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Families covered: Butler of Appletree, Butler of Aston le Walls, Butler of Cleydon

Ralph Butler of Sawbridgeworth
1. William Butler (dspl)
  partner unknown
  A. son
2. John Butler of Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire (bur 14.10.1558)
  m. Margaret Sutton/Dudley (bur 17.04.1563, dau/heir of John Sutton alias Dudley of Aston le Walls, brother of Lord Sutton)
A. Alban Butler of Aston le Walls
  Commoners identifies Alban's 1st wife as Sibil, dau of Simon Raleigh of Farnborough, but Visitation identifies her as ...
  m1. Sibill Raleigh (bur 28.04.1558, dau of George Raleigh of Farnborough)
  i. George Butler of Aston le Walls (bpt 12.10.1540, dvp bur 16.11.1602)
  m. (06.11.1563) Elizabeth Odingsells (a 1604, dau of Edmund Odginsells)
  a. Alban Butler of Aston le Walls (d 13.11.1617)
  m. Anne Poulton (bur 24.05.1631, dau of Ferdinand Poulton of Lincoln's Inn & Burton)
  (1) George Butler (bpt 05.02.1593, dvp bur 30.03.1596)
  (2) Elizabeth Butler (bpt 07.12.1591)
  m. Francis Plowden of Plowden (d 18.01.1661)
  b. Richard Butler
  m. _ Andrews
  (1)+ issue (dsp) - John, Thomas, Mary
c. Thomas Butler (dsp)
  d. Anne Butler
  m. _ Hunt of Warwickshire
  e. Mary Butler
  m. (21.04.1588) Edward Lewis of Mancetor
  f. Elizabeth Butler (bpt 18.04.1575)
  m. (17.01.1595) Richard Everard of Shenton
  g. Frances Butler
  m. (03.06.1599) Thomas Hugford of Solihull (son of John of Henwood)
  ii. Simon Butler of Appletree, Northamptonshire (bpt 06.05.1549, bur 16.06.1628)
  m. Barbara Washington (bur 01.04.1635, dau of Lawrence (not Thomas) Washington of Sulgrave)
  a. John Butler of Appletree (b c1578, d c1659)
  m1. Mabel Petter of London (bur 13.09.1637)
  (1) George Butler of Cleydon, Oxfordshire (bpt 02.11.1590, bur 28.08.1670)
  m. (30.11.1620) Anne Gibbs (dau/heir of George Gibbs of Cleydon)
  (A) John Butler of Appletree (bpt 15.07.1626, d 1698)
  m. Martha Perkins (d 1699, dau of Rev. Isaac Perkins of Catesby)
(i) Simon Butler of Appletree (b 14.04.1662, bur 09.07.1712, 3rd son?)
  m1. Mary Rathbone
  m2. Anne Birch (dau of Henry Birch of Goscot)
  Visitation ends with this generation, showing Simon to have had children by botth wives. Commoners mentions only his marriage to Anne Birch, thereby indicating that she was mother of ...
  (a) James Butler of Pall Mall, Westminster (b 08.09.1711, d 1792, 3rd son)
  m. (06.01.1741) Mary Grano (dau of John Grano of Ambleteuse)
  ((1)) Charles Butler (d 02.06.1832, lawyer)
  m. (1776) Mary Eyston (dau of Thomas John Eyston of East Hendred)
  ((A)) Mary Butler
  m. (27.11.1809) (Charles) Stonor (Lt. Colonel)
  ((B)) Theresa Butler
  m. Andrew H. Lynch (MP for Galway)
  (b)+ other issue - Charles (b c1707, d 1768), Alban (b 1710, d 15.05.1773)
  (ii)+ other issue - Alban (b 06.07.1655, a 1681, dvpsp?), John (b 11.12.1658, a 1681, dsvpp?), Alban (b 06.12.1667, a 1681), George (bur 02.10.1682), Susan (b 1657, d unm 06.1736), Barbara (b 10.07.1672, d unm 20.04.1753), Elizabeth (bur 17.01.1678-9)
  (B) Simon Butler of Cleydon (bpt 07.07.1631, a 1681)
  m. Thomasine Potts (widow of _ Allen of Neston)
  (C) George Butler of Appletree (bpt 20.05.1637, d 17.06.1685)
  m. Martha Breton (bpt 07.07.1641, dau of Robert Breton of Teeton)
  (i)+ issue - John (bpt 16.12.1664, a 1681), George (bpt 13.03.1665-6, a 1681), Simon (bpt 03.03.1667-8, bur 17.03.1667-8), Simon (bpt 17.02.1668-9, d infant?), Simon (bpt 20.04.1672, a 1681), Robert (bpt 21.04.1673, a 1681), Charles (bpt 06.02.1675-6, d young?), Ambrose (bpt 24.11.1678, a 1681), Samuel (bpt 14.08.1681), Anne (bpt 30.10.1663, d young), Elizabeth (bpt 06.12.1670, a 1681), Martha (bpt 13.06.1677, a 1681)
  (D) Barbara Butler (bpt 05.07.1634)
  m. (30.04.1661) William Holherd of Banbury (bur 15.09.1666)
  (E) Mary Butler
  m. John Freckleton of Cleydon
  (F)+ other issue (d unm) - Mabel (bpt 25.08.1622, bur 04.09.1622), Barbara (bpt 26.08.1624, bur 28.08.1624), Elizabeth (bpt 22.03.1628-9)
  (2) Mabel Butler (bpt 01.01.1604)
  m. William Andrews of Banbury
  (3) Anne Butler (bpt 05.05.1605)
  m. William Andrews of Cleydon
  (4) Elizabeth Butler (bpt 23.11.1606)
  m. Thomas Woodhull of Mollington
  (5) Sibill Butler (bpt 21.12.1607)
  m. (17.11.1627) William Tey of Hinton, later of London (servant to King Charles I)
  (6)+ other issue - Martin (bpt 13.06.1602), Mary (a 1681)
  m2. Joan (bur 24.04.1641)
  iii. Anne Butler (bpt 30.06.1550)
  m. John Wakelyn (brother of Nicholas)
  iv. Joyce Butler
  m. (24.01.1569) Nicholas Wakelyn
  v. Margaret Butler (bpt 20.08.1553)
  m. Francis Pigot of Buckinghamshire
  vi. Alice Butler (bpt 16.10.1561)
  m. _ Throgmorton of Gloucestershire
  vii.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 30.12.1555, dsp), Temperance (bpt 26.09.1547, bur 19.01.1557-8)
  m2. (20.02.1559-60) Isabel Odingsells (bur 25.05.1562, dau of Edmund Odingsells of Long Itchington)
  ix.+ issue - Alice (bpt 16.10.1651), Barbara
  B. Thomas Butler of Castlethorp, Buckinghamshire
  m. (02.05.1560) Joan Pictue
  i. William Butler (bpt 18.05.1561)
ii. Ambrose Butler of Danehill, Sussex (bpt 17.06.1562, a 1618) had issue
  m. Mary Appesley of Thacham
  iii. Richard Butler of Byfield, Northamptonshire (a 1618)
  m. Margaret Dorrington (dau of Thomas Dorrington of Stafford)
  a. Ambrose Butler (b c1610?)
  m. Anne
  b. John Butler of Hundle, Lincolnshire
m. Alice Needler (dau of Raph Needler)
  (1)+ issue - John (d infant), Catherine, Dorothy
  c.+ other issue - Thomas, James, George, Mary
  C. William Butler of Tighes, Sussex
  i. Margaret Butler (b c1602, d 01.1652)
  m. (03.08.1588) Lawrence Washington of Sulgrave (b 1568, d 13.12.1616)
  ii. Catherine Butler
  m. William Porter of Lincolnshire
  iii.+ other issue - Roger, Edward, William
  D. John Butler (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Grey of London
  E. Dorothy Butler
  m. George Chamberlein of Boddington
  F. Joyce Butler
  m. William Fuller of London
  G. Jane Butler (d 1603)
  m. William Porter of Grantham

Main source(s): Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, Butler of Appletree) with some support from Commoners (vol III, note within Plowden of Plowden)
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