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Families covered: Early Earls of Buchan, Barons Badlesmere, Beke of Eresby, Beler of Criche, Bellers of Kirkby Bellers

Kenneth (Mormaer of Buchan ??)
1. Gartnach, Mormaer/ Earl of Buchan (a 1132)
  m. Ete (a 1132, dau of Gillemichel, Earl of Fife)
  A. Eva J
  m. Colban, Mormaer/ Earl of Buchan (a 1178) @@ just below J



Colban, Mormaer/ Earl of Buchan (a 1178)
m. Eva (dau of Gartnach, Mormaer/ Earl of Buchan) @@ just above
1. Roger, Mormaer/ Earl of Buchan
  A. Fergus, Earl of Buchan (d c1199)
  i. Marjory, Countess of Buchan J
  m. William de Comyn, 1st Earl of Buchan, Justiciar of Scotland (d 1233) J



Bartholomew de Badlesmere (a 1170)
1. William de Badlesmere (a 1221)
  A. Giles de Badlesmere (d c1248)
  i. Gunceline de Badlesmere of Badlesmer (d 1301, justice of Chester)
  m. Joan FitzBernard (dauof Ralph FitzBernard, lord of Kingsdowne)
  a. Bartholomew de Badlesmere of Badlesmere & Chilham Castle (Kent), 1st Lord (b c1274, d 1322, Governor of Leeds Castle)
  m. (before 30.06.1308) Margaret de Clare (b 1286/7, d 1333, dau of Sir Thomas de Clare)
  (1) Giles de Badlesmere, 2nd Lord (b 18.10.1314, dsp c05.1338)
  m. (after 02.1327/8) Elizabeth de Montacute (dau of William de Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury)
  (2) Margery de Badlesmere (d before 22.10.1363)
m1. (before 25.11.1316) William de Ros, 3rd Lord (d 02.1342-3)
  m2. (c1351) Sir Thomas de Arundel
  m3. (c1354) Sir John Avenel (d c01.08.1359)
  (3) Maud de Badlesmere
  m1. Robert FitzPayn
  m2. John de Vere, 7th Earl of Oxford (b c1313, d 24.01.1360)
  (4) Elizabeth de Badlesmer Y
  m1. Sir Edmund Mortimer, Lord Mortimer Y
  m2. William de Bohun, 1st Earl of Northampton
  (5) Margaret de Badlesmere
  m. Sir John de Tibetot, 2nd Lord (d 1367)
  b. Maud de Badlesmere (d before 1345)
  m. Robert de Burghersh, 1st Lord (d c09.1306)
  ii. Joan de Badlesmere (d 02.06.1319) possibly of this generation
  m. (c1275?) Sir John de Northwode, 1st Lord (b c1254, d 26.05.1319)
  iii. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. John de Coningsbie of Coningesbie (d Chesterfield 1266)



Walter de Bec
m. Agnes FitzHugh (dau of Hugh, a 1167, son of Pinco, lord of Tatshull)
1. Henry de Bec of Eresby
  m. Alice/Hawyse (sister of Thomas de Muleton)
A. Walter Beke of Eresby
  m. (1222) Eva (niece of Walter de Grey, Archbishop of York)
  i. John Beke, Lord Beke of Eresby (b before 1230, d c1303)
  m. Sarah (dau of Thomas, Lord Furnival) name given by BP1934 but not by TCP
  a. Walter Beke, Lord of Eresby (dsp)
  BP1934 reports that Walter "survived his father but a few years" but TCP (Beke) reports that Walter died soon after 01.08.1301 and that his father dspms.
  m. Joan (dau of Matthew Fitzjohn)
  b. Alice Beke, heiress of Eresby
  m. William de Willoughby (d 1306)
  c. Margaret Beke
  m. Sir Richard de Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt (d 1293)
  d. Mary Beke (d unm)
  ii. Anthony Beke of Eresby, Bishop of Durham, Partiarch of Jerusalem (d 02/3.03.1310/1)
  iii. Thomas Beke, Bishop of St. David's (d 20.04.1293)
  iv.+ 2 daughters



Hamon de Beler
Commoners & Visitation (Leicestershire) show more generations than Mundy whilst, noting that Commoners does not give any wives until Alice de Wakebrugge, Visitation (Leicestershire) & Mundy attribute certain wives differently. Provisionally, in general we follow Visitation (Leicestershire) in order to capture all of the data. However, we suggest that the next few generations should all be viewed with caution. They will be investigated further in due course.
1. Sampson de Beler or Bellers
  m. Emma de Folevile (dau of Sir Walter of Folevile) named by Mundy but not by Leicestershire (probable duplication just below)
  A. Rafe Bellers this generation omitted by Mundy
  m. Emme (dau of Lord Folvile) probable duplication just below
  i. William Bellers named Roger by Commoners
  m. Mabel (dau of Lord Angervile)
  a. Hamon Bellers this generation omitted by Mundy & Commoners
  m. Mabell (dau of Lord Mansell)
  (1) Rafe Bellers this generation omitted by Mundy & Commoners
  m. Sibbell Ferrers (dau of John Ferrers)
  (A) William Bellers of Kirby Bellers, Leicestershire
  Commoners shows William as father of Roger of Criche. Mundy shows William as father of Richard who by Agatha, dau of Sir Richard Vichan, was father of the James who married Margaret Barnack. Visitation (Leicestershire) shows the next generation as ...
(i) Rafe Bellers
  m. Agatha Bingham (dau of Richard Bingham)
  (a) Sir James Bellers this line followed by Visitation (Leicestershire) & Mundy
  m. Margaret Bernake (dau of Nicholas Bernake by Ellen, dau of Phillip Lymbury)
((1)) John Bellers of Kirby Bellers
  m. Elizabeth Sutton (dau/heir of Anthony Sutton alias Howby)
  ((A)) John Bellers of Kirby Bellers (dsp)
  ((B)) Joane Bellers
  m. William Villiers of Brokesby
  ((C)) Margaret Bellers (prioress of Langley)
  ((D)) Ellyn Bellers
  m. William Ruskyn of Melton Mowbray
  ((i)) Anne Ruskyn
  m1. John Leek of Wyerhall
  m2. John Kirton of Edmonton
  ((ii)) Margaret Ruskyn
  m. Richard Lacy of Melton Mowbray
  ((iii))+ other issue - Jasper (dsp), Catherine (nun)
  ((E)) Mary Bellers
  Visitation (Leicestershire) shows the other daughter as Marian who m. Sir Thomas Greene. Mundy shows Mary married to ...
  m. Sir Thomas Billne
  ((i)) Anne Billne
  m. Sir Thomas Pinchbeck
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Billne
  m. _ Sanford
((iii)) Joan Billne
  m. Sir William Pickering
  ((2)) Joane Bellers
  m1. Simon Digby of Tilton
  m2. Thomas Seyton
  (ii) Roger de Bellers or Beler of Criche, Derbyshire (a 1324-5) this line followed by Commoners
  m. Alice (dau of William son of Peter de Wakebrugge by Juliana, sister of Hubert FtzRalph of Criche)
  (a) Sir Roger Beler of Criche, etc. (d 1380-1)
  m1. Margaret de Ryvers (dau of Sir Richard de Ryvers de Ripariis of Ryvers Hall)
  ((1)) Margaret Beler
  m1. Sir Robert de Swillington of Ryvers Hall (d 1391-2)
  ((A)) Sir Roger de Swillington
  ((i)) Margaret de Swillington (dsp 1429-30)
  m. Sir John Gra of Ingleby
((ii))+ other issue (dsp) - Sir John (d 1418-9), Sir Robert (d 1420-1)
  m2. (sp) John de Aylesford
  m2. (sp) Margaret Grey (d 1334-5, dau of John Grey, Lord of Codnor)
  m3. (sp) Elizabeth (d 1362-3)
  m4. Catharine (d 1381-2)
  ((2)) Thomasine Beler (d unm 1381-2)
  m5. (sp) Mary (1391-2)
  (b) Thomas Beler of Gunnelveston, Nottinghamshire
  m. (1346-7) Margaret de Ryvers (dau of Sir Richard de Ryvers de Ripariis of Ryvers Hall)
  ((1)) Alice Beler
  m. Sir Richard de Whatton
  ((2)) Elizabeth Beler of Gunnelveston, etc. (dsp 1361-2)
  m. _ de Dreby
  (c) Avice Beler
  m. Sir Ralph Cromwell
  (B) Hamond Bellers (dsp)

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