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Families covered: Bullen of Ballyhander, Bullen of Curraghoe, Bullen of Dromdough, Bullen of Kinsale

(1) BIFR1976 reports that "Two families of this name are recorded in Drogheda and Kinsale respectively during tyhe 17th cent, but no kinship has been established" and mentinoes that they bore arms which suggest that they were connected to the family of Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire & Ormonde.
(2) BIFR1976 starts off with a "member of the family, perhaps Edward's uncle" who was progenitor of the family we cover.
?? Bullen
1. ?? Bullen
  A. Edward Bullen of Ballynidon & Durrusbreack (d 13.12.1737) ancestor of Bullens of Ballythomas
  m. (1688) Mary O'Brien
2. ?? Bullen
  A. John Bullen of Curraghoe, Ballyhander & Dromdough (dsp 1740)
  m. (1705) Honor Dowley (but 1739)
  B. William Bullen of Kinsale (d 25.03.1735)
  m. (27.03.1692) Frances (d 1723, widow of _ Williams)
  i. Joseph Bullen of Kinsale (bpt 24.03.1701/2, bur 01.07.1741, 3rd son)
  m. (22.10.1724) Mary Barter (bpt 09.01.1699, dau of Benjamin Barter of Innishannon)
  a. William Bullen of Kinsale, later also of Curraghoe, Ballyhander & Dromdough (bpt 13.10.1725)
m(1). (1753) Christian Barter (dau of Thomas Barter of Annaghmore, cousin)
  (1) Joseph Bullen of Kinsale, Curraghoe, Ballyhander & Dromdough (b 1756, d 1822)
  m1. (1792) Esther Heard (dau of John Heard of Kinsale)
  (A) Elizabeth Bullen
  m. John Crosbie Harnett
  m2. (16.05.1799) Sarah Reynell (dsp 24.12.1803, dau of Thomas Reynell)
  m3. (1805) Susan Wakeham (dau of John Bennett Wakeham of Springhill)
  (B) Suzanna Bullen
  m. (1828) Noble Johnson of Rockenham (d 1880)
  (C) Christian Bullen
  m. (1850) John Wakeham Martin of Killcora
(D)+ other issue - William (b c1806, dsp bur 27.04.1887), Joseph, Thomas (b 1812, dsp bur 29.05.1889)
  (2) Thomas Bullen (b c1757, bur 09.12.1827, Captain)
  (3) William Bullen of Cork City, Kinsale & East Carbery (b c1766, d 05.12.1844)
  m. (14.07.1795) Catherine Quindan (b c1777, d 12.1850)
  (A) William Bullen (bpt 25.10.1796, d 29.07.1879) had issue (2 daus)
  (B) Dennis Brennan Bullen (bpt 21.06.1802, d 03.1866, professor) had issue
  m. (29.11.1827) Ellena Maria Power (b 1803-4, d 01.04.1880, dau of Richard Power of Lisbon & Cork by Frances, dau of Edmund Roche of Kildinan)
  (C) Edward Bullen (bpt 13.02.1805, d unm 19.11.1866)
  (D) Mary Bullen (d 1817)
  m. (1815) James Redmond Barry of Glendore & Donamore
  (E) Catherine Bullen (b 1799, d 17.07.1872)
  m. (02.05.1818) Jeremiah James Murphy of Lots Park (d 29.11.1851)
  (F) Frances Bullen (b 1800, d 08.04.1867, later a nun)
  m. (24.041830) Patrick Morris of St. John's (Newfoundland) & Springfield (d 1849)
  (G) Emily Cecilia Bullen (bpt 24.04.1809)
  m. (06.02.1834) James Tobin in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  (H) Mary Bullen (bpt 14.03.1819)
  m. (27.06.1848) Henry John Hewitt of The Watercourse
  (4) Elizabeth Bullen (b 1754)
  m. (1776) Richard Hayes
b. John Bullen of Curraghoe, Ballyhander & Dromdough (b 1731, dsp 1764)
  c. Edith Bullen
  m. (1745) John Chapple (grandson of Judge Sir WIlliam & nephew of Grace, Lady Gantry)
  d.+ other issue - Benjamin Barter (b 1735), Joseph (d 1737), Frances (b 1726), Ann (d 1731), Mary (b 1732, d 1733), Mary (d 1738)
  ii. Anne Bullen (bpt 19.02.1694)
  m. (26.11.1715) John Dennis of Kinsale, co. Cork
  The following comes from BE1883 (Dennis of Tracton) & TCP (Tracton).
  a. James Dennis, Baron Tracton of Tracton Abbey, co. Cork (b 1720-1, dsp 1782, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland)
  m. (c1769) Elizabeth Pigott (dau of Emanuel Pigott of Chetwynd (by Judith, dau of Richard Warburton), m2. Henry Couson)
  b. Frances Dennis (d c1803)
  m. Thomas Swift of Lynn
  Both of their sons assumed the name Dennis.
  iii.+ other issue - Edward (b/d 1696), William (bpt 04.04.1699)
  C. Elizabeth Bullen
  m. _ Tape
  D. Susan Bullen
  m. (1706) Edward Wade

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Bullen)
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