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Families covered: Campbell of Cruachan, Campbel of Inverawe, Campbell of Kilmartin, Campbell of Shirvan, Campbell of South Hall

Duncan Campbell
This Duncan, who must have been born by 1312, is identified in BP1934 (Argyll) to have been ancestor of the Campbells of Inverawe although TSP (Argyll) reports that "The evidence for Duncan is not satisfactory".
1. ?? Campbell
  A. ?? Campbell
  i. ?? Campbell
  Unsure on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Campbell
  (1) ?? Campbell
  (A) ?? Campbell
  (i) Dougall Campbell, 1st of Inverawe (d before 1527) - continued below



Dougall Campbell, 1st of Inverawe (d before 1527) - continued above
1. Archibald MacCondochie Campbell, 2nd of Inverawe (a 05.1529)
  A. Archibald Campbell, 3rd of Inverawe (a 01.1569)
  m. Margaret Campbell (a 1567, dau of Campbell, Captain of Dunstaffnage)
i. Dougall Campbell, 4th of Inverawe (d 1587)
  m. Christine Carswell (dau of John Carswell, Bishop of The Isles)
  a. Archibald 'MacConachie' Campbell, 5th of Inverawe (d before 29.10.1650)
  m. Margaret Campbell (sister of Sir James Campbell of Ardkinglas) awife of Archibald, probably mother of ...
  (1) Dougall Campbell, 6th of Inverawe (d before 22.11.1665)
  m1. (03.05.1633) Agnes Campbell (dau of Sir Robert Campbell, 3rd Bart of Glenorchy)
  (A) Archibald Campbell, 7th of Inverawe (dspm 21.05.1705)
m1. (20.06.1657) Mary MacNeill (dau of Hector MacNeill of Taynish)
  m2. (13.10.1701) Lillias Campbell (dau of Sir James Campbell of Lawers)
  (B) Duncan Campbell (d 11.1699)
  (i) Archibald Campbell, 8th of Inverawe
  m. (c18.02.1719) Janet Maclean
  (a) Duncan Campbell, 9th of Inverawe (d Ticonderoga 08.07.1758)
  m. (c20.03.1732) Jean Campbell (dau of Alexander Campbell of Finab)
  ((1)) Dougal Campbell (d 1758)
  ((2)) Alexander Campbell, 10th of Inverawe (dsp 08.02.1759)
  ((3)) Janet Campbell, 11th of Inverawe
  m. William Pitman (surgeon)
  (b) Alexander Campbell (b 1710, d 08.02.1760)
  m. (27.01.1747) Anne Somerville
  ((1)) Archibald Campbell of Blackhouse and Finlaystone (b 1755, d 1825)
m. Katherine Fish
  ((A)) Alexander Campbell, 1st of Auchendarroch (d 07.1902, Lt. Col.) had issue
  m. Harriet Agnes Marian Keir (d 1883, dau of James Keir of Wester Rhynd)
  ((2)) Duncan Campbell had issue
  m. Harriet Young
  ((3))+ other issue (dsp) - John, Alexander
  (c) Barbara Campbell
  m. (07.03.1721) Archibald Campbell, 3rd of Jura
  (d) Lillias Campbell
  m. (28.03.1739) John Campbell, younger of Askomil (cadet of Craignish)
  ((1)) Jean Campbell probably of this generation
  m. (16.07.1761) James Campbell of Inverneil
  (ii) Marjorie Campbell
  m. (12.07.1695) Donald Campbell of Auchanard
  (C) John Campbell
  (i) Archibald Campbell (baillie of Rosneath)
  (ii) David Campbell (chamberlain of Kintyre)
  m. Lovdie Cunison
  (a) Ann Campbell
  m. John Campbell of Cloichombie (cadet of Dunstaffnage)
  (b)+ other issue - David (a 1759, chamberlain of Kintyre), John, Elizabeth
(D) Ann Campbell
  m. (08.11.1656) Donald Campbell of Ardintallen
  m2. Janet MacNeill (probably dau of Rory MacNeill of Barra)
  (E) Alexander Campbell, 1st of Kilmartin (b c1650, d c1729)
  m1. (28.09.1677) Margaret Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell of Glen Carradale, cadet of Kilberry)
  (i) Dugald Campbell, 2nd of Kilmartin (d 1768)
  m. (01.04.1712) Catherine Campbell (dau of Dugald Campbell of Ardintallen, cadet of Lochnell)
  (a) Alexander Campbell (dvpsp before 1734)
  (b) Margaret Campbell
  m. (1734) Dugald Campbell of Cruachan and Kilmartin (d 1790) @@ just below
(ii) Hugh Campbell of Cruachan and Barmaddie
  m. (15.07.1706) Helen Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell of Glennan, cadet of Kilberry)
  (a) Dugald Campbell of Cruachan and Kilmartin (d 1790)
m. (1734) Margaret Campbell (dau of Dugald Campbell, 2nd of Kilmartin) @@ just above
  ((1)) Colin 'Mor' Campbell, 4th of Kilmartin (b 1737, d 1811)
  m. (14.01.1778) Duncana Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Combie)
  ((A)) Dugald Campbell, 5th of Kilmartin (b 1779, dsp 1827)
  m. (16.06.1812) Helen Lamont Campbell (dau of Scipio Duroure Campbell) @@ below
  ((B)) John Campbell of Blackhall, 6th of Kilmartin (b 1784, dsp 1856)
  m. Mary Hemsworth (d 04.1869, dau of Thomas Hemsworth of Abbeyville)
  ((C)) James Campbell (b 1783, d 1790)
  ((D)) Alexander Campbell (b 1486, d 1834, captain)
  m. (1820) Catherine MacDougall (dau of John MacDougall of Craigenerrich)
  Their eldest surviving son became 7th laird of Kilmartin.
  ((E)) Neill Campbell (b 1788, Major) had issue
  m. (1826) Isabella Anne Campbell (dau of Charles Campbell of Leckguary)
  ((F)) Giles Campbell
  m1. Robert Campbell of Barmoleach
  m2. Neill Maclachlan of Rochoy
((G)) Margaret Campbell
  m. Archibald Campbell, younger of Ardslignish (dvp 19.10.1820)
  ((2)) Jean Campbell
  m. John Campbell of Craigmure
  ((3)) Catherine Campbell
  m. Duncan MacTavish of Dunadary (Captain)
  ((4)) Mary Campbell
  m. James Campbell of Eillaurie
  ((5)) Jane Campbell
  m. James Campbell of Silvercraigs
  (b) John Campbell (captain)
  m. Mary Campbell (sister of Col. John Campbell of Strachur)
  ((1)) Mary Campbell
  m. John Campbell of South Hall (Colonel)
  (c) Archibald Campbell
  (d) Jean Campbell
  m. Archibald MacTavish of Torosay
  (e) Mary Campbell
  m. Angus Campbell of Eillanrie
  (f) Marion Campbell (d 11.03.1792)
  m. (26.02.1755) A.C. Lambie (minister of Kilmartin)
(iii) Ann Campbell
  m. (20.11.1692) Patrick Campbell, younger of Oib, later 15th of Duntroon
  m2. _ Campbell (dau of Sir James Campbell of Ardkinglas)
  (F) Dougall Campbell, 1st of Shirvan
  (i) Archibald Campbell, 2nd of Shirvan
  m. Jean Campbell (dau of Sir J. Campbell of Ardkinglas)
  (a) Margaret Campbell of Shirvan (d 1736)
m. John Graham, later Graham-Campbell, 1st of Shirvan
  (ii) Ann Campbell possibly of this generation
  m. Archibald Campbell of Ballimore
  (G) Archibald Campbell (d c1695)
  m. Barbara MacAlester (dau of Hector MacAlester of Loup)
(i) John Campbell of Whitestone (d c1734)
  m. Flora Campbell (dau of Duncan Campbell of Carradale)
  (a) Duncan Campbell of Kinlochstriven, 2nd of South Hall
  m1. (18.07.1737) Marion Campbell (dsp 23.08.1749, dau of John Campbell of Otter)
  ((1))+ issue (d infant) - 2 sons and 5 daughters
  m2. (30.05.1752) Eupham Livingstone (d 01.05.1801, dau of Sir James Livingstone, Bart of Glentirran and Dalderse)
  ((2)) John Campbell, 3rd of South Hall (b 06.01.1758, d 16.02.1817, captain) had issue
  m. (11.06.1795) Mary Campbell (d 06.04.1858, dau of Colin Campbell of Castleton)
  ((3)) Helen Campbell
  m. (10.08.1773) John Lamont of Lamont
  (b) Mary Campbell
  m. David Bruce
  (ii) Peter Campbell, 1st of South Hall (dsp 181.02.1751-2, Lt. General)
(iii) Alexander Campbell (d c1751, Lt. Governor of Fort William)
  m. Mary Cameron
  (a) James Campbell (Captain)
  m1. Jane Cameron (cousin)
  ((1)) Patrick Campbell, 'Mustapha Pacha' (b 1736, Grand Vizier in Constantinople)
  m2. Janet Dundas (dau of Ralph Dundas of Manor)
  ((2)) Scipio Durouri Campbell (b 1742)
  m. Geles Campbell (dau of Alexander Campbell, Chamberlain of Argyll)
  ((A)) Helen Lamont Campbell
  m. (16.06.1812) Dugald Campbell, 5th of Kilmartin (b 1779, dsp 1827) @@ above
  (b)+ other issue - Ralph john (d unm Tangore 1773), Sarah
  (iv) Barbara Campbell
  m. (1695) Patrick Campbell of Raschallie
  (v) Margaret Campbell
  m. _ Campbell of Montrose
  (vi)+ other issue - Dugald (captain, dsp 1710), Archibald (dsp c1733)
  (H) Isabel Campbell
  m1. (18.04.1676) John Campbell of Knap (cadet of Duntroon)
  m2. (06.11.1702) Archibald Clark of Braleekan
  (2) John Campbell ancestor of Campbells of Achaworran
(3) Patrick Campbell (d before 1654)
  (A) John Campbell
  (4) Allan Campbell in Barnalian (a 1650) had issue
  (5) Archibald Campbell (d before 11.08.1716)
  m. Barbara MacAllister Archibald's widow, possibly mother of ...
  (A) Agnes Campbell
  m. (mcrt 11.08.1716) John Darroch (minister of Craignish)
(6) Eina Campbell
  m. (23.12.1630) Alexander Campbell, younger of Fanans
  (7) Marion Campbell
  m. (12.05.1631) John Campbell, younger of Inveresragan (son of Colin of Inverseragan son of John, Bishop of the Isles)
  (8) Catherine Campbell
  m. (before 09.10.1651) Niall Campbell, younger of Ellanrie (cadet of Duntroon)
  ii. John dubh MacConachie (d before 29.08.1607)
  m. Barbara Graham John's widow, possibly mother of ...
  a. John Campbell
  m. (06.09.1623) Margaret Maclellan (dau of Sir Robert Maclellan of Bombie)
  b.+ other issue - Archibald, Dougall
  iii. daughter probably of this generation
  m. John Stewart, 3rd of Fasnacloich
  iv.+ other issue - Duncan (a 1602), Patrick (a 1602)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Campbell of Auchendarroch) with input from BLG1952 (Campbell of Kilmartin), BLG1952 (Graham-Campbell of Shirvan and Stronachullin), BLG1952 (Campbell formerly of South Hall)
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