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Families covered: Castell (de Castello or Castle) of Horningtoft, Castell of Raveningham


Carthew (p183), which starts with the first John mentioned in the lower section (m. Elizabeth Carvile), identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, three castles triple turreted gules". Note that the family in the first section of Castle3 shows the same arms but indicates that that "came from Flanders to Norwich (in) 1567". Given the "doubtful" reference refered to just above the lower section below, it would perhaps be wise to accept the possibility that the following upper section may not be properly connected to the lower section!

Walter de Chastell
m. Sara (a 1300)
1. Nicolas de Castello of Horningtoft (d 1302)
  m. Cecilia (possibly dau of Sir Robert Shelton)
  A. Sir Gregory de Castello (a 1321)
m. Eufemia (Mortimer of Attleburgh?)
  i. Sir Nicolas de Castello (a 1338)
  m. Christiana de Melburne (d 1338, dau of Geffry de Melburne or Meldeburne)
  a. Nicolas de Castello (d c06.1349)
  m. Margaret or Margery Hastings (dau of Sir Hugh Hastings (by Margery Foliot), m2. Sir J. Boyland)
  (1) Nicholas Castello (d before 24.06.1349)
  m. Margaret Berney (dau of Sir Robert Berney of Wichingham)
  (A) Etheldred Castello (d unm)
  (2) Hugh de Castello (d c1354)
  (A) Nicolas de Castello of Horningtoft (d c1452)
  m. Margaret Spayn (dau/heir of Sir William Spayn)
  (i) Humphrey Castell (a 1461)
m. Margaret Fleet (d 09.03.1483, dau/heir of Thomas Fleet, m2. Sir Ralph Willoughby)
  (a) John Castell
  (b) Leonard Castell (d 20.09.1511)
  m. Eleanor Bracebridge (dau of Richard Bracebridge)
  ((1)) Ralph Castell (dvp) - continued below
  m. Anne Townshend (dau of Sir Roger Townshend of Rainham)
  ((2)) Gregory Castell
  m. Margaret Wright (dau of Anthony Wright)
  ((A)) Gregory Castell (bur 09.10.1601)
  m. (21.01.1597) Alice Oldman (m2. Edm. Stud)
  ((i)) Joanna Castell (bpt 22.10.1598, d unm 1605)
  ((B)) Ralph Castell (a 1579)
  m. Constance Laws
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas, Nicholas, John, Adlard, Humphrey, Agnes, Elizabeth
  ii. Alicia de Castello
  B. Julia de Castell
  m. William Bokenham



Ralph Castell of Raveningham, Norfolk (dvp) - continued above
Visitation starts with this generation but identifies the husband of a Townsend of Rainham, and father of the following John, as Humfrey. Because Visitation notes "Examine this descent for it is doubtful", we follow Carthew in naming him Ralph.
m. Anne Townshend (dau of Sir Roger Townshend of Rainham)
1. John Castell of Raveningham (b c1505, d before 24.01.1551/2)
m. Elizabeth Carvile (d c17.07.1551, dau of John Carvile or Kervile of Wigenhall St. Mary)
  A. Roger Castell of Raveningham (b 1536-7, dsp 04.05.1581)
  m. Elizabeth Saunders (a 04.1593, dau of William Saunders of Ewell, m2. _ Forthe)
  B. John Castell of Raveningham (b c1547, bur 16.04.1598)
Visitation (1589+1613) identifies John's wife Frances as dau of William Plater of Soterley (sic) but Carthew, supported by Visitation (1664), identifies her (a generation earlier) as ....
  m. Frances Playters (b c1551, d 16.03.1593-4 (not bur 24.02.1614?), dau of Thomas Playters of Sotterley)
  i. Nicholas Castell of Raveningham (b 1582-3, dsp c07.1606)
  ii. Roger Castell of Raveningham (bur 03.09.1644)
  m. Mary Talmach (b 1586-7, bur 23.06.1667, dau of Sir Lionel Talmach (Tollemache) of Helmingham, Bart)
a. Talmach Castell of Raveningham, last of Horningtot, later of Moulton (d by 1665)
  m1. (1601) Eleanor Grey (d 09.11.1648, dau of Sir William de Grey of Merton)
  (1) Augustine Castell (Castle) of Raveningham (d before 09.12.1673)
  m. Alice Anguish (bpt 21.11.1634, bur 15.05.1706, dau of Thomas Anguish of Moulton)
  (A) Eleanor Castell (Castle) (b c1667, d 12.02.1733-4)
m. Erasmus Earle of Heydon (b c1766, d 05.03.1721)
  (2) Barbara Castell (a 1666)
  m. Robert Naunton of Laveningham (d by 1666)
  (3) Mary Castell (a 1666)
  m. _ Drake
  (4) Katherine Castell (b 1639-40, d 26.05.118)
  m1. John Riches of Stalham
  m2. Rev. William Smith
  (5) Martha Castell probably of this generation, possibly of this marriage
  m. Sir Lyonel Playters of Ellough (bpt 22.06.1643, bur 16.09.1699)
  (6)+ other issue - Mary (bur 1631), Elizabeth (b c1742, d unm 07.01.1728)
  m2. Mary Trot (d 02.05.1653, dau of Matthew Trot of Beccles, widow of Robert Bell)
  b. Nicholas Castell (a 1666)
  m. ?? (a 1666)
  (1) Frances Castell (a 08.1666)
c. John Castell (a 1666)
  d. Roger Castell (b c1622, d 17.01.1708)
  m. Susan Cooper (dau of Thomas Cooper of Raveningham)
  (1) John Castell of Raveningham (b c1664, d 17.11.1735)
  m. (22.09.1692?) Avis London (b c1661, d 01.09.1715, dau of Thomas London of Aldeby (Cringleford))
  (A) Mary Castell (b c1693, d 01.10.1758)
  m. (17.08.1713) Sir Edmund Bacon of Gillingham, Bart
  (B)+ other issue - 4 sons (d infant), Elizabeth (b 1696-7, d unm 08.04.1771)
  (2) Roger Castell of Raveningham (b c1671, d 27.08.1634)
  m1. Anne Gardiner (b c1676, d 02.03.1697-8, dau of Richard Gardiner of Cransford)
  (A) Mary Castell (b 12.03.1697)
  m. J. Hammond
  m2/3. Anne Pells (b c1671, d 26.12.1724, dau of John Pells of Cransford)
  (B) Ann Castell (a 03.1704) possibly of an unnamed 2nd wife?
  (C) Susanna Castell (bpt 17.01.1705, d 08.09.1732)
  m. Simon Kerrich of Harleston
  (3) Mary Castell
m. Robert Edmond
  e. Frances Castell
  m. William Denny
  f. Mary Castell
  m. Thomas Lone of Raveningham
  iii. Elizabeth Castell
m. Edmund Bedingfield of Buxton (son of Edmund, son/heir of Sir Henry)
  iv. Dorothy Castell (d 12.1618)
  m. George Mordaunt of Norfolk (son of Henry of Little Massingham)
  v. Beatrice Castell
  m. (03.08.1615/1625) Talbot Pepys of Impington
  vi.+ other issue (dsp) - John (a 06.1606), Thomas (d before 25.06.1606?)
  C. Mary Castell (a 1623) mentioned by Carthew but not by Visitation
  m. Humphry Bedingfeld of Thorndon (son of Sir Edmund of Oxburgh)
  D. Martha Castell
  m. Owen Hobart of Morley
  E. Grisell Castell
  m. Roger Townshend of Twyford
  F. Winifred Castell mentioned by Visitation but not by Carthew
  m. William Kervyle of Wignale St. Mary's

Main source(s): 'History of the Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 1, p181+) with input/support for the lower section from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Castell'), Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, 'Castell')
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