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Families covered: Callendar of Callendar (Callendar of Callendar), Callander of Craigforth, Callander of Preston Hall, Callander of Westertown

Duncan, Thane of Callendar
1. Malcolm of Callendar
  m. (c1217) Eva of Lennox (dau of Alwyn, 2nd Earl of Lennox)
  A. Alwin, Thane of Callendar (a 1240)
  i. Sir John de Callendar (d 02.02.1303/4)
  a. Alwin de Callendar (b c1278)
  (1) Patrick de Callendar
  (A) Christian de Callendar --
  m. Sir William Livingston of Callendar (d before 30.11.1364) --



Betham reports that "This family is lineally descended, from father to son, from the Earls of Callander; the present Baronet's great-great-great grandfather being the third brother of Alexander (Livingston), third Earl of Callander." HOWEVER, that Earl was 2nd son of his parents who were married in 1650 whereas the following John "obtained a charter of confirmation from the crown ... dated Jan. 26, 1608" and his son Alexander "was served heir to his father ... April 17, 1611". That makes Betham's report unsupportable. A more believable report on the following family's ancestry comes from BLG1886 which states that "The old Thanes of Callander, near Falkirk, ended in an heiress, who m. into the family of Livingstone, and was ancestress of the Earls of Linlithgow and Callander. Various cadets, however, were seated at Dorrater, Mainer, Bordy, and other places in the neighbourhood, and part of Westertown of Bothkennar was in the possession of Callander of Bordy about 1560."
John Callander of Westertown (a 1608)
1. Alexander Callander of Westertown (a 1631)
m. Elizabeth Muirhead
  A. Alexander Callander of Westertown (a 1686, d by 05.1696)
  m. (mcrt 14.06.1650) Helen Galbraith (dau of John Galbraith, minister of Bothkennar)
  i. John Callander of Westertown (b 12.07.1653, d by 03.1732)
  m. (mcrt 05.1684) Janet Buchanan (dau of John Buchanan of Carbeth)
  a. Alexander Callander of Westertown (b 25.12.1710, d 04.1742)
  m. (31.10.1734) Margaret Ramsay (d 1767, dau of David Ramsay of Lethendie & Mungall by Euphemia, dau of Michael Elphinstone of Quarrol)
  (1) Sir John Callander of Westertown, later also of Crichton, Preston Hall & Elphinstone, Bart (b 09.1739, dsp 02.04.1812, MP, Colonel, 3rd son)
m. (02.02.17876) Margaret Romer (dau of John Romer of Cherwick, relict of Bridges Kearney)
  (2) Alexander Callander of London, 1st of Preston Hall, Chrichton (co. Edinburgh) & Elphinstone (co. Haddington) (b 1741, dsp 01.04.1792, MP)
  (3) Janet Callander (b 10.05.1738)
  m. (29.05.1756) John Higgins of Neuck, Stirlingshire
  (A) John Alexander Higgins of Neuck (b 17.09.1765)
  (B) Margaret Higgins (b 15.05.1757)
  m. William Bell of Leith (d by 1804)
  (C) Marion (Maria) Higgins (b 14.04.1759)
  m. (1790) John Burn of Coldock (d 1814)
  Westertown & Preston Hall passed to their eldest son who assumed the name Burn-Callander.
  (D) Helen Higgins (b 29.05.1761)
  m. James Haig of Lockrine
  (E) Jane Higgins (b 22.06.1673, d unm)
  (4)+ other issue - John, (d young), Michael (d young), David (b 17.09.1742, d unm?), Euphemes (b 07.10.1735, d unm 1798)
  ii.+ other issue - Alexander (b 15.10.1655), James (b 21.06.1661), George (b 14.12.1664), Richard (b 01.02.1668), Alexander (b 28.10.1677), Elizabeth (b 12.08.1651), Katherine (b 19.02.1658), Anna (b 15.04.1671), Mary (b 07.04.1673), Helen (b 07.01.1676)



?? Callander, 1st of Craigforth (a 1603, "Master Armourer to King James VI")
1. ?? Callander presumed intermediary generation, father or grandfather of ...
  A. John Callander of Craigforth
m. Margaret Nasmyth (dau of Sir James Nasmyth of (old) Posso (probably not Bart of New Posso))
  i. James Callander (dvp)
  m. Catherine Mackenzie (of Cromarty family)
  a. John Callander of Craigforth (d 1789)
m. Mary Livingstone (dau of Sir James Livingstone, Bart of Glentirran & Dalderse, later Campbell of Ardkinglas)
  (1) Sir James Callander of Craigforth, later Campbell of Ardkinglas (b 1744/5)
  m1. (1768) Christian Forbes (d 1771, dau of George Forbes of Hitchener Hall)
  (A) George Callander of Craigforth (b 03.1770, dvp 18.02.1824, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (21.10.1801) Elizabeth Crompton Erskine (d 08.1855, dau of Henry Erskine of Amondell)
  Their elder son inherited Ardkinglas but retained the name Callander.
  (B) Mary Callander
  m. Lucius O'Brien (Captain, cousin of Sir Lucius of Dromoland, Bart)
  m2. Harriet Dutens (d 17.08.1773 (or 1772))
  (C) Elizabeth Callander 'of London'
  m1. (03.1794) George Dashwood of Steeple Aston (d 1801, son of Sir John, 3rd Bart)
m2 Richard Magenis (MP)
  m3. (1776/7) Elizabeth MacDonnel (d 1796, dau of Alexander MacDonnel, 5th Earl of Antrim)
  (D) Randall William Callander had issue
  m. _ Wilson
  (E) Caroline Callander
  m. (1806) Thomas Sheridan (son of Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley (Sheridan))
(F) Fanny Callander
  m. (08.07.1819) Sir James Robert George Graham, 2nd Bart of Netherby (b 01.06.1792, d 25.10.1861)
  (G)+ other issue (d unm) - Alexander James (Major), Georgina
  (2)+ other issue
  ii. Anne Callander
  m1. (John) Blackader (Colonel)
  m2. (mcrt 23.08.1731, sp) Sir James Campbell, Bart of Ardkinglas
  iii. Margaret Callander possibly of this generation
  m. David Cuninghame of Seabegs (a 1745, Colonel, 6th son)

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