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Families covered: Bruce of Airth, Bruce of Kinnaird, Bruce of Stenhouse
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Sir Edward Bruce of Airth
m. (by 1417) Agnes Airth (dau of Sir William Airth of Airth)
1. Sir Robert Bruce of Airth (d 01.1450)
  m. Janet Livingston (dau of Sir Alexander Livingston of Callendar)
  A. Sir Alexander Bruce of Airth and Stenhouse (d 1488)
  m. Margaret or Janet Forrester (dau of Sir Malcolm Forrester, 3rd of Torwood)
i. John Bruce of Stenhouse (dvp by 1483)
  m. (1471) Elizabeth Menteith (dau of William Menteith of Kerse)
  a. Sir Robert Bruce of Airth and Stenhouse (d 10.1513)
  m. Euphemia Montgomery (dau of Alexander Montgomery, 2nd Lord)
(1) Robert Bruce of Airth (d by 14.11.1561)
  m1. (by 09.09.1523) Janet Forrester (dau of Sir Walter Forrester of Carden)
  (A) Sir Alexander Bruce of Airth (d 16.03.1600)
  m. Janet Livingston (d 04.10.1599, dau of Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord)
  (i) William Bruce (dvp 1597)
  m. (1582) Jane Fleming (d 10.1630, dau of John Fleming, 5th Lord)
(a) (Sir) John Bruce of Airth
  m. (1601) Margaret Elphinstone (dau of Alexander Elphinstone, 4th Lord)
  ((1)) Alexander Bruce of Airth (d 09.1665, Captain)
  m. Anna Van Eck (d 1674)
((A)) Alexander Bruce of Airth (dsp)
  ((B)) David Bruce (b 15.12.1640, dsp)
  ((C)) Jean Bruce of Airth (d 20.03.1683)
  m1. (mcrt 22.09.1659) John Hamilton of Grange (d 11.1674)
  m2. (14.12.1674) Richard Elphinstone of Calderhall
  ((2)) John Bruce (dsp before 19.02.1631)
((3)) Jean Bruce (d 01.1671, 'eldest daughter') apparently of this generation
  m. David Robertson or Colyear (d by 03.1657)
  ((4)) Christian Bruce
  m1. Thomas Urquhart of Kinoudie or Kindoudie
  m2. (06.1637) John Innes, 4th of Edingight (d 04.1674)
  ((5)) Mary Bruce possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Mackenzie of Suddie (a 1672)
  (b) Sir William Bruce, 1st Bart of Stenhouse (d 02.1630) - continued below
  The Perthshire Heritage site identifies Sir William's 1st wife as Isabella, dau of John Baillie of Letham, but BP1934 (Bruce of Stenhouse) identifies her as ...
  m1. _ Middleton (dspm, dau of Gen. Middleton of Letham)
  m2. Rachel Johnston (dau of Joseph Johnston of Hilton)
(c) Patrick Bruce of Newton
  m. Janet Jackson
  (ii) Robert Bruce, 1st of Kinnaird (d 1631)
  m. Martha Douglas (dau of George Douglas, 1st of Parkhead)
  (iii) Sir John Bruce of Kincavil had issue
  (iv) Alexander Bruce, 1st of Bangour (d 1596) had issue having married ...
  m. (mcrt 08.1593) Helen Hamilton (d 1609, dau of James Hamilton of Kilbrackmont)
  (v) Marion Bruce
  m. (mcrt 13.05.1557) Patrick Drummond, younger of Carnock
(B) Robert Bruce, 1st of Baldrig had issue
  m. Helen Drummond (dau of Sir Alexander Drummond, 1st of Medhope)
  (C) James Bruce 'of Newburn (Newbirnie)' (d 04.1610)
  m. Catherine or Jean Hamilton ## see here ##
  (ii) James Bruce of Newburn probably of this generation
  m. Margaret Arnot (dau of Andrew Arnot, younger of Scotlandwell)
  (ii) Jean Bruce probably of this generation --
  m. (1642) George Heriot of Ramornie (d 1677) --
  (iii) Margaret Bruce sister of Jean
  m. John Ramsay of Brackmont 
  (a) Janet Ramsay (d 08.04.1687) probably of this generation
  m. (06.04.1675) Arthur Makgill of Kemback (b 15.12.1652, d 31.01.1725)
(D) John Bruce had issue
  (E) Andrew Bruce
  m. Margaret Duddingston
  (F) Margaret Bruce
  m2. Marion Bruce (d 05.1575, dau of David Bruce, 7th of Clackmannan)
(2) Thomas Bruce, 1st of Larbertscheills "had numerous issue"
  m. Elizabeth Auchmuthie
  (3) Janet Bruce probably of this generation --
  m. (mcrt 16.10.1504) William Livingston of Kilsyth (d before 21.07.1545) --
  b. Helen Bruce --
  m. Sir William Menteith of Kerse & Alva --
  c. Janet Bruce
  The Perthshire Heritage site reports that a Janet of this generation married (mcrt 16.10.1504) William Livingston (d Flodden 09.1513, son of William of Kilsyth). However, TSP (Kilsyth) refers to confusion about the spouses of the different generations of Williams and identifies the William who married Janet Bruce as son of the William who died at Flodden and identifies her father as Sir Robert (of Airth). Accordingly, we place Janet a generation later (see just above).
ii. Sir AlexanderBruce, 1st of Earlshall (d 1504) --
  m. Janet Stewart (dau of Sir David Stewart of Rosyth) --
  iii. Lucas Bruce
  Shown in 'The Genealogist' as 1st of Cultmalundie. See Bruce04.
  iv. Edward Bruce, 1st of Kinnaird (d by 04.1527)
  m. Christian Stewart (dau of Sir David Stewart of Rosyth)
  a. David Bruce, 2nd of Kinnaird
  m. Margaret Crawford
(1) Ninian Bruce (dvp before 10.03.1563)
  (A) Janet Bruce
  m. Robert Boyd in Drum
  (2) Robert Bruce
  m. (mcrt 25.09.1563) Janet Hamilton (dau of Peter Hamilton of Bathgate, widow of James Hamilton of Sandiehill)
  (3)+ other issue - George, Edward, Andrew
  partner unknown
  (6) John Bruce
  v. Robert Bruce, 1st of Auchenbowie, Provost of Stirling (d before 25.02.1515)
  m. Margaret Sandilands (dau of Sir James Sandilands of Calder, she m2. Laurence Oliphant, 3rd Lord)
  B. Isabel Bruce possibly of this generation
  m. Andrew Methven
2. Sir William Bruce of Escariot, France 
  Sir William, son or grandson of Sir Robert, 1st of Airth, is identified by some sources (eg. Douglas and 'Fife (P&H, vol 1, p349)'), as father of Sir Alexander Bruce, 1st of Earlshall, plus another son called Edward. We provisonally show Sir Alexander (just above) as son of Sir Alexander, 3rd of Airth.



Sir William Bruce, 1st Bart of Stenhouse (d 02.1630) - continued above
m1. _ Middleton (dspm, dau of Gen. Middleton of Letham)
m2. (before 1621) Rachel Johnston (dau of Joseph Johnston of Hilton)
1. Sir William Bruce, 2nd Bart of Stenhouse (b 19.08.1621)
  m. Helen Douglas (dau of Sir William Douglas of Cavers)
  A. Sir William Bruce, 3rd Bart of Stenhouse (d 03.1682)
  m1. (16.09.1665) Jean Fortune
  m2. (17.04.1679) Alison Turnbull ('Lady Kirkland')
Uncertain which wife was mother of ...
  i. Sir William Bruce, 4th Bart of Stenhouse (d 03.1721)
  m. Margaret Boyd (dau of John Boyd of Trochrigg)
  a. Sir Robert Bruce, 5th Bart of Stenhouse (d unm, 2nd son)
  b. Sir Michael Bruce, 6th Bart of Stenhouse (d 01.11.1795)
  m. Mary Agnew (dau of General Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart of Lochnaw)
  (1) Sir William Bruce, 7th Bart of Stenhouse (d 17.11.1827)
  m. (06.1795) Anne Colquhoun Cuningham-Fairlie (dau of Sir William Cuningham-Fairlie, Bart of Robertland & Fairlie)
  (A) Sir Michael Bruce, 8th Bart of Stenhouse (b 31.03.1798, dsp 14.12.1862)
  m. (10.06.1822) Isabella Moir (d 19.11.1867, dau of Alexander Moir of Scotstoun by Margaret, dau of James Gordon of Banffshire)
  (B) William Cunningham Bruce (b 24.11.1798, d 11.11.1842) had issue
  m. (1820) Jane Catherine Clark (dau of William Clark of London)
  (C) Ann Colquhoun Bruce (d unm 1818)
  (D) Mary Agnew Bruce
m. (1828) George C. Moir of Denmore
  (2) Patrick Craufurd Bruce 'of Taplow Lodge' (b 24.01.1748, d 1820, 5th son)
  m. (22.01.1785) Jane Smith (d 1840, dau of Edmund Smith)
  (A) Michael Bruce of Taplow Lodge (b 28.05.1787, d 05.11.1861, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (15.08.1818) Marianne Dallas (d 20.02.1851, dau of Sir George Dallas, 1st Bart)
  (B) Robert Nicholson Bruce (b 05.04.1795, d 24.06.1867) had issue
m. (1822) Harriet Elizabeth Williams (dau of Richard Williams of Eaton Hall)
  (C) Jane Bruce (d 24.03.1852)
  m. (08.07.1811) Cornwallis Maude, 3rd Viscount Hawarden (d 12.10.1856)
  (D)+ other issue - Michael (b 09.06.1786, d 23.07.1787), Maria (d unm)
  (3)+ 4 sons and 7 daughters
  c. Eleanora Bruce probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Brisbane of Brisbane (d 1812)
  d.+ other issue - son (dvp), "several" daughters
2. Charles Bruce
3. Janet Bruce possibly of this generation
  m1. William Baillie of Letham (General)
  m2. (1661) Sir Michael Naesmyth of Posso (b 1611, d 1686)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Bruce of Stenhouse), RedBookScot (Perthshire, Bruce of Airth + Bruce of Kinnaird (1st Family))
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