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Families covered: Butler of Boytonrath, Butler of Bunnahow, Butler of Doone, Butler of Grallagh, Butler of Knockgraffon, Butler of Millbrooke, Butler of Synone

Pierce Butler, 'Pierce na Buile' (Wild Peter), of Grallagh, co. Tipperary (d 11.01.1571 (not 1577?))
m1. Elinor Grace (dau of Oliver Grace) not mentioned by BIFR1976
m2. Honora FitzGerald (dau of James, 10th Earl of Desmond)
1. James Butler of Ballinrosse, co. Tipperary (dvp 1569-70)
  m. Honora O'Dwyer (dau of Philip O'Dwyer of Kilnamanagh (m2. Morrogh Keeaghe McTeige McBrien of Ballytarsna)
A. Edmond Butler of Grallagh, later of Boytonrath, co. Tipperary (d 01.08.1637)
  m. (1604) Dorothy O'Carroll (dau of Kian O'Caroll of Ballybrack)
  i. James Butler of Boytonrath (d 10.05.1653)
  m. Ellice Butler (dau/coheir of Theobald Butler of Masterstown)
  a. Edmond Butler of Boytonrath (dsp 10.1663)
  m. Ellen (dau of Edmund Butler FitzThomas of Ardmayle, widow of Thomas Tobyn of Killaghy)
  b. James Butler of Boytonrath (co. Tipperary) & Shranagollen (co. Clare) (d 19.02.1682)
m. (before 1650) Mary Butler (d 24.11.1684, dau of James Butler of Kilmoyler by Ellen, dau of 11th Earl of Ormonde & widow of Hon James Butler of Grallagh)
  (1) James Butler of Doone, co. Clare (b 1648/9, d 11.10.1726, Captain)
  m. Catherine Kirwan (dau of Peter Kirwan of Ballyturin)
  (A) James Butler of Doone (d 17.10.1746)
m. Mary O'Shaughnessy (dau/coheir of Joseph O'Shaughnessy of Ardmileaven Castle (son of Sir Dermot of Gort), m2. Andrew Hickey)
  (i) James Butler of Doone & Millbrooke (b 1736, d 27.10.1797, Captain)
  m. (02.1763) Teresa O'Hogan (d 20.07.1809, dau/coheir of Murtagh O'Hogan of Cross) @@ below
  (a) James Butler (b 1764, dvp 02.09.1781, of the Middle Temple)
  (b) Henry Butler of Millbrooke, co. Clare (b 1774, d 14.10.1814)
  m. (01.01.1798) Ann Blake (b 1782-3, d 13.05.1855, dau of Xaverius Blake of Oran Castle & Dunmacrina)
  ((1)) James Blake Butler of Glenwilliam. co. Clare (b 1799, d 29.03.1849) had issue
  m. Juliana Selina Comyn (d 20.04.1851, dau of George Comyn of Holywell)
  ((2)) Xaverius Henry Blake Butler of Thorn Park, co. Galway (b 1802, d 26.06.1886) had issue
  m1. (1826) Mary Anne White (d 08.10.1872, dau of Henry White of Lisowen)
  m2. (08.08.1877) Mary Harte (dau of Bernard Harte of Oranmore)
((3)) Walter Blake Butler of Curzon Park, Chester (b 1803, d 07.02.1878)
  m1. Elizabeth Jones (dau/coheir of Henry Jones of Wrexham)
  m2. Mary Jones (dsp 1889/90, dau/coheir of Henry Jones of Wrexham, sister of Elizabeth)
  ((4)) Isabella Butler (b 1802, d 1862 in Australia)
  m. (1842) John Evans of Limerick
  ((5)) Teresa Maria Butler (b 1805, d 12.1865)
  m. (01.12.1832) John Bermingham Lynch of Oran Lodge
  (c) Elizabeth Butler
  m. (01.08.1786) Michael Blake of Kiltulla (Captain)
  (d) Mary Butler (b 1765, d 02.12.1829)
  m. (14.04.1792) Walter Arthur Blake of Oran Castle
  (e) Teresa Butler (b 1775)
  m. (19.09.1793) Edmond Hunt of Inchirourke
  (ii) Theobald Butler of Eyrehill, co. Clare (d 1798/9)
  m. Mary Anne England (d 1781, dau of David England of Lifford, widow of Henry McMahon of Clenagh)
  (a) Mary Butler (d 1827)
  m. (1770?) John Drew of Drumcore
  (b) Margaret Butler
  m. (1763) Francis Drew of Drumcore
  (c) Elizabeth Butler (b 1766)
m. 1798) Arthur Taafe of Inchicronan
  (d) Lucy Butler (b 1769)
  m. (18120 Thomas Stapleton of Callura
  (e)+ other issue - James (b 1764, d 1767), Francis (b 1767, d Fuentes d'Onor 05.05.1811, Captain)
  (iii) Mary Butler (b 1730, d 1753)
  m. (1750) Richard Wilson of Belvoir
  (iv) Elizabeth Butler (b 1731, d 1800)
  m1. (1754) Patrick Fahy of Shangalish
  m2. (1795) John Baker of Meelick (Captain)
  (v) Margaret Butler (d 1802)
  m1. (08.05.1760) James D'Arcy (dsp 1772, son of Dominick)
  m2. Andrew Hickey of Drim (d 1778)
  (B) Theobald Butler of Drucore (co. Clare) & Cahireeny (co. Galway) ancestor of Butlers of Beagh, co. Galway
  m1. (11.08.1730) Mary Lynch (dau of Joseph Lynch of Killgarne)
m2. (03.12.1743) Jane Lambert (dau of Walter Lambert of Cregg Lane)
  (C) Peter Butler of Bunnahow, co. Clare (d before 06.02.1788)
  m1. Margaret Mahon (dau of Thomas Mahon of Derrycourt & Ryndiffin)
  (i) Peter Butler (dvp unm 1768)
  (ii) Mary Butler
  m. (24.10.1766) James Forster of Fidane
  (iii) Anna Butler
  m. Stephen Molony of Ballinahinch
  m2. (02.07.1758) Anne Geagan (d 10.1814, dau of Matthew Geagan of Rathmore, m2. ??)
  (iv) William Butler of Bunnahow (d 06.1823)
  m. Belinda Butler (dau of Francis Butler of Cregg by Belinda, dau of Walter Lambert of Cregg Clare)
  (a) Walter Butler of Walterstown, co. Clare (3rd son) had issue
  m. Theresa Blake (dau of Capt. Michael Blake of Kiltullagh & Frenchfort)
  (b) William Butler of Bunnahow, Sheriff (b 1784, d 11.1871) had issue
m. (06.1808) Anne Blake-Forster (d 07.1857, dau of Robert Blake-Forster of Ashfield by Ann, dau of Denis Daly of Raford)
  (c) Mary Butler (dsp)
  m. (1805) Anthony Colpoys of Ballycar
(d) Belinda Butler
  m. (1808) John Forster of Rathorpe
  (e)+ other isue - Peter (dvp unm), Francis
  (D) Elizabeth Butler
  m1. (1720) Dominick D'Arcy of Rockvale (d 1727)
  m2. Murtagh O'Hogan of Cross
  (i) Teresa O'Hogan (d 20.071809, youngest dau/coheir)
  m. (02.1763) James Butler of Doone & Millbrooke (b 1736, d 1797) @@ above
(E) Mary Butler
  m1. (17/19.10.1721) Thady Macnamara of Ayle
  m2. (01.1763) Christopher Burnell of Ranaghan
  (i) Margery Burnell probably of this generation
  m. George Blackall of Killard (d c1834)
  (2) Sir Theobald ('Toby') Butler (b 1651, d 11.03.1721, Solicitor General of Ireland, MP)
  m. Margaret Roche (d 1735, dau of (Dominick Roche) '1st Viscount Cahiravilla')
(A) James Butler of Castlekeale (co. Clare) & Knockgraffon (co. Tipperary) (d 08.01.1722)
  m. (28.05.1708) Joan/Joanna Butler (dau of 5th Baron Caher, m2. Sir Walter Esmonde, Bart)
  (i) Theobald Butler of Cahirbane & Knockgraffon (b 1715, dsp 04.03.1735)
  (ii) James Butler of Castlekeale & Knockgraffon, Sheriff (d before 12.05.1780)
  m1. (1760) Mary Keating (d 1768, dau of John Keating of Garranlea)
  (a) Alice Butler
  m. (02.05.1785) John Galwey (son of John of Lota)
  (b) Jane Butler (d unm)
  m2. Mary Doherty (dau of Richard Doherty of Kedragh & Suirbank)
  (c) Theobald Butler of Knockgraffon (b 02.1773, d 09.11.1810)
  m. (24.04.1794) Elizabeth Fitzgerald (d 16.08.1849, dau of Augustine Fitzgerald of Tureen)
  ((1)) Augustine Fitzgerald Butler of Ballyline & Knockgraffon, Sheriff (b 1800, d 04.11.1883) had issue
  m. (20.07.1854) Catherine Stacpoole (dau of Andrew Stacpoole of Ballyalla)
((2)) Theobald Butler (d 07.11.1882, rector of Knock) had issue (5 daus who dsp)
  m. (1833) Martha Molloy (dau of William Molloy of Rockvalley)
  ((3))+ other issue - James, Alicia (b 05.03.1795)
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1778, d 1848), Andrew (d 1852)
  (iii) Mary Butler
  m. (1736) John Crotty of Ballygallane
  (iv) Margaret Butler (d 18.02.1753)
  m. (1734) John Macnamara of Moyriesk & Cratellagh (d 1771)
  (B) Frances Butler (b 1693)
  m. (1709) 6th Baron Caher (d 22.05.1744)
  (C)+ other issue
  (3) Richard Butler of Moyne (dsp 1704)
  m. Ellis McDonnell (d 1711, dau of Sir James McDonnell, 2nd Bart, widow of Edmond O'Fflagherty of Ballynahinch)
  (4) John Butler of Monnanah, co. Clare (d 22.10.1710)
  m. Elizabeth Hogan (dau of Edmond Hogan of Cregmoher)
  (5) Edmond Butler of Cloneen, co. Clare had issue
  m. Ellen Butler (dau of Richard Butler of Derryluskan)
  (6) Pierce Butler of Coogy, co. Clare ancestor of Butlers of Doonbeg
  (7) Margaret Butler
  m. John Clanchy of Cahirbane
  (8) Elizabeth Butler (d 14.11.1712)
  m. Managh O'Grady of Ballyvanna
  c. Thomas Butler of Castle Crine & Drumclogh, co. Clare (d 1671)
  m. Elizabeth Percival (dau of Sir Philip Percival of Burton)
  BIFR1976 reports that Thomas was ancestor of the Butlers of Rossroe & Castle Crine and refers to BLG1886. BLG1886 (Butler of Castle Crine) provides the following, starting with William whom we show as son of Thomas & Elizabeth though, as far as we know, he may have been their grandson.
  (1) William Butler of Rossroe Castle (co. Clare), Sheriff (d by 1735)
(A) Henry Butler of Rossroe Castle
  (B) Thomas Butler of Castle Crine (a 1791)
  BLG1886 reports that William succeeded "to the landed property of his cousin, Henry Butler, Esq. of Brien's Castle".
  m. Anne D'Alton
  (i) James Butler of Castle Crine (d c1821)
  m. Mary Jevers (dau of Robert Jevers of Mount Jevers)
  (a) Henry Butler of Castle Crine (d 11.08.1852) had issue
  m. Anna Dawson (dau of Charles Dawson of Charlesfort)
  (b) Eleanor Butler (d 01.11.1805) possibly of this generation
  m. (06.03.1783) George Ievers of Mount Ievers (d 22.03.1808)
  (c)+ other issue
  (C) Anne Butler
  m. St. John Bridgeman
  ii. Pierce Butler
  m. Johan St. John (dau of William St. John of StJohnstown)
  iii. Ellen Butler
  m. John Butler of Carrintobber (son of Thomas of Ardmayle)
  iv. Eleanor Butler
  m. Oliver Burke (son/heir of Thomas of Swiffne)
  v. Margaret Butler
  m. John Butler of Keapaghclogh (Major, Governor of Dungarvan Castle, son of John of Shanballyduffe)
  vi. Ellen Butler (d 1629)
  m. James Travers of Keadragh (son of Philip of Rathard)
  vii. Catherine Butler
  m. John Magrath (son of Thomas of Kilmackaugh)
  viii. Honora Butler
  m. Theobald Burke (son of Edmond of Cappagh)
  ix. Ellice Butler
  m. John Butler (son of Pierce of Nodstown)
x. Elizabeth Butler
  B. John Butler of The Grange of Athassell, co. Tipperary (d 19.10.1633)
  m. Elizabeth Plunket (dau of Sir Christopher Plunket of Dunsloghly)
  i. John Butler of The Grange of Athassell (a 1634)
  ii. Thomas Butler of The Grange of Athassell & Garrytibbott (a 07.1634)
  m. Eleanor Travers (dau of Patrick Travers of Keadragh)
  iii. Jane Butler
  m. Pierce Cantwell of Dunthlecky
  iv. Catherine Butler
  m. John Walsh of Derrynahinch
  v. Margaret Butler
  m. John Butler of Knocknefegast
  vi.+ other issue - John (a 1665), Walter, Theobald, William (a 1667)
  C. Catherine Butler
m. Thomas Poer (son of Richard, 4th Lord Power & Curraghmore)
  D. Joan Butler
  m. Anthony O'Carroll (son of Kian of Ballybrack)
  E. Laura Butler
  m. William Burke of Swiffne
2. John Butler of Ballinrosse, co. Tipperary (d 1571)
  m. Margaret O'Mulrian (a 1573, dau of William O'Mulrian of Owney)
3. William Butler of Synone & Moyglass, co. Tipperary (d 04.1589)
  m. Mary Power (dau of 3rd Lord Power & Curraghmore, m2. Richard Butler, m3. Piers Grace)
  A. Thomas Butler of Synone (d 01.05.1633)
  m. _ Hackett (dau of Edmond Hackett of Ballytarana)
i. William Butler 'of Lynon (sb Synone?'
  m. Joan Fitzpatrick (dau of Thady Fitzpatrick, 4th Baron of Upper Ossory)
  a. Edmond Butler (a 10.1642)
4. Theobald Butler of Rathard, co. Tipperary
  m. Joan FitzGerald (dau of Gerald FitzGerald of Ballyhine)
  A. Thomas Butler of Carrigreene, co. Tipperary had issue
  m. Margaret Travers (dau of James Travers of Keadragh)
5. Richard Butler of Ballinrosse, co. Tipperary (d 1580-3)
6. Joan Butler (a 1600)
  m. Sir Cormac McCarthy of Blarney, 14th Lord of Muskerry (d by 1600) ??
7. Margaret Butler
  m. Pierce Power of Rathcormack
8. Elisia Butler
  m. Thomas Comerford of Killogh

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Butler ('of cos Clare and Tipperary'))
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