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Families covered: Campbell of Ardpatrick, Campbell of Islay, Campbell of Shawfield, Campbell of Skipness (Skippinche, Skippinych, Skipnish or Skipniss), Campbell of Woodhall

Alexander / Archibald Campbell of Skippinych or Skipniss, Argyllshire (d 18.07.1537)
m1. (div before 1529) Jonet Stewart (a 1554, dau of James Stewart, Sheriff of Bute)
1. daughter
  m. (Walter?) Campbell (of family of Ardkinglass)
m2. (by 1535) Janet Douglas (d 17.07.1537, dau of George Douglas, Master of Angus, burnt at the stake)
2. John Campbell, 2nd of Skipniss or Skipness
  m. Marion Montgomery (dau of ?? Montgomery of Hazlehead, widow of Thomas Craufurd of Auchenames)
  A. Jane Campbell
  m. Walter Campbell (d before 1618, of the family of Ardkinglass) @1@ below
  B. Mary Campbell
  m. John Stewart of Ardmaleish, Sheriff of Bute (d before 10.10.1612)



Walter Campbell (a 1564, d before 1618)
(1) Neither HJHeraldry nor FSCOMT show a wife for this Walter. HJHeraldry suggests that it may have been his uncle Walter who married the heiress of Skipnish but, as shown above, we suspect that it was a daughter of an earlier generation who married that Walter. We also suspect that it was this Walter who married the heiress Jane (and is reported by BLG1937 to have later married a Mary Campbell).
(2) There is also some confusion over the next few generations which are skipped over by BLG1886. BLG1937, which merely identifies Walter as "of the family of Ardinglass" and d before 1618, shows Walter & Jane as parents of Walter (not Mathew, sadly we no longer have ready access to BLG1937 to check this and are relying on our notes thereon) who m. Elizabeth, dau of Colin Campbell of Kilberrie, thereby leaving out the next 4 generations given by HJHeraldry which shows Walter's elder son Matthew (a 1588) as father of Walter father of Matthew (and Major Donald, both d 07.1647) "probably" father of Walter (a 1659) "probably" father of Mathew (d by 1670, m. Elspeth Campbell). Whilst it seems to us to be likely that BLG1937 omitted a generation or 2, we think it unlikely that it omitted as many as 4 generations. We are not using FSCOMT much for this page but we are using that source to help guide us through the next 2-3 generations. The following follows FSCOMT, leaving out 2 of the generations mentioned by HJHeraldry.
m1. Jane Campbell (dau/heir of John Campbell, 2nd of Skipniss or Skipness) @1@ above
1. Matthew Campbell, Captain of Skipnish (a 1588) this generation omitted by BLG1937
HJHeraldry identifies Matthew's wife as Derverguilla MacAllister but FSCOMT names her ...
  m. Katharine Maccur of Argyllshire
  A. Walter Campbell, Captain of Skipnish this generation omitted by BLG1937
  HJHeraldry identifies the wife of the first Walter as probably N. MacFarlane but FSCOMT names her ...
  m. Mary Campbell (m2. Torquil MacNeill of Crear)
  i. Matthew or Walter Campbell, Captain of Skipnish
  Noting the confusion reported above, the husband of Elizabeth/Elspeth Campbell is identified by BLG1937 as Walter (d before 19.12.1659), by HJHeraldry as Matthew (d by 1670), and by FSCOMT as Matthew (d 07.1647).
  m. Elizabeth (Elspeth) Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell, 2nd of Kilberrie)
a. Walter Campbell, Captain of Skipness (d c1702)
  HJHeraldry reports that Walter married twice: Jean Campbell (mother of Angus, John & Donald/Daniel) then Anne, dau of Sir James Stewart of Bute (mother of Matthew, Donald & Robert). With the addition of Mary (dau of Jean Campbell), this is supported by FSCOMT. BLG1937 shows that Walter married 3 times: firstly to Anne, daughter of Sir James Stuart of Ardvorlich & widow of MacDonald of Sana (mother of Angus & Daniel/Donald); secondly to Jean Campbell (identified as below, mother of John, Matthew, Donald & Mary); thirdly to another Anne Stewart (not identified, mother of Robert, Ann & Agnes). TSP (Bute) suggests that the widow of Alexander Macdonald of Sana who then married Walter of Skipnish was Anne, dau of Sir James Stewart, 1st Bart of Ardmaleish & Kirktoun, Sheriff of Bute. Provisionally, we assume that BLG1937 was correct in its identification of Walter's wives, with HJHeraldry having missed out his first marriage, except only that it confused which wife was the widow of Macdonald of Sana.
m1. Anne Stuart (dau of Sir James Stuart (Stewart) of Ardvorlich)
  (1) Angus Campbell of Skipness
  m1. Jean Stewart (dau of Sir James Stewart, 1st Bart of Ardmaleish & Kirktoun, Sheriff of Bute)
  (A) Colin Campbell of Skipness (b 1690, dsps 26.04.1756, Captain)
  m. (1722) Anna Campbell (dau of Daniel Campbell of Shawfield and Islay) @2@ below
  (B) Grisel Campbell
  m. William Boyd of Portnacrois
  m2. (before 18.08.1699) Elizabeth MacAlister
  (2) Daniel (or Donald) Campbell of Shawfield, Islay and Woodhall (b c1672, d 08.06.1753, MP)
The following is partly supported by the article on Shawfield in 'The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry' (1878 edition) although that reports that Daniel's father was "John Campbell, an eminent notary in Glasgow". What we show follows BLG1886, BLG1937 & HJHeraldry.
  m1. (1695) Margaret Leckie (d 1711, dau of John Leckie of Newlands)
  (A) John Campbell of Shawfield & Skipnish (Skipness) (b 1696, d 1746)
  m1. (04/30.08.1728) Margaret Campbell (dsp 07.10.1733, dau of Hugh Campbell, 3rd Earl of Loudoun)
  m2. (20/7.04.1735) Henrietta Cunningham (b 24.02.1710, 05.05.1744, dau of William Cunningham, 12th Earl of Glencairn)
  (i) Daniel Campbell of Shawfield (d unm 13.05.1777)
  (ii) John Campbell (d unm 09.07.1773)
  (iii) Walter Frederick Campbell of Shawfield, Skipness, Woodhall, Islay, Ardpatrick, etc. (b 29.12.1741, d 19.10.1816)
  m1. (09.03.1768) Eleanora Kerr (dau of Robert Kerr of Newfield)
(a) John Campbell of Shawfield, Woodhall & Islay (dvp 15.03.1809, Colonel)
  m. (14/21.06.1796) Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell (b 18.02.1775, d 01.04.1861, dau of John Campbell, 5th Duke of Argyll)
  ((1)) Walter Frederick Campbell of Islay & Woodhall (b 10.04.1798, d 08.02.1855) had issue
  m1. (14.01.1820) Eleanor Charteris (d 16.09.1832, dau of Francis Wemyss Charteris-Douglas, 8th Earl of Wemyss)
  m2. (16.03.1837) Catherine Cole (dau of Stephen Thomas Cole)
  ((2)) John George Campbell (b 1800, d 06.08.1830) had issue
  m. Ellen Flacke Barrington (dau of Sir FitzWilliam Barrington, Bart)
((3)) Eliza Maria Campbell (d 1842)
  m. (11.09.1815) Sir William Gordon Gordon-Cumming, Bart of Altyre and Gordonstown (b 20.07.1787, d 25.11.1854)
  ((4)) Eleonora Campbell (b c1799, d 03.07.1828)
  m. (05.08.1819) Henry Paget, 2nd Marquess of Anglesey (b 06.07.1797, d 06.02.1869)
  ((5)) Harriet Charlotte Beaujolais Campbell (d 01.02.1848)
  m. (26.02.1821) Charles William Bury, 2nd Earl of Charleville (b 29.04.1801, d 14.07.1851)
  ((6)) Adelaide Constance Campbell (d 14.08.1888)
  m. (01.07.1835) Arthur Lennox (b 02.10.1806, d 15.01.1864, Lt. Colonel)
  ((7)) Emma Campbell (d 14.01.1886)
  m. (17.05.1828) William Russell (b 15.07.1800, d 05.09.1884)
  ((8)) Julia Seymour Buccleugh Campbell (d 08.09.1858)
  m1. (1836) Peter Langford Brooke of Mere (b 1793, dsp 09.01.1840)
  m2. Stewart Ker
  (b) Robert Campbell of Skipness (d 14.12.1814) had issue
  m. (07.1806) Eugenia Josephine Wynne (dau of Richard Wynne of Folkingham)
(c) Walter Campbell of Sunderland had issue
  m. (08.1814) Mary Ann King (dau of John King)
  (d) Colin Campbell of Ardpatrick (b 1787, d 1851, Admiral) had issue
  m. (06.1827) Harriet Royds (d 1856, dau of James Royds of Mount Falinge, Rochdale)
  (e) Harriet Campbell
  m. (1793) Daniel Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh
  (f) Glencairn Campbell
  m. Thomas (probably not Francis) Carter of Edgcott
  (g) Margaret Campbell (d 25.01.1850)
  m. (31.05/8.1794) Francis Wemyss Charteris-Douglas, 8th Earl of Wemyss, Earl of March (b 15.04.1772, d 28.06.1853)
  (h) Katherine Campbell (bur 14.02.1855)
  m. (04.02.1803) Sir Charles Jenkinson, 10th Bart of Hawkesbury (b 23.02.1779, d 06.03.1855)
(i) Elizabeth Campbell
  m. Stuart Moncrieff Thriepland
  (j)+ other issue - Daniel (d young), Eleanor (d unm)
  m2. Mary Nisbet (dau of William Nisbet of Dirleton)
  (l) William Campbell (b 02.10.1793, d unm)
  (m) Hamilton Campbell (b c1790, d 08.09.1873)
  m. (16.12.1815) Robert Montgomery Hamilton, 8th Lord Belhaven (b 1793, dsp 22.12.1868)
  (n) Mary Campbell (d 05.04.1885)
  m. (20.12.1813) James Ruthven, Lord Ruthven (b 17.10.1777, dsp 27.07.1853)
  (B) Walter Campbell (d 31.01.1733)
  m. (02.11.1728) Mary Anna Campbell (d 06.1749, dau of Sir James Campbell of Ardkinglass)
  (i)+ issue - Margaret, Katharine
(C) David Campbell (d unm)
  (D) Margaret Campbell
  m. (1721) Sir Duncan Campbell, 7th of Lochnell (dsp(m) c1765)
  (E) Anna Campbell
  m. (1722) Colin Campbell of Skippinche (b 1690, dsps 26.04.1756) @2@ above
  (F) Jannet Campbell
  m. Alexander MacMillan
  m2. (1714) Catherine Erskine (dau of Henry Erskine, 3rd Lord Cardross)
  (G) Katharine Campbell
m. (1737) Thomas Gordon of Aids, younger of Earlestown (b 1713, dvp 1767)
  m2. (c1660) Jean Campbell (dau of Captain John Campbell)
  (3) John Campbell, Provost of Edinburgh (b c1664, d 1739)
  (A) Colin Campbell
  (4) Matthew Campbell of Orgaig
  m(2?). (Magdalene) Kinloch (dau of Sir Francis Kinloch, Bart)
  (A) Mary Campbell (b c1711)
  m. Sir Robert Myrton, 2nd Bart of Gogar (d 05.12.1774)
  (5) Donald Campbell (a 1679)
  (6) Mary Campbell
m. (before 1680) Alexander MacAllister, younger of Kinlochkelisport
  m3. (17.01.1681) Anne Stewart (dau of Sir James Stewart, 1st Bart of Ardmaleish & Kirktoun, Sheriff of Bute, widow of Alexander Macdonald of Sana)
  (7) Ann Campbell
  m. (10.01.1701) Charles MacAlister of Tarbert (Torr)
  (8)+ other issue - Robert, Agnes
  Not mentioned in BLG1937, unless one of them is the above Agnes, but reported in BLG1886 without identification of who was their mother, were...
  (10) daughter
  m. (Colin) Campbell of Ardintenny (Ardentinny)
(11) daughter
  m. Duncan Lamnont of Auchnasiloch
  (12) daughter
  m. Ronald Campbell of Balerno
  b. Angus Campbell (a 1699)
  m. Elspeth Macelestar
  c. Colin Campbell (d 1685)
  m. (before 05.03.1585) Moir MacTavish (dau of _ MacTavish of Dundardie, widow of Donald MacLachlan)
  (1)+ issue - Duncan, Peter, Donald
  d. Aylis Campbell
  m. Rev. Dugald Darroch of Campbeltown
  e. Catherine Campbell
  m1. (29.04.1655) George Campbell of Kerdochhouse
  m2. (before 18.11.1679) Charles Campbell of Ballochyle
  ii. Donald Campbell (d 07.1647, Major)
2. John Campbell (a 1573, dsp before 27.06.1631?)
3. Mariota Campbell
  m. Patrick MacArthur
m2. Mary Campbell mentioned by BLG1937, possibly confusion with the wife of Walter's grandson Walter?

Main source(s): BLG1937 ('Campbell, formerly of Skipness'), HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'Skipnish and Shawfield', p18+), BLG1886 ('Campbell of Islay') with some support/input (shown in italics) by FSCOMT and other support as reported above
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