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Families covered: Bulkeley of Bickerton, Bulkeley of Parwick, Bulkeley (Bulkley) of Standlow (Stanlow), Bulkley of Stapenhill

David Bulkeley of Bickerton
m. Helen, heiress of Bickerton
1. Robert Bulkeley (a 1318)
  A. William Bulkeley (a 1362)
  i. Richard Bulkeley of Bickerton (a 1407)
  a. David Bulkeley of Bickerton (a 1439)
  (1) John Bulkeley of Bickerton (a 1484)
  m. _ Fisher (dau/sister of _ Fisher of Broxton)
  (A) John Bulkeley of Bickerton (a 1528)
  m. Mary or Matilda Dodd (dau of Thomas (or William?) Dodd of Broxton)
  (i) Robert Bulkeley of Bickerton (a 1556)
  m. Elina Booth (dau of Thomas Booth of Cholmley)
  (a) John Bulkeley (dsp)
  (b) Thomas Bulkeley of Bickerton (a 1603)
  m. Margaret Wright (dau of Richard Wright of Chester)
  ((1)) Thomas Bulkeley of Bickerton (b c1684)
  ((A)) Thomas Bulkeley of Bickerton (b c1625, bur 1666)
  m. Cecelie Whitingham (dau of Humphrey Whitingham of Mareshough)
  ((2)) Amye Bulkeley
  m. Randolph Wilde or Weld of Boothhurst
  ((3))+ other issue - John, William, Robert, Jane (dsp), Ann, Margaret, Joane, Alice
  (c) Jone Bulkeley (dsp)
  m. Robert Boothe of Tarvine
  (ii) Joane Bulkeley
  m. John Ethell of Bulkeley



Ralph Bulkeley
m. _ Vernon (dau/heir of _ Vernon of Whitcroft or Wheatcroft & Parwick)
1. William Bulkeley of Whitcroft (Cheshire) & Parwick (Derbyshire)
  A. Richard Bulkeley of Parwick, 1st of Stanlowe (Staffordshire)
  m. Joan Sherratt (dau/heir of Richard Sherratt of Cheddleston & Stanlowe)
  i. Humphrey Bulkeley of Stanlowe or Standlowe
  m. Joan Egerton (dau of William Egerton of Walgrange)
  a. William Bulkeley of Standlowe
  m1. Alice Jodrell
  (1) Thomas Bulkeley or Bulkley of Standlow the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Catharine Holingshead (dau of Robert Holingshead of Baddesley)
  (A) Arthur Bulkeley or Bulkley of Standlow or Stanlow (b 1563)
m. (1582) Joyce Ashenhurst (dau of John Ashenhurst of Ashenhurst)
  (i) John Bulkeley or Bulkley of Standlow or Stanlow (b 1583, d c1668)
  m1. (1608) Eleanor Benyon (dau of Thomas Benyon of Marbury)
  (a) Mary Bulkeley
  m. Thomas Robins or Robinson of Salt
  (b) Alice Bulkeley
  m. William Watkis of Aston
  (c) Anne Bulkeley
  m. John Williamson of Chorley
  m2. (1619) Sarah Mainwaring (dau of Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore)
  (d) Thomas Bulkeley of Standlow (b 03.02.1620, d 22.08.1675)
  m. (19.12.1646) Alice Froggatt (dau of Godfrey Froggatt of Mathfield or Mayfield)
  ((1)) John Bulkeley of Standlow (b 1654-5, d 1696)
  m. (1675) Elizabeth Webb (dau of Sampson Webb of Aston, brother of Humphrey of Colton)
  ((A)) Thomas Bulkeley of Standlow (d 19.05.1736)
  m. (01.05.1700) Mary Wright (dau of Richard Wright of Nantwich)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Bulkeley
  m. _ Foder
  ((ii)) Anne Bulkeley
  m. Rev. Roger Hughson (d 09.01.1747)
  ((B)) Catherine Bulkeley (b 07.08.1679)
  m. Thomas Sleigh of Boothlow, Staffordshire
  ((i)) Elizabeth Sleigh
  ((ii)) Catherine Sleigh
m. Samuel Lanksford of Leek
  ((2)) Arthur Bulkeley of Stanlowe (b 1664, d 1736)
  The following is supported by FMG (p447 & p463+).
  m. (1700) Elizabeth Lowe (d 1740, dau of Henry Lowe of Whittington)
  ((A)) Arthur Bulkeley of Whittington, Derbyshire (b 09.1711, d 25.05.1771)
  m. (14.09.1742) Jane Newham (b 1722, dau of Roger Newham of Staveley Forge)
  ((i)) Thomas Ashton Bulkeley of Hill Top House, Derbyshire (bpt 12.07.1744)
  m. (16.06.1778) Elizabeth Yardley (dau of Samuel Yardley or Eardley of Horton)
  ((a)) Henry Bulkeley of Standlow (b 01.10.1791, a 1825)
  ((b)) Elizabeth Bulkeley (dsp?)
  m1. Charles Daintry of Darleston Green
  m2.(10.01.1820) Richard Froggatt of the Hagg
  ((c)) Sarah Bulkeley
  m1. John Birks of Brampton
  m2. _ Handcock
  ((ii)) Anne Bulkeley (b 25.01.1764, dsp 24.11.1832)
  m. (after 1799?) John Wright
  ((iii)) Jane Bulkeley
  m1. Samuel Bower
  m2. Isaac Cundy (miller)
  ((iv))+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 1746-7, d unm 13.03.1782), Henry of Temple Dresid in Pembrokeshire (b 13.03.1760, d 21.07.1821), Elizabeth (d 1750), Catherine (a 1799), Kitty (b 09.08.1755, d 1814)
  ((B)) Alice Bulkeley (b 1704/9)
  m. (1738) Robert Fretwell of Yorkshire
  ((C))+ other issue - Thomas (b 1702, d unm), John (b 1706, d 1715), Elizabeth (b 1700, d 1714), Sarah (b 1709, d 1715)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Bulkeley
  m. _ Dormer of Staffordshire
  ((4)) Sarah Bulkeley
  m. ?? of London & Essex
  ((5)) Mary Bulkeley
  m. William Horden of Warington
  ((6))+ other issue - Alice (d infant), Catherine, Alice in London
  (e) Arthur Bulkeley in co. Louth (b 1622)
  m. Elizabeth Fox (dau of James Fox of Manchester, son of Sir Patrick of Westmeath)
  ((1)) Eleanor Bulkeley
  m. _ Palmer
  ((2)) Elizabeth Bulkeley
  m. _ Jackson of co. Meath
  ((3)) Sarah Bulkeley
  m. _ Butler of co. Kilkenny
  ((4)) Margaret Bulkeley
  m. _ Lamprey of Dublin
  ((A)) Arthur Lamprey, Sheriff of Dublin (a 1755)
  (f) Sarah Bulkeley
  m. Thomas Jolley of Mill Street
  (g)+ other issue - John of Warrington (a 1680), Eleanor
  (ii) James Bulkeley or Bulkley of Bradnop, Staffordshire (b c1604, a 1664, 4th son?)
  (a) Sampson Bulkley (b c1644, a 1664)
  m. _ Lake (dau of Edward Lake of Shenston Park)
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas of London, William of Manchester, Arthur (d unm)
  (B) Alexander Bulkeley or Bulkley of Stapenhull or Stapenhill, Derbyshire (d 1614??)
The following comes from Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662, Bulkley of Staplehill).
  m. Ann Pollard of Repton
  (i) Thomas Bulkley of Stapenhill (b c1617??, a 09.1662)
  m. Jane Thacker (dau of Gilbert Thacker of Southwood)
  (a)+ issue (a 09.1662) - John (b c1650), Thomas, Timothy
  (ii) Anne Bulkley
  m. Henry Watson of Burton-upon-Trent
  (C)+ other issue - Timothy (had issue), Fortune
  m2. Margaret Young (dau of Sir William Young of Kimton, widow of William Bromley)
  (2) Alice Bulkeley
  m. Humphrey Hill of Hawkestone
  (3)+ other issue - William, Rowland
  m3. (sp) _ Husse of Battlefield
  b. Thomas Bulkeley

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Bulklegh), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Bulkeley of Bulkeley and Bickerton), Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Bulkeley of Bickerton)
(2) For lower section : Commoners (vol 3, Bulkeley of Standlow) with some support/input from Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Bulkley of Stanlow), Visitation (King, Staffordshire, 1664-1700, Bulkley of Stanlow), FMG (vol 2, MS194/5, 'Bullock-Robinson-Froggatt-Bulkley', p446+)
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