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Families covered: Boteler of Oversley, Boteler of Wemme (Wem)

As far as is known, this family is not related to the family shown in 'Butler01' which gave rise to the Earls of Ormonde and other Botiller or Butler families in Ireland. Ralph, the first reported below, was butler to Robert, Earl of Mellent and Leicester.
Ralph Boteler of Oversley (a 1140)
1. Robert Boteler of Oversley
  A. Ralph Boteler of Oversley
  i. Maurice Boteler (a 1230)
a. Ralph Boteler of Wemme or Wem
  m. Maud Pantulf (dau of William Pantulf of Wem)
  (1) William Boteler of Wemme (d c12.1283)
  m. (after 02.10.1261) Angharad (Ankaret) (a 06.1308, dau of Grufydd, Lord of Bromfield)
  (A) John Boteler of Wemme (b 17.07.1266/7, dsp before 04.09.1287)
  m. (after 18.07.1284) Alianore de Beauchamp (b 11.11.1275, dau of Walter de Beauchamp of Alcester)
(B) Gawine Boteler of Wemme (b 02.02.1269/70, dsp before 03.03.1289/90)
  m. Alice (de Montgomery ?) (a 09.1334)
  (C) William Boteler of Wemme and Oversley, 1st Lord (b 11.06.1274, d before 14.09.1334)
  m1. (before 1298) Beatrice (a 1305)
  (i) William Boteler of Wemme, 2nd Lord (b 08.09.1298, d 12.1361)
  m. Margaret FitzAlan (dau of Richard FitzAlan, 7th Earl of Arundel)
(1) We are following TCP (Boteler of Wem) and BE1883 in showing this William as married only once, to Margaret FitzAlan. Visitation shows the same but, as it shows William as son of the Ralph who married Maude Pantulf, thereby missing out 2 generations, it loses some credibility. Visitation shows this William as father of another William (m. Ella Handslagh or Hansacre) who had 2 sons: William who married Johanna Sudeley and Ralph, who married _ Hanlow, father of the heiress Elizabeth.
(2) BE1883 (Boteler) identifies the following William's wife as Joane Sudeley, dau of John, Lord Sudeley, but does not report having a son by her, only his dau/heiress Elizabeth. BE1883 (Sudeley) identifies Joan's husband as "William Boteler, of Wemme", showing them as having a son Thomas who inherited Sudeley Castle. TCP (Boteler of Wem) identifies (the following) William's wife merely as "Elizabeth" and confirms that they dspm.
(3) It appears that some sites identify Joan Sudeley as second wife of this William (2nd Lord), possibly in an attempt to explain why the barony of Wemme did not pass to Thomas, son of the William who married Joane Sudeley. Joan's husband is described in TCP (Sudeley) as "William le Botiler (Boteler), knight" which refers by note to Dugdale's 'Baronage' (vol i) where this William is shown as having had 2 sons both called William, the younger married to Joan Sudeley. We are suspicious about this and provisionally continue to show this 2nd William and his descendants on Sudeley1.
(a) William Boteler of Wemme, 3rd Lord (b c1331, d 14.08.1369)
  TCP identifies William's wife just as 'Elizabeth'. Various web sites identify her as ...
  m. (before 07.1343) Elizabeth de Argentine (dau of John de Argentine, 2nd Lord)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Boteler (b c1345, d 06.1411)
  m1. Robert de Ferrers, 1st Lord of Wemme (d 1380)
  m2. (sp) Sir John Say
  m3. (sp) Sir Thomas Molinton, "Baron of Wemme"
Shown by Visitation as a younger son of William and Margaret (FitzAlan) was ...
  (b) Sir Ralph Boteler of Woodhall
  m. Hawise Gobion (dau of Richard Gobion)
  (ii) Isabel Boteler probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m1. (before 1309) Simon Basset of Sapcote (d 1328)
  m2. Sir Alexander Walsham
m2. (before 02.1315/6) Ela (dau of Roger de Herdeburgh)
  (iii) Ankeret Boteler (d 08.10.1361)
  m. John le Strange, 2nd Lord of Blackmere (b c1305, d 21.07.1349)
  (iv) Ida Boteler
  m. William Trussell
  (v) Alice Boteler
  BE1883 identifies Alice's husband as Nicholas Langford but this appears to be the Alice, identified by Commoners (vol II, Sandford of Sandford) as great aunt of the Elizabeth who conveyed Wemme into the Ferrers family, who married ...
  m. Nicholas Sandford of Sandford
  (vi) Dionyse Boteler
  m. Hugh de Cokesey
  (vii)+ other issue (dsp) - Edmund, Edward
  (D) Anne Boteler
  m. Sir Gilbert Talbot, 1st Baron, Lord Chamberlain (d 1346)
  The following connection is speculative. It has been suggested as a possibility by a contributor (JK, 20.09.12) not least as a result of comparison of the coat of arms of the Botelers of Biddenham with that of the above family. However, JK has advised us that his research on this is not finished and so is subject to review.
  (2) Thomas Boteler of Bydenham (a 1313)
  m. Grace Kirton (dau/heir of Alan de Kirton, sister/heir of Walter)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Boteler of Oversley and Wemme), TCP (Boteler of Wem) with a little support & contradiction from Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1572+1634, Boteler of Woodhall)
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