter Strey Broughton of Lowdham and Tunstall Hall (b c1745, d 17.07.1827, rector of East Bridgford)
  m. (1785) Jane Alcock (d 18.07.1815, dau of John Alcock of Market Drayton)
  ((a)) Peter Broughton of Tunstall Hall, Sheriff of Salop (b 01.08.1788, d 27.03.1870) had issue
  m. (02.11.1818) Anna Ogilvie Smithwick (dau of John Smithwick, son of William of Mount Catherine)
  ((b)) Emma Broughton (d 30.05.1818)
  m. William Charlton of Chilwell Hall
((c)) Harriet Broughton (d unm)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Broughton
  m1. John Eardley of Hales Drayton
  m2. _ Bird
  ((C)) Anne Broughton
  m1. John Towne (rector of Shirland)
  m2. (07.04.1763) William Wheeler (vicar of Chesterfield)
  ((D)) Mary Broughton (b c1722, d 04.08.1772)
  m. Strelley Pegge of Beauchief Abbey
((E))+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Robert Laming
  ((2)) Anne Broughton
  m. (16.08.1710) William Brock of Basford
  ((3))+ 2 sons
  (iii) Elizabeth Broughton (d unm)
  (iv) Dorothy Broughton
  m. Francis Cavendish of Doveridge
  (v) Mary Broughton
  m. John Offley of Madely (d 1658)
  (B) Peter Broughton of Lowdham
  (C) Cecely Broughton probably of this generation
  m. Walter Whalley of Cotgrave
2. Margaret Broughton possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Irton of Irton

Main source(s): BP1934 (Broughton) with input from BLG1886 (Broughton of Tunstall Hall)
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