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Families covered: Burroughes of Burlingham Hall, Burroughes of Long Stratton, Burroughes of Wymondham

(1) Much of what is below was first shown on 24.06.14 within BZmisc19 using Commoners. It was moved here after a contributor (AG, 09.03.24) kindly drew our attention to the fact that BLG1937 shows things differently, as reported below. BLG1937 also provides more information than Commoners, enabling us to expand what we had on the family sufficiently to it being worthy of a page on its own.
(2) Commoners reports sthat "The family of Burroughes, of old standing in Norfolk, has been extensive land owners in that and the neighbouring county of Suffolk." Commoners identifies the arms of this family as "Arg. two chevrons between three chaplets vert, quartering Negus and Burkin". BLG1937 identifies them as "Per chevron sa. and arg., a chevron per chevron between in chief two chaplets and in base a crescent all countercharged".
Jeremiah Burroughes of Wymondham (b c1692, d 27.11.1759)
Both Commoners & BLG1937 start with 2 genertions of Jeremiahs, the latter being father of James Burkin. However, Commoners shows the first Jeremiah as m. Diana, sister/coheir of James Burkin of Burlingham, by whom he had the 2nd Jeremiah who m. Diana, dau/heir of R. Randall of Wymondham, by whom he had James Burkin, Randall (m. Elizabeth Maria Ellis) and Thomas, father of Thomas & Elizabeth. BLG1937 shows as follows.
m. Anne Randall (dau/heir of R. Randall of Wymondham)
1. Jeremiah Burroughes of Wymondham (b c1728, d 07.12.1767, DL)
  m. (1754) Diana Burkin (d 22.12.1764, sister/coheir of James Burkin of North Burlingham)
A. Jeremiah Burroughes (dvp 03.1756)
  B. James Burkin Burroughes of Burlingham Hall, Norfolk (b 16.03.1760, d 30.11.1803)
  m. (1789) Christabel Negus (b c1764, d 25.01.1843, dau/heir of Henry Negus of Hoveton Hall)
  i. Henry Negus Burroughes of Burlingham Hall, Sheriff of Norfolk (b 08.02.1791, 22.03.1872, MP) had issue
  m1. (25.08.1818) Jane Sarah Hoste (d 05.10.1851, dau of Rev. Dixon Hoste of Titteshall, sister of Sir William, Bart)
  m2. (28.11.1854, sp) Augusta Susanna Proctor (d 01.11.1885, dau of Lt. General Henry Proctor of Aberhavesp Hall)
  ii. Jeremiah Burroughes of Lingwood Lodge, Norfolk (b 1797, d 19.05.1872, cleric) had issue
  m. (07.1828) Pleasance Preston (d 04.01.1870, dau of Sir Thomas Preston, Bart, by Jane, dau of Thomas Bagge of King's Lynn)
  iii. William Burroughes (d 1866)
  iv. Mary Burroughes
  m. Sir George Charles Hoste (Lt. Colonel, brother of Sir William, Bart)
  C. Randall Burroughes of Burfield Hall, Wymondham (b 1761, d 09.09.1817, DL)
  m. Anne Denton (b c1761, d 30.01.1827, dau/coheir of Samuel Denton by Jane, niece/heir of Samuel Proctor of Burfield Hall)
  i. Diana Burroughes
  m. William Spinks
  ii. Ann Diana Burroughes of Burfield Hall
  iii.+ other issue - Randall Proctor (b c1794, d 16.01.1820), Jemima (d unm 09.01.1820)
2. Thomas Burroughes of Wymondham (b 1729, d 03.12.1758, surgeon)
  BLG1894 follows Commoners in showing Randall as older than Thomas. BLG1937 adds more information about these brothers, including dates, and shows them the following way around.
m. Elizabeth Cooke (d 20.07.1803)
  A. Thomas Cooke Burroughes (b 1775-6, d 23.04.1821, Rector of Landbeach)
  m. Mary Masters (dau/coheir of Rev. Robert Masters of Landbeach)
  i.+ issue - Thomas of Rickinghall (cleric), Thomas Cooke of Gazeley (2nd Thomas)
  B. Elizabeth Burroughes (d 16.11.1834)
  m. T. Norgate of Ashfield
3. Randall Burroughes of Long Stratton Manor, Norfolk (b 1732-3, d 17.09.1799, Rector of Bressingham & Shelfanger)
  m. Elizabeth Maria Ellis (b 1739-40, d 14.07.1795, dau/heir of William Ellis of Kiddall Hall)
  A. Ellis Burroughes of Long Stratton Manor (b 1764, d 1831)
  m. (1795) Sarah Nasmyth Marsh (dau of Robert Marsh)
  i. Ellis Burroughes of Long Stratton Manor (b 17.01.1797, d 1854) had issue
  m. (16.9.1823) Elizabeth Phillips Wilder (d 10.1867, dau of Lt. General Sir Francis Wilder)
  ii.+ other issue - Walter, Randall Ellis
  B. Elizabeth Maria Burroughes
  m. Rev. John Ward
  C. Diana Burroughes
  m. Rev. W. Walford

Main source(s): BLG1937 ('Burroughes late of Burlingham'), BLG1894 ('Burroughes of Burlingham'), Commoners (vol 3, 'Burroughes of Burlingham' (p553) & 'Burroughes of Long Stratton' (p554+, mainly on the Ellis connection))
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