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Families covered: Boteler of Bramfield (Brantfield), Boteler of Hatfield Woodhall, Boteler of Watton Woodhall, Boteler of Woodhall

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Sir John Boteler or Butler of Woodhall (b c1512, bur 06.03.1571-2)
m. Grizel Roche (bur 26.02.1581-2, dau/heir of Sir William Roche of Lamer, Lord Mayor of London)
1. Sir Philip Boteler or Butler of Watton Woodhall (bur 02.12.1606)
  m. Anne Coningsby (bur 22.02.1596-7, dau of John Coningsby, sister of Sir Henry Coningsby of North Mimms)
  A. Sir Phillip Boteler of Watton Woodhall (dvp bur 27.01.1591/2)
  m. Katherine Knollys (bur 20/30.12.1632, dau of Sir John Knollys (Knowles), widow of Gerald, Lord Offaley)
The following is partly supported by Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, 'Boteler of Stapleford').
  i. Sir Robert Boteler of Watton Woodhall
  m. Frances Drury (bur 30.01.1636-7, dau of Sir Drew Drury (Drewry) of Halstead)
  a. Jane Boteler (bpt 20.01.1620/1, d before 12.12.1657)
m. (08.03.1636) John Belasyse, 1st Lord of Worlaby (b 24.06.1614, d 10.09.1689)
  ii. Sir John Boteler of Watton Woodhall (bpt 10.12.1587, bur 10.02.1652-3)
  m. Anne Spencer (bur 03.12.1638, dau of Sir Richard Spencer of Offley)
  a. Sir Philip Boteler (b 09.10.1627, bur 20.07.1681)
m. Elizabeth Langham (dau/coheir of Sir John Langham of Cottesbroke, Bart)
  (1) Sir John Boteler of Woodhall (b 30..10.1653, bur 19.03.1682)
  m. Elizabeth Gould (dau/coheir of Sir Nicholas Gould of London, Bart)
  (A) Sir Phillip Boteler of Woodhall (b 05.09.1681, d 07.05.1712)
  m. Elizabeth Crane Ettricke (dau/coheir of William Ettricke)
  (i) daughter (b 18.01.1710, bur 19.01.1710)
  (B) Elizabeth Boteler (b 07.11.1678, dsp 16.11.1740)
  m. Grey Neville of Billingbeare (d 1723)
  (2) Mary Boteler
m. (17.09.1668) Sir William Gostwyk of Willington, Bart
  (3) Anne Boteler
  m. (20.06.1676) Lionel Copley
  (4)+ other issue - Philip (b 23.11.1656, bur 13.09.1676), Elizabeth (b 20.10.1655, bur 07.0.1677)
  b. John Boteler (b 02.01.1628-9, bur 01.05.1684-5)
m. Frances Atkyns (bur 17.03.1743, dau of Sir Edward Atkyns (Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer), m2. ?? Long)
  (1) John Boteler of Watton Woodhall (b 1683-4, d 17.07.1774)
  m. Anne Goodwin
  (A) Philip Boteler (b c1702, bur 24.02.1765)
  m. Anne Newman
  (i)+ issue - John Palmer (b c1728, d 13.11.179), Philip, Charles (b c1736, d 21.01.1781, rector of Watton)
  c. Katharine Boteler (b c1625, d 22.04.1698)
  m. Sir John Gore of Sacomb (b c1620, d 14.09.1697)
  d. Elizabeth Boteler (bpt 15.07.1630)
  m. Ralph Gore
  e.+ other issue - Ralph(bpt 16.03.1630-1, bur 02.111.1689), Thomas (bpt 04.09.1634), Robert (bpt 06.07.1636, bur 26.04.1637), Anne (bur 07.07.1626)
  iii. Philip Boteler of Stapleford (bpt 01.12.1588)
  m. Alice Shotbolt (dau of John Shotbolt of Yardley)
  a.+ issue - John, Frances, Lettice
  iv. Christopher Boteler of Stapleford
  m. (05.10.1620) Anne Fox (bur 25.10.1636, dau of Samuel Fox)
  a.+ issue - John, Philip, Catherine, Anne
  v. Penelope Boteler (bpt 06.09.1584)
B. John Boteler (bpt 01.10.1561, dsp)
  m2. (16.06.1597) Jane (bur 24.09.1623, dau/widow of _ Yetswert)
2. Sir Henry Butler of Hatfield Woodhall & Brantfield (d 20.01.1608/9, 3rd son)
  m1. (26.07.1563) Catharine Waller (dau of Robert Waller of Hadley, widow of _ Pope)
A. Sir John Boteler, Bart of Hatfield Woodhall, 1st Lord of Brantfield or Bramfield (d 27.05.1637)
  The following is supported by Clutterbuck (p46+), BE1883 ('Boteler of Bramfield'), BEB1841 ('Boteler of Hatfield Woodhall') & VCH (Hertfordshire, vol 3, 'Parishes: Hatfield').
  m. (1604) Elizabeth Villiers (dau of Sir George Villiers of Brokesby, sister of George, Duke of Buckingham)
  i. William Boteler, 2nd Lord of Bramfield (d unm 1647, 3rd/6th son)
  ii. Aubrey or Audrey Boteler (d 16.09.1652)
  m1. Sir Francis Anderson of Eyworth (d 22.12.1616)
  m2. (c1617) Francis Leigh, Earl of Chichester (d 10.12.1653)
  iii. Helena / Eleanor / Ellen Boteler (d 02.10.1666)
  m. (18.05.1616) Sir John Drake of Ashe (d 25.08.1636)
iv. Jane Boteler (b c1604, dsp bur 28.03.1672)
  m1. James Ley, Earl of Marlborough (b c1552, d 14.03.1628/9)
  m2. William Ashburnham (dsp 1679, Colonel General)
  v. Olive Boteler (d 13.12.1663)
  m. (c1620) Endymion Porter of Wandsworth (Groom of the Bedchamber)
  vi. Mary Boteler (bur 30.01.1633-4)
  m. (30.11.1623) Sir Edward Howard, 1st Lord of Escrick (d 24.04.1675)
vii. Anne Boteler (d 26.05.1669)
  m1. (07.02.1626/7) Mountjoy Blount, 1st Earl of Newport (b c1597, d 12.02.1665)
  m2. (1667) Thomas Weston, 4th Earl of Portland (bpt 09.10.1609, dsp 05.1688)
  viii.+ other issue (dvpsp) - John, (Sir) Henry of Hatfield Woodhall, Philip of Hatfield Woodhall, Francis, John
  B. Katharine Boteler
  m. Sir John Browne of Essex
  C. Elizabeth Boteler (b 1565-6, d 05.04.1629)
  m. (24.10.1589) Sir Anthony Chester, 1st Bart of Chichley (b c1565, d 1635)
D. Mary Boteler
  m. Henry Lynne of Bassingbourne (b c1573)
  m2. Alice Pulter (dau of Edward Pulter or Poulter of Wimondley)
The following is supported by Clutterbuck (p347).
  E. Ralph Boteler of Queen Hoo Hall in Tewin (b c1580, bur 31.01.1644)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, 'Boteler of Queen Hoo Hall').
  m. Susan(na) Saunders (d 04.06.1663, dau of Francis Saunders of Welford)
  i. (Sir) Francis Boteler 'of Tuin' of Hatfield Woodhall (b c1612, d 08-9.10.1690, MP)
  The following is supported by HoP ("Francis Boteler") & VCH (Hertfordshire, vol 3, 'Parishes: Hatfield').
  m1. (c1634) Anne Cockayne (dau of Thomas Cockayne of Ashbourne)
  a. George (dvp bur 22.10.1646)
  b. Julia(na) Boteler of Hatfield Woodhall (d 1726)
  m. Francis Shalcross or Shallcross of Digswell (b c1630, d 26.02.1681)
  (1) Francis Boteler Shallcross (b 08.02.1675, dsp 13.01.1693-4)
  c. Isabella Boteler of Hatfield Woodhall (b c1637, d 28.10.1728)
  m. (19.12.1663) Charles Hutchinson of Owthorpe (b 1636, d 03.11.1695)
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Corbet (d 30.04.1684, dau of Richard (probably not Sir Robert) Corbet of Edgmond)
  ii. Ralph Boteler (bur 20.09.1621)
  iii. Alice Boteler
m. John Akeroyd of Yorkshire
  iv. Susan Boteler (a 1634)
  m. Richard Akeroyd
  F. Sir George Boteler, Bart (b 1682-3, dsp bur 25.06.1657)
  m. "Lady Bethell"
  G. Jane Boteler
  m. Edward Cason
  H. Agnes (Anne) Boteler
  m. William (sb Tyringham?) Norwood
  I. Lucy Boteler
  m. William Frankland of Rye (d 1639-40)
  K.+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Edmond/Edward (b 1576, dsp bur 04.05.1653), Anthony, John, Thomas
3. Richard Boteler of Stapleford (d 05.05.1614)
  m. Anne Mynne (d 12.10.1619, dau of John Mynne of Hertingfordbury)
  A. Elizabeth Boteler (bur 09.02.1600-1)
  m. (10.10.1591) Rowland Graveley of Graveley (bur 01.06.1610)
4. Thomas Boteler of Ludlow (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Barnaby (dau of Thomas Barnaby)
5. Nicholas Boteler of Netherhall, Essex
  m1. Elizabeth Wroth (d 14.08.1613, dau of Sir Thomas Wroth of Durance, widow of George Mynne)
  m2. Anne Houghton (dau/heir of James Houghton of Wormley, widow of _ Kenolmarsh)
  m3. _ Greville (dau of Sir Edward Greville)
6. William Boteler of Broomhall in Watton
  m. Anne Wilson (dau of Edward Wilson of Willieu)
  A. John Boteler (bpt 02.1607-8, bur 21.10.1671, 7th son)
  m. (27.04.1636) Jane Wingate (bur 02.10.1671, dau of Edward Wingate of Lockleys Welwyn)
  B. Anne Boteler (bpt 20.01.1593-4)
m. Tristram Flower
  C. Grace Boteler
  m. John Coe of Benington
  D.+ other issue - John (bpt 09.03.1594-5, d by 04.1594-5), William (bpt 02.09.1599), Robert (bpt 05.10.1600, bur 13.10.1600), Richard (bpt 21.03.1601-2), Drue (bpt 18.09.1603, bur 29.09.1603), Nicholas (bpt 13.01.1604-5, d infant?), Nicholas (bpt 04.05.1609), Edward (bpt 26.04.113, bur 19.07.1613), Francs (bpt 18.07.1610)
7. Elizabeth Boteler
  m. Sir Henry Coningsby of North Mimms (d 1593)
8. Mary Boteler
  m. Thomas Shotbolt of Yardley
9. Sarah Boteler
  m. R. Holt
10. Cicely Boteler
  m. Julius Gerrers (bur 30.09.1596)
11. Margaret Boteler ## but see here ##
  m. (29.11.1580) Sir George Perient (a 1619)
12.+ other issue - Charles (dsp), Thomas, Nicholas, William

Main source(s): 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Hertford' (Robert Clutterbuck, vol 2, 1821, 'Pedigree of the Family of Boteler' (p476+) & 'Pedigree of the Families of Boteler and Villiers' (p46+) & 'Pedigree of the Families of Boteler and Hutchinson' (p347)), Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1572+1634, 'Boteler of Woodhall') and as reported above
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