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Families covered: Bruce of Muness, Bruce of Urie
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Andrew Bruce, (2nd) of Muness (d 12.02.1645)
m. (1600) Isabel Sinclair (dau of Malcolm Sinclair of Quendale)
1. Andrew Bruce of Sandwick, 3rd of Muness (d 16.09.1671)
  m. Ursula Mowat (dau of Rev. G. Mowat or Mlouat of Fetlar)
  A. Hector Bruce, 4th of Muness (d 04.06.1683)
m. (24.05.1662) Barbara Sinclair (dau of John Sinclair of Quendale)
  i. Andrew Bruce, 5th of Muness (dsps 1699)
  m1/2. (Janet) Sinclair (dau of (William) Sinclair of Dunbeath)
  m2/1. Margaret Sinclair (dau of Laurence Sinclair of Quendale, m2. James Baikie of Tankerness)
  a.+ issue (d young) - Hector, Margaret
  ii. John Bruce of Aith & Muness (d 1703)
  m. (1699) Grizel Bruce (dau of Robert Bruce of Sumburgh)
  a. Robert Bruce (b 1700, dsp 14.12.1717) shown here by Grant but as John's brother by Armstrong
  b. Charles Bruce (d young) mentioned by Armstrong but not by Grant
  c. Elizabeth Bruce mentioned by Grant but not by Armsrong
  iii. Margaret Bruce
m. (1690) John Scott of Scottshall
  iv. Ursula Bruce
  m. (1692) Charles Stewart of Bigton
  v. Barbara Bruce
  B. Gilbert Bruce of Clivocast, later 6th/last of Muness (d 08.03.1725) shown by Armstrong as 4th son, by Grant as 2nd son
  m. Margaret Bruce (dau of William Bruce of Sumburgh)
  i. Andrew Bruce
  ii. Ursula Bruce (d 15.11.1716)
  m. (1701) John Scott of Voesgarth
iii. Marjory Bruce (d 1719)
  m. John Gauden of Swinister
  iv. Margaret Bruce
  m. James Youngclause
  C. Andrew Bruce of Collaster (d 1696)
  Armstrong shows Andrew as m1. Margaret (mother of Ursula & Margaret) m2. Elizabeth Ross (no children mentioned). Grant shows as follows.
  m1. (sp) Margaret Sinclair (dau of Arthur Sinclair of Houssa, Scalloway)
  m2. Elizabeth Ross (dau of Rev. _ Ross of Northmaven)
  i. Ursula Bruce
  m. George Pitcairn of Lerwick, later of Muness
  ii. Margaret Bruce
  m1. Thomas Hendry of Foratwatt
  m2. James Buchan
iii. Elizabeth Bruce
  m. Charles Peak
  iv.+ other issue - Laurence, Andrew, James, Barbara, Jean
  D. Arthur Bruce shown by Armstrong as 2nd son, by Grant as 4th son
  i.+ issue - Andrew, 2 daughters ("this line is extinct")
  E. Elizabeth Bruce
  m1. Andrew Pitcairn of Scarpoe
  m2. James Scott of Voesgarth
  F. Marjorie Bruce
  m. Patrick Mouat of Hamnavoe (d 07.1716)
  G.+ other issue - Margaret, Ursilla
2. Marjory Bruce
  m. (18.07.1625) Robert Bruce of Sumburgh
3.+ other issue - Alexander (d young), Elizabeth
p. Catherine Fordyce (dau of John Fordyce of Crail)
5. Andrew Bruce of Urie (d 1650)
  m. Mary Sinclair (dau/heir of John Sinclair of Urie)
  A. William Bruce of Urie (d 1699)
  m1. Ursilla Edie (dau of James Edie)
  i. James Bruce (d young)
  m2. (1667) Katherine Henderson (dau of Magnus Henderson of Dalsetter)
  ii. Andrew Bruce of Urie (b 1678, d 02.02.1716)
m. (1700) Ann Catanach (dau of Rev. John Catanach of Unst, m2. Laurence Bruce of Sumbrugh)
  a. William Bruce of Urie (b 1701, d 26.05.1743)
  m1. (1720) Katherine Gifford (dau of John Gifford of Busta)
  (1) Andrew Bruce, last of Urie & Infield (b 1722, d unm 29.11.1803)
  (2) Anne Bruce
  m. (16.11.1755) James Gordon (b c1727, d 26.01.1803, minister of Fetlar)
  (A)+ issue - George (bpt 02.07.1750), George (bpt 03.06.1751, d 04.12.1771), Andrew (bpt 13.09.1764), Margaret (bpt 10.02.1762), Ann (bpt 11.02.1766)_, Margaret (bpt 05.04.1771)
  (3) Ursilla Bruce (b 08.08.1730)
  m. Gilbert Gauden of Swinister
  (4)+ other issue - Laurence (dsp), Thoinas, John, Elizabeth, Christian, Margaret
  m2. Margaret Mitchell (dau of Sir John Mitchell of Westshore, Bart, widow of Gilbert Basil Scott of Voesgarth)
b. Andrew Bruce of Mursetter (b 1702, d 04.11.1750)
  m. (1721) Elizabeth Scott (dau of John Scott, fiar of Voesgarth)
  (1) John James Bruce
  m. Lilias Fraser (dau of James Fraser of Scalloway, widow of Robert Mouat of Yell)
  (2) Catherine Bruce
  m. William Bolt
  (3)+ other issue - William (dsp), Charles, Ann, Ursilla
  c. Marjory Bruce
  m1. James Williamsoin
  m2. John McDowel
  d. Elizabeth Bruce
  m. William Mouat of Garth
  e. Janet Bruce
  m. Robert Stove of Burravoe
  f.+ other issue - Gilbert (cdsp), Laurence (dsp), Arthur (dsp), Robert (cdsp), James, John, Ursilla, Margaret (dsp), Grace
  iii. William Bruce probably the Major William who was father of ...
  a. Ursilla Bruce
  m. John Hoseason of Mursetter
  iv. Magnus Bruce
  v. Margaret Bruce
  m. John Jamieson of Still
  vi. Katherine Bruce
  m. James Ross

Main source(s): 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Bruce of Muness' (p22+) & 'Bruce of Urie' (p26+)) with some support from the article on 'Bruces of Muness' by Major W. Bruce Armstrong in 'The Genealogist' (vol 6, 1882)
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