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Families covered: Bulmer of Bulmer, Bulmer of Upsland, Bulmer of Wilton
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John de Bulmer of Bulmer (d c1265)
m1. Alice (possibly dau of William FitzRalph)
1. Sir John de Bulmer of Wilton and Bulmer (a 1269, d before 04.12.1299)
  m. Tiphaine or Theophania de Morwick (b c1253, d before 28.08.1315, dau of Hugh de Morwick of Morwick or Morewyke by Agnes, dau of Roger de Heyford by Margaret Gobion)
  A. Richard de Bulmer of South Wooton, Norfolk (dvp before 1296/7)
  m. Clementia de Clifton (dau of Sir Gervase de Clifton, m2. Hugh de Massingham)
i. Alice de Bulmer
  m. (after 1302/3) Geoffrey de Warren (a 1342, son of John)
  B. Sir Ralph de Bulmer, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Lord Bulmer (b c1285, d by 1356/7)
  Sir Ralph's successors were not called to Parliament and so were not known as Lords. TCP nevertheless shows the successors as below. TCP (Bulmer) only identifies 1 wife for Lord Bulmer, Alice, but TCP (Fauconberge) suggests that there was an earlier wife who was mother of Eve who was "probably " his daughter. As Eve had a son who was born in 1319, Eve was certainly not Ralph's daughter by Alice.
  m1. ??
i. Eve de Bulmer
  m. John de Fauconberg, 3rd Lord, Sheriff of York, Governor of York then Berwick (b 1290, d 17/8.09.1349)
  m2. (before 11.02.1318/9) Alice de Killinholm (d 22.06.1356, dau of John de Killinholm or Killingholm of Boythorpe, widow of Walter de Fauconberg of Skelton)
  ii. Ralph de Bulmer of Wilton (b 04.04.1340, d 22.12.1366)
  m. Margaret (d 05.09.1379, m2. Sir Edmund de Fretheby of Firby)
a. Sir Ralph Bulmer of Wilton (b c18.04.1366, d 24.04.1406)
  m. Agnes de Sutton (d 24.11.1436, dau of Sir Thomas de Sutton of Branceholme Castle & Sutton by Agnes de Hothom)
  (1) Sir Ralph Bulmer of Wilton (b c1383, d 18.07/05.08.1409)
  m. Isabel (d before 28.08.1427)
  (A) Sir Ralph Bulmer of Wilton (b by 1406, d 05.04.1444)
  m. Margaret Hilton (dau of Sir William Hilton of Hilton by Dionis Hilton)
(i) Sir William Bulmer of Wilton (b by 1424, d 1463)
  m. (mcrt 28.04.1431) Elizabeth Eure (d 13/4.03.1481/2, dau of Robert Eure of Bradley by Elizabeth, dau of R. Mallory)
  (a) Sir Ralph Bulmer of Wilton (b 1451, d 23.06.1486)
  m. Joan or Elizabeth Bowes (dau of Sir William Bowes of Streatlam)
((1)) Sir William Bulmer of Wilton, Sheriff of Durham (b c23.04.1465, d 18.10.1531)
  m. Margery Conyers (b c1469, d 10.05.1524, dau of John Conyers, younger of Hornby)
  ((2)) Philip Bulmer
  m. _ Headlam (dau of Nicholas Headlam)
  ((A))+ issue - William, Ralph, John
  ((3))+ other issue - Ralph, Jane
  partner unknown
  ((5)) William Bulmer of Upsland - continued below
  m. Johanna de Percy (granddau of John Percy of Kildale)
  (b) Jane Bulmer
  m. William Robinson
  (c) Anne Bulmer
  m. (c02.1469) Marmaduke de la River (son of John)
  (d)+ other issue - Robert, William of Hartlepool
  (2) Dorcas Bulmer
  m. Sir Thomas Wyville
(3)+ other issue - John (d before 26.11.1441, probably rector of Bulmer), George
  C. Sir John de Bulmer (a 1342)
  i. Ralph de Bulmer (d by 12.1358)
  D. Hugh de Bulmer
  E. Thomas de Bulmer of South Wooton
  m. Emma
  i. Richard de Bulmer
  F. Albreda de Bulmer
  m1. John Sturm
  m2. Sir John Constable
  G. Eve de Bulmer
  m. Henry Fitzhugh of Ravensworth (d 1356)
m2. Katherine (a 1268)



William Bulmer of Upsland - continued above
Walker suggests that William's wife was possibly Johanna, granddau of John Percy of Kildale, and this is confirmed by the Percy records.
m. Johanna Percy (granddau of John Percy of Kildale)
1. George Bulmer (d 01.09.1559)
  A. William Bulmer (b c1550, bur 27.08.1575)
  m. Margery
  i. Christopher Bulmer (b 02.1574, a 1629, bailiff of Barnard Castle)
  m. Margaret Warcop (dau of Thomas Warcop of Tanfield)
  a. Robert Bulmer (bpt 14.09.1600, a 1677, Bailiff of Barnard Castle)
  m. Mary (bur 03.01.1628)
  b. William Bulmer (bpt 08.1606, d before 05.02.1678/9, 4th son)
  m1. Mary Green (d 31.01.1661/2, dau of William Green of Lannoth)
  (1) William Bulmer
  m2. (c03.1675) Mary Bradley (dau of Jonathan Bradley (elder) of London)
  c. Bridget Bulmer (bpt 24.09.1610)
  m. (27.01.1630) George Hodgson
  d.+ other issue - George (bpt 06.03.1601/2), Thomas (bpt 15.11.1607), Marmaduke (bpt 20.12.1611), Talbot (bpt 19.12.1615), Timothy (bpt 12.07.1618, bur 08.11.1618), Ursula (bpt 0101.1595/6), Elizabeth (bpt 04.05.1597), Warcop (bpt 15.08.1598), Jane (bpt 19.08.1599), Maria (bpt 11.12.1608, a 1677), Margaret (bpt 04.1613), Anne
  ii.+ other issue - Marmaduke (bur 28.08.1574), John (bpt 01.04.1576)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Bulmer of Bulmer and Wilton), TCP (Bulmer)
(2) For lower section : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Bulmer of Upsland)
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