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Families covered: Bourke of Mayo (Viscounts)

Sir Edmond 'Albanagh' de Burgh, 'Lord MacWilliam' (d 1375)
m. Sabina O'Malley (dau of Dermott O'Malley of the Owles)
1. Sir Thomas Bourke, 'Lord MacWilliam' (d 1402)
  m. _ O'Connor
  A. Walter Bourke of Kilmaine & Shruel, 'Lord MacWilliam' (b c1360, d 1440)
  m. Sabia O'Brien (dau of The O'Brien, Prince of Thomond)
  B. Edmond Bourke 'of the Beard' of Newport and Burrishoole, 'Lord MacWilliam' (d 1458)
  m. Honoria de Burgh (dau of Ulick Roe MacWilliam of Clanricarde)
  i. Sir Richard O'Corksey Bourke ancestor of Bourkes of Castlebar, Tyrawley, Ardaree, Castlerea, etc.
  ii. Ulick Bourke
  m. _ O'Kelly (dau of Saba O'Kelly of Callow)
  a. Edmond Bourke
  (1) David Bourke
  m1. _ Bourke (dau of John FitzOliver Bourke of Tyrawley)
  (A) Walter 'Fadda the Long' Bourke of Partry
  m2. Finola O'Flaherty
(B) Sir Richard Bourke of Mayo
  m. Grana or Grace O'Malley (dau of Owen O'Malley or O'Maly of the Owles)
  (i) Sir Theobald Bourke, 1st Viscount Mayo (d 18.06.1629)
  m. Maud O'Conor (dau of Charles O'Conor Sligo)
  (a) Sir Miles Bourke, Bart, 2nd Viscount Mayo (d 1649)
  m1. Honora Bourke (dau of Sir John Bourke of Derrymaclaghtny by Margaret, dau of 3rd Earl of Clanricarde)
((1)) Theobald Bourke, 3rd Viscount Mayo (d 15.01.1653)
  m1. (after 09.1634) Elinor or Elizabeth Talbot (b 1613, d c1650, dau of Thomas Talbot of Bashall)
  ((A)) Theobald Bourke, 4th Viscount Mayo (dsp 05.06.1676)
  m. Ellen Loftus (dau of Sir Arthur Loftus of Rathfarnham)
((B)) Miles Bourke, 5th Viscount Mayo (d 03.1681)
  m. Jane Bermingham (d 06.06.1687, dau of Francis Bermingham, Lord Athenry)
  ((i)) Theobald Bourke, 6th Viscount Mayo (b 06.01.1681, d 25.06.1741)
  m1. (08.07.1702) Mary Browne (dau of John Browne of Westport)
  ((a)) Theobald Bourke, 7th Viscount Mayo (b c1706, dsps 07.01.1741)
m1. (c11.1723) Sibella Blake of Dublin
  m2. (04.03.1726) Ellis Agar, Countess of Brandon (b c1709, dsps 11.03.1789, dau of James Agar of Gowran Castle)
  (((1)))+ 2 sons (d infant)
  ((b)) John Bourke, 8th Viscount Mayo (d 12.01.1767)
m. (by 1743) Catherine Aylmer (dau of Whitgift Aylmer)
  (((1))) Aylmer Bourke (b 17.11.1743, dvp 04.1748)
  (((2))) Bridget Bourke (d 05.1773)
  m. (11.05.1758) Edmund Lambert of Boyton
  ((c)) Joan Bourke
  m. Murrough O'Flaherty of Lemonfield
  ((d)) Elizabeth Bourke (abbess)
((e)) Bridget Bourke
  m. (1731) John Gunning of Castle Coote
  m2. (06.1731, sp) Margaret Gunning (d by 06.1771, dau of Bryan Gunning of Castle Coote)
  ((C)) Margaret Bourke
  m. (sp) Sir Henry Lynch, Bart of Galway (d 1691)
  ((D)) Maud Bourke
  m. John Browne of Westport (d 1712, Colonel)
  m2. Elinor Fitzgerald (d 1693, dau of Sir Luke Fitzgerald of Tecroghan)
  ((E)) Luke Bourke (d young)
  m2. Elizabeth or Isabella Hodges (bur 25.04.1665, dau of William Hodges of Ilchester by Mary Freke)
  (b) David Bourke (dsp)
  (c) Theobald 'the Strong' Bourke of Cloghan (d 1654) had issue
  (d) Richard 'Iron Dick' Bourke
  m. Anne MacMahon (dau of Thomas MacMahon of Ennismore)
  ((1)) Theobald Bourke (Captain, only son)
  m(2). Joan Bermingham (dau of John Bermingham of Turlovaughan)
  ((A)) David Bourke of Ausklaughan (3rd or 4th son)
  m. Mary Fitzmaurice (dau of Richard Fitzmaurice of Legaturn)
  ((i)) Theobald Bourke (d 1741-2)
  m. (1741) Anne Crean (dau of William Crean of Brickens and Ballinvilla)
  ((a)) David Bourke, 'Viscount Mayo' (dsp 18.04.1790)
  ((ii)) Richard Bourke, 'Viscount Mayo' (d 19.04.1796, 4th son)
  m. Bridget MacDonell (dau of Randal MacDonell of Eallaghmore)
  ((a)) Michael Bourke of Lavalaroe, 'Viscount Mayo' (b c1753, a 1814, 3rd son)
((b)) Richard Bourke (dsp by 1814)
  ((iii)) Stephen Bourke
  ((a)) son
  (e) Mary Bourke
  m. _ O'Conor Don
(f) Honora Bourke
  m1. Murrough O'Flaherty of Aghnamurra
  m2. Ulick Bourke of Castle Hacket
  (g) Margaret Bourke
  m. Theobald Bourke of Turlough
  (C) William Bourke (abbot)
  (2) William Corran Bourke
  (3) Richard Bourke (d in Spain)
  (A) Richard 'Tringus' Bourke
  b. Walter Bourke or FitzUlick ancestor of Sloght Illiac
  c. William Bourke (abbot)
  iii. Thomas Roe Bourke of Newport, Burrishoole, Castle Laffy and Moyne ancestor of Bourkes of Ballinglen
  C. Thomas Bourke of Moyne, 'Lord MacWilliam' (d 1460)
  D. John Bourke ancestor of extant Earls of Mayo
  i. ?? Bourke
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Bourke
  (1) ?? Bourke)
  (A) David Bourke of Monycrower (a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547)
  E. Richard Bourke of Turlough, 'Lord MacWilliam' (d 1469) ancestor of Bourkes of Turlough

Main source(s): BE1883 (Bourke of Mayo), TCP (Mayo)
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