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Families covered: Buxton of Channons, Buxton of Dickleborough, Buxton of Shadwell Court, Buxton of Tibenham

There are two towns in England caled Buxton, one in Derbyshire and the other in Norfolk. At the time of the Conquest, the lord of the latter was Bertram de Buxton. Probably descended from him was ...
John Buxton of Tibenham, Norfolk
1. John Buxton of Tibenham (a 1478, 1497)
  BP1870 mentions that from John descended Robert. The dates indicate that there was probably no more than one generation between them. Vistation (Norfolk, Buxston) starts with the following John, father of Robert, whom we presume to be son or grandson of this John.
  A. John Buxston or Buxton
  i. Robert Buxston or Buxton of Tibenham (d 1528)
a. John Buxston or Buxton of Tibenham (Tybenham) & Dickleborough (d 05.04.1572)
  m. Margaret Warner (dau of _ Warner of Wynfarding or Wynefarding)
(1) Robert Buxston or Buxton (a 1558, d before 06.1610, MP)
  m. Joan Heron (d 1594, dau/coheir of Robert Heron of Tibenham, cadet of Chipchase)
  (A) John Buxton of Besthorpe & Tibenham (d(vp?) 1596)
  m. Elizabeth Kemp (dau of Robert Kemp of Gissing)
  (i) Robert Buxton of Tibbenham (sic) (bpt 1588, d 1610)
  m. (1608) Elizabeth d'Oyley (dau of Edmund d'Oyley of Shotesham)
  (a) John Buxton of Channons in Tibenham, Sheriff of Norfolk (b 1608-9, d 25/29.04.1660) - continued below
  m. Margaret Pert (b 1610-1, d 11.05.1687, dau of William Pert of Arnolds)
(B) Anne Buxton possibly the Anne (but could be 2 generations later?) who married ....
  m. Richard Wilton of Topcroft (d 1634)
  (C)+ other issue - Randall, Robert, Margaret, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary, Grace
  (2) Francis Buxston or Buxton of Dickleborough, Norfolk (d before 05.11.1614)
  m. Margaret Heron (dau/coheir of Robert Heron or Herne of Tybenham)
  (A) John Buxston or Buxton of Dickleborough (bpt 05.04.1562)
  The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Buxton of Dickleburgh).
  m. Anne Steward (dau of William Steward of Swardston or Swarston)
  (i) Thomas Buxton of Dickleburgh (b 1607, d before 29.04.1682)
  m. Anne Chamberlaine (dau of Edward Chamberlaine of Barnham Brome)
  (a) Thomas Buxton (dsp before 02.06.1697)
  m. Elizabeth Needham (sister of Samuel Needham)
  (b) Francis Buxton of Starston by Harleston (b 1651, d by 1716)
  m. _ Kemp
  ((1))+ issue - John, Grace, Mary
  (c) Anne Buxton
  m. Samuel Needham
  (ii) Anne Buxton
  m. Henry Howard of Norwich
  (iii)+ other issue - William, John, Frances mentioned in Visitation (1613)
  (B) Frances Buxston or Buxton
  m. Thomas Goddard of Rowdham
(C) Margaret Buxston or Buxton
  m. Thomas Seman of Tybenham
  (D) Anne Buxston or Buxton
  m. Samuel Sowtheby of Bury St. Edmund
  (E)+ other issue - William (dsp), Valentyne
  (3) Ann Buxston or Buxton
  m. Henry Toupler
  (4) Elizabeth Buxston or Buxton
  m. Robert Cowper
  (5) Grace Buxton
  m. Robert Howard
  b. Richard Buxton of Tibenham (bur 19.06.1592)
  m. Joan Edwards of Tibenham (d 1597)



John Buxton of Channons (Chaneux Hall) in Tibenham, Sheriff of Norfolk (b 1608-9, d 25/29.04.1660) - continued above
m. Margaret Pert (b 1610-1, d 11.05.1687, dau of William Pert of Arnolds)
1. Robert Buxton of Channons (d 1662)
  m. (1654) Hannah Wilton (dau of Robert Wilton of Wilby) father named Thomas by BP1870
  A. Robert Buxton (d 1691)
  m. Elizabeth Gooch (dau/coheir of Leonard Gooch of ersham)
i. John Buxton of Channons Hall (d 1731)
  m. Anne Gooch (dau/heir of Clement Gooch)
a. John Buxton of Channons Hall, later of Shadwell Court (d 1782)
  m. (1717) Elizabeth Jacob (dau/heir of John Jacob of Norton)
  (1) Sir Robert John Buxton of Shadwell Court, 1st Bart (b 27.10.1723, d 07.06.1839)
  m. (22.05.1777) Juliana Mary Beevor (d 05.02.1843, dau of Sir Thomas Beevor, Bart of Hethel)
  (A) Sir John Jacob Buxton of Shadwell Court, 1st Bart (b 13.08.1788, d 13.10.1842) had issue
  m. (05.08.1825) Elizabeth Cholmeley (dau of Sir Montague Cholmeley of Easton Hall, Bart)
  (B) Anne Elizabeth Buxton (d 07.04.1848)
  m. (17.03.1766! sb 1816?) Rev. Frederick Bevan
(C) Juliana Frances Buxton
  m. (18.07.1818) Rev. Henry Dawson (son of William)
  (2) John Buxton
  b.+ 6 sons and 2 daughters
2. John Buxton (d by 1713) had issue
  m. Sarah Procter
3. William Buxton (d 1683) had issue
  m. Bridget Jermy (dau of Robert Jermy of Bayfield)
4. Isabel Buxton
  m. John Acton of Bramford
5. Elizabeth Buxton (bpt 1646)
  m. John Thurston of Hoxne
6.+ other issue - Henry (dsp by 1704), Margaret (bpt 1631, d young)

Main source(s): BP1870 (Buxton (of Shadwell Court), Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Buxston), Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Buxton of Channons in Tibbenham)
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