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Families covered: Camville of Arrow, Camville (Canville) of Clifton
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Gerald de Camville of Lilburne Castle (a 1140)
m. ?? de Ver (dau of Aubrey de Ver) wife of the father of Richard, possibly (but perhaps not) mother of ...
1. Richard de Camville, Governor of Cyprus
  m. Alice (a 1143) wife of Richard, presumed mother of ...
  A. Gerald or Gerard de Camville of Lincoln Castle
  m. Nichola de Haya (dau of Richard de Haya)
  i. Richard de Camville
  m. Eustachia Basset (b c1176, d 1215, dau of Gilbert Basset)
  a. Idonea de Camville (b c1208, d 1269/70 or 1251/52) Y
  m. (c1216) William de Longespee Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Salisbury (b c1200, d 07.02.1250) Y
B. Walter de Camville
  i. Roger de Camville of Creeke
  a. Matilda de Camville (dsp)
  m. Nigel de Mowbray
  ii. Patronilla de Camville
  m. Richard Curzon
  iii. Matilda de Camville
  m. Thomas de Astley (a 1216)
iv. Alicia de Camville
  m. Robert de Esseby
  C. Richard de Camville (d Acre 1190/1)
  m. Milicent de Brabant identified on a web site (presumably the widow of Robert de Marmion)
  i. Richard de Camville (dsp)
  m. Milicent Stanton identified on a web site
  ii. Isabel de Camville HJY
  m. Richard or Robert de Harcourt (d 1202) HJY
  D. William de Camville of Clifton
  m. Albreda or Auberee Marmion (a 1233, dau of Geoffrey Marmion of Clifton and Arrow)
BE1883 shows Geoffrey, 1st Lord, as the elder son of William and Albreda. Noting that this was as reported by Dugdale, TCP shows the connection more distantly as follows ...
  i. Geoffrey de Camville or Canville of Clifton (d by 1219)
  TCP notes that there were long disputes between Geoffrey's sons as to who was 'of Clifton'.
  m1. (div) Felice (dau of Philip de Worcester)
  a. Richard de Camville or Canville of Clifton presumed father of ...
  (1) Maud de Camville
  m. Sir Richard de Stafford of Clifton
  m2. Leuca (d 1236, granddau of William de Braoise)
  b. William de Camville or Canville of Clifton (d 1260)
  m. Lucy (a 08.1284)
(1) Geoffrey de Camville or Canville, 1st Lord of Clifton (d before 21.09.1308)
  m1. Maud de Bryan (dau of Sir Guy de Bryan)
  (A) William de Camville or Canville, 2nd Lord of Clifton (d before 27.07.1338)
  BE1883 reports that different sources report differently as to William's daughters. We follow TCP.
  (i) Maud (Matilda) de Camville
  m. Richard de Vernoun, younger of Haddon (dvp before 03.02.1322/3)
  (ii) Alianore de Camville (d unm)
  (iii) Isabel de Camville
  m. Gilbert de Bermingham
  (iv) Nicole de Camville
  m. John de Saint Clere
(v) Katherine de Camville
  m. Robert de Greseleye
  m2. Joan
  ii. William de Camville of Sekerton or Sekendon (Seckington & Arrow, Warwickshire)
  The following is supported by 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 1, 1800, 'Pedigree of Camvile', p350) which shows William, Robert & Thomas as sons of William (by Albreda Marmion) son of William son of Richard.
  m. Isend
  a. Thomas de Camville (dvp 1235-6)
  m. Agnes
  (1) Thomas de Camville this generation omitted by Visitation
  m. Elizabeth (a 1272)
  (A) Sir Gerard or Galfred de Camville of Seckington & Arrow
  (i) Elizabeth de Camville, heiress of Arrow
  m. Robert Burdett (d 1333)
  b. William de Camville
  iii. Thomas de Camville (priest)
  E. Matilda de Camville (a 1185)
  m. William de Ros

Main source(s): BE1883 ('Camville of Clifton'), TCP ('Canville or Camville') with a little support from Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Burdet)'
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