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Families covered: Calveley of Calveley, Calveley of Lea

Hugh de Calveleigh in Bunbury, Cheshire (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Richard de Calveleigh
  A. Hugh de Calveley of Calveley
  i. Kenric de Calveley of Calveley
  a. Robert de Calveley of Calveley
  m. Elizabeth de Haselwall (dau of Ralph, son of David de Haselwall)
  (1) Davy de Calveley of Calveley (dsp 1362)
  (2) Katherine de Calveley
  m. Arthur Damport or Davenport, later of Calveley
  b. David de Calveley of Lea, Cheshire
m(1). Joanna
  (1) David Calveley of Lea
  Apart from the confusion with David's brother Sir Hugh (see below), there may be some confusion (between Davids and Hughs) over the next few generations which should therefore be viewed with caution.
  (A) David Calveley of Lea (dsp)
  (B) Hugh Calveley of Lea
  m. ?? Honford (dau of ?? Honford of Honford (Handford of Handford))
  (i) Sir Hugh Calveley of Lea
  m. Maud Hubeck (dau/coheir of Sir Henry Hubeck by Jone Barnack)
  (a) Sir Hugh Calveley of Lea (d Bloreheath 1459) - continued below
  m. Margaret Done (dau of Sir John Done of Utkinton)
  (2) Sir Hugh Calveley, 'Count of Garrion', Governor of Guernsey (d 23.04.1393-4, youngest son?)
  Sir Hugh played a major role in the 'Hundred Years War'. 'The Patrician' shows him as the eldest son but Wikipedia describes him as the youngest. Visitation identifies his 1st wife as "Margret Queene of Arragon" and shows him as father of David (dsp) & Hugh (m. _ Honford). 'The Patrician' reports that "Tradition assigned to him for bride no less a personage than the Queen of Aragon, but recent researches have altogether refuted this popular error. In all probability, he never married, and to a certainty, he left no issue." Provisionally, we show that he married twice, following Visitation's identification of his 2nd wife and, for his 1st wife, those web sites which identify her as ...
  m1. Constanza (dau of a Sicilian baron, lady-in-waiting to the Queen of Aragon)
  m2. _ Mottram
  (3)+ 2 sons
  The following comes from OWC's schedule, with support from various pages within VCH (Norfolk).
  B. William de Calveley of Shipdam, Norfolk
  m. Sara (widow of Robert Russell)
  i. John de Calveley
  m. Ela (dau of Richard de Suthberg)
  a. Oliver de Calveley
  m. Mary
  b. William de Calveley
  ii. Nicholas de Calveley
  iii. Amicia or Alianore de Calveley
  m. John Coroner of Corner of Norfolk
  C. Robert de Calveley



Sir Hugh Calveley of Lea (d Bloreheath 1459) - continued above
m. Margaret Done (dau of Sir John Done of Utkinton)
1. (Sir) Hugh Calveley of Lea
  m. Christiana Cottingham (dau/heir of Thomas Cottingham)
  A. Sir George Calveley of Lea (b 1472, d 1537)
m. Elizabeth Dutton (dau of Sir Piers Dutton of Hatton)
  i. Sir Hugh Calveley of Lea (a 1544)
  m. Eleanor Tattershall (dau/heir of Ralph Tattershall (Tattenhall or Tatnall) of Bulkeley)
  a. Sir George Calveley of Lea (dspls 05.08.1585)
  m1. Margaret Moreton (dau of John Moreton of Moreton)
  m2. Agnes Browne (dau/heir of Anthony Browne of Wodhill, relict of Richard Chetwode)
  (1)+ issue (d infant) - George, Hugh
b. Hugh Calveley (dsp young?)
  c. Hugh Calveley of Lea
  m. Mary Leycester (dau of Sir Ralph Leycester of Toft)
  (1) Sir George Calveley of Lea, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 19.01.1619)
  m1. Mary Cholmondeley (dau of Sir Hugh Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley)
  (A) Sir Hugh Calveley of Lea, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1613, dspsp 04.04.1648, 2nd son)
  m1. Elizabeth Hastings (dau of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon)
(i) George Calveley (d young)
  m2. Mary Hoghton (dau of Sir Gilbert Hoghton of Hoghton Tower)
  (B) Elizabeth Calveley
  m. Thomas Cotton of Combermere
  (C) Lettice Calveley (b c1610, d 14.10.1648)
m. Thomas Legh (son of Peter of Lyme)
  (D)+ other issue - George (dsp 02.09.1610), Richard (dsp), Mary (d young), Dorothy (d young)
  m2. (sp) (Sydney (or Elizabeth)) Jones (dau of Sir W. Jones, m2. Judge Littleton)
  (2) Elizabeth or Mary Calveley
  m. Edward Dutton of Hatton (d 1620)
  (3) Eleanor Calveley
  m. Henry Lee (son of Sir Richard of Lea)
  (4) Dorothy Calveley
  m. George Bostock of Holt
  (5)+ other issue - Hugh (dsp), Sir Richard
  d. Eleanor Calveley
m. John Dutton of Dutton (d 1608-9)
  e. Margaret Calveley
  Visitation shows a daughter not mentioned by 'The Patrician', Margaret m. John Morton of Morton, but this looks like possible confusion with the 1st wife of 'her brother' Sir George.
  ii. Anthony Calveley of Houghton (dspl)
  partner unknown
  a. Raffe Calveley of Saughton (d 1619)
  m. Frances Erdeswicke (dau of Richard Erdeswicke of Sandon)
(1) John Calveley (b c1578, a 1619)
  m. Margaret Tildesley (dau of Thurstona Tildesley son of Edward of the Morleis)
  (2) (Jane?) Calveley (dsp)
  partner(s) unknown
  (3) Jane Calveley
  m. Hugh Edwards (of Cheley?)
  (4) Scisley Calveley
  m. John Atherton of Chowbent in Atherton
(5)+ other issue - Edward, Richard
  iii. Catherine Calveley
  m. John Beeston
  iv. Elizabeth Calveley
  m. Richard Gerard of Crewood
  v. Eleanor Calveley
  m. (1522) John Davenport of Calveley
  vi. Christina Calveley
  m. Richard Hough of Leighton (b c1507, d 1567)
vii. Joan (Jane) Calveley
  Visitation suggests that Joan m. John Leighe of Booths but 'The Patrician' shows that she married ...
  m1. John Edwards of Chirk
  m2. Sir Ralph Leycester
  viii. Dorothy Calveley
  m1. Robert Bostock of Churton
  m2. Edward Aimer or Almer
  ix.+ other issue - Peter (dsp), George (dsp), John (dsp)
  B. Alice Calveley
  m. Richard Clive of Huxley
  C. Jane Calveley
  m. (sp) Sir John Legh of Bagulegh
  D. Dorothy Calveley
  m. Robert Massey of Coddington
  E. Eleanor Calveley (d unm)
2. Elizabeth Calveley
  Elizabeth is shown as married to John Eyton of Rhuabon or John Eaton of Denbigh(shire). This was possibly the Elizabeth who (also) married ...
  m. Thomas Grosvenor of Eaton (dsp 1512-3)

Main source(s):
(1) Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Calveley of the Lea), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Calveley of Lea)
(2) 'The Patrician'. vol IV (edited by John Burke, 1867) found in www.archive.org here
with thanks to a contributor (OWC, 28.08.10) who sent us a schedule pulling together the data from the above-mentioned sources
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