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Families covered: Ceely (Cely) of Charlton, Ceely (Cely) of Huntham, Cely-Trevilian of Midelney, Ceely (Cely) of North Curry, Ceely of Plymouth, Ceely of St. Ives

Visitation (Surrey & Somerset) spells the family name as Cely. BLG1952 spells it as Ceely until the Maurice who assumed the name Trevilian, from whose time it is shown as Cely. We are somewhat arbitrary in the way that we show the name and selected Ceely for the page title simply because that is the version most used in cross-references from elsewhere in the database.
Sir John Cely
1. William Cely
  A. Sir John Cely
  m. Elizabeth Kyme
  i. John Cely (dsp)
  ii. Thomas Cely (a 1317)
  a. Robert or Roger Cely
  Visitation (Surrey) identifies Robert's wife as Jane, dau of Sir Humphrey Litleton. Roger is the first mentioned by BLG1952 which identifies his wife as ...
  m. Jane Littlebury (dau of Sir Humphrey Littlebury)
(1) Lawrance Cely
  (A) Katherine Cely
  (2) Sir Bartram Cely or Ceely
  m. Alice Mussenden (dau of Thomas Mussenden) name given by Visitation (Surrey) but not by BLG1952
  (A) Jeffrey Cely of Lincolnshire (2nd son)
  m. Alice Fulnetby (dau/heir of John Fulnetby (son of Thomas by Mary, dau of Thomas Graunt), brother of Sir Geffrey of Fulnetby)
  (i) Roger Cely
  m. Alice Angeville (dau/heir of Richard Angeville or Angevine by Margaret, dau of John Braytofte)
  (a) John Cely
  m. Grace Gedney (dau of Thomas Gedney)
  ((1)) Robert Cely
  m. Mabel Ormesby (dau of William Ormesby or Ormsby)
  BLG1952 reports that Robert & Mabel had, "with other issue", the undermentioned Robert and then follows his line. Visitation (Surrey) shows Robert & Mabel as parents of Edward, Richard, Thomas, Allice & Jane but does not mention a Robert. We presume that he was a younger son.
  ((A)) Thomas Cely (3rd son)
  m. _ Somercotts
  ((i)) Nicholas Cely of Kingston, Surrey
  m. Margaret Campion (dau of John Campion of Essex)
((a)) Richard Cely (dsp)
  ((b)) John Cely
  m. Rachell Webstar (dau of George Webstar)
  (((1)))+ issue - John, William
  ((c)) Margaret Cely
  m. Robert Lawson
  (((1)))+ issue - John, Rafe, Richard
  ((B)) Robert Cely or Ceely of North Curry, Somerset - continued below
  m. Ann Rowsewell
  ((C)) Allice Cely
  m. John Cawood
  ((D)) Jane Cely
m. William Hussey
  ((E))+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Richard
  ((2))+ 4 sons
  (b) Elizabeth Cely
  m. _ Hexton
  (ii) Rafe Cely
  (a) Anne Cely
  m. Rafe Frisknery of Frisknery ( (Friskney of Friskney) ## see here ##
  (B)+ oher issue - John, Gilbert (dsp)
  (3) John Cely



Robert Cely or Ceely of North Curry, Somerset - continued above
m. Ann Rowsewell
1. Robert Ceely of North Curry (a 1551)
  m. Rabbidge Torrill (bur 1586)
  A. William Ceely of Huntham in North Curry (d before 06.02.1601-2)
  BLG1952 reports that William "d. ante 6 Feb 1561 (Admon.)". William is the first mentioned in Visitation (Somerset) which shows that his will was administered before 06.02.1601-2 which, somewhat arbitrarily, we view as more likely.
  m. Ursula Cuffe (d before 30.06.1593, dau of Robert Cuffe of Michaelchurch and/or Creech)
  i. William Ceely of Huntham (d before 15.11.1623)
  m. Jane Smethys (d before 28.02.1636-7, dau/heir of Thomas Smethys of Wrinton)
  a. Edward Ceely of Charlton in Creech, Sheriff of Somerset (b 1603, d c1678?, 2nd son)
m1. Rachel Pocock (dau/heir of John Pocock of Charlton)
  (1) Edward Ceely (b 1640, d 06.02.1676, of the Middle Temple)
  m. Jane/Joanna Banger (dau/coheir of Robert Banger of Evershot)
  (A) William Ceelyor Cely of Charlton (b c1670, d 1722-3)
  m. Melliscent Trevillian (dau of Richard Trevillian of Midelney, sister/heir of John of Midelney)
  (i) Maurice Cely of Bristol, later Cely-Trevilian of Midelney (b 10.09.1706, d 02.04.1781, 5th son)
m1. (28.09.1739) Elizabeth Giles (dsp 17.02.1740)
  m2. (15.04.1743) Mary Tyte (d 03.05.1791, dau/heir of Amberson Tyte of Bristol)
  (a) William Cely-Trevilian of Midelney (d 19.12.1872, Captain, 3rd son)
  m. (09.06.1792) Emilia Harrison Jesse (d 13.12.1831, dau of John Jesse)
  ((1)) Maurice Cely-Trevilian of Midelney (b 21.10.1796, d 26.02.1861, 3rd son)
  m. (22.06.1831) Charlotte Portal (d 27.09.1874, dau of John Portal of Freefolk House & Laverstoke House)
  ((2)) Mary Cely-Trevilian (b 18.10.1797, d 26.10.1865)
  m. (10.09.1813) John Charles Maude (d 21.06.1860, rector of Enniskillen)
  ((3)) Emily Cely-Trevilian (b 03.08.1804, d 09.07.1835)
  m. (07.03.1831) Robert Wybrants of Dublin
  ((4)) Harriet Hope Cely-Trevilian (b 30.01.1806)
m. (31.03.1826) Hugh Stafford Northcote (d 29.02.1880, Major)
  ((5))+ other issue - William Harrison (b 19.05.1793, d 11.09.1796), John (b 23.10.1795, d 11.09.1796), William (b 23.09.1802, d 26.03.1803), Hungerford (b 13.02.1810, d 02.08.1810), Emily (b 11.09.1794, d 02.10.1794)
  (b)+ 2 sons and 4 daughters
  (ii)+ 5 sons and 4 daughters
  (B) Jane Ceely (d 13.02.1705-6)
  m. James Ttrivett
  (C)+ other issue - Richard, Mary
  (2) Ursula Ceely (d before 07.05.1677)
  m2. Mary Fry (d before 10.11.1694, dau of William Fry of Yarly)
  b.+ other issue - William (b c1603, bur 20.07.1662), Maurice (b c1610, d by 12.1677, Recorder of Bridgwater)
  ii.+ other issue



The following family was probably connected to the above one as they bore the same coat of arms.
Thomas Ceely of Comesberie, Somerset
1. Christopher Ceely of Plymouth, Devon
  m. Avis Marchant (dau of _ Marchant by dau/heir of Bullin of Dorset)
  A. William Ceely of St. Ives, Cornwall (b c1580, a 1620)
  m. Anne Penrose (dau of Thomas Penrose of Penrose)
  i. Thomas Ceely (b c1602)
  m. Judith Rose (relict of _ Trowbridge)
  a.+ issue - Thomas, Judith
  ii. Peter Ceely of St. Ives (b c1618, a 1646, 3rd son)
  m. (25.11.1638) Joane Purfrey (dau of Thomas Purfrey alias Purefoy of St. Ives)
  a. Peter Ceely (b 1645-6, 3rd son)
  (1) Anne Ceely (bpt 19.06.1667)
  b.+ other issue (a 1646) - William (b c1642), Thomas (b 1643-4)
  iii. Presilla Ceely (b c1604)
  m. William Tregost of St. Ives
  a.+ issue - John, Francis, Thomas, William, Jane, Anne, Margaret, Mary
  iv. Avis Ceely (b c1606)
  m. John Shirwill of Plymouth
  a.+ 2 children (d young)
  v. Anne Ceely (b c1607)
m. Ezekias Baughton of Phlake
  a. William Baughton
  vi. Jane Ceely
  m. Henry William of St. Ives
  a.+ issue - Epharem, Jane, Margaret, another
  vii.+ other issue - Francis (b c1615, dsp), Mary (dsp), Loveday (b c1610), Prudence (bpt 09.05.1614, bur 01.08.1614), Isabella (bur 04.08.1623)
  B. Thomas Ceely of (Plymouth then) Bideford
m. Thomasin Spry (dau of Oliver Spry of St. Germans)
  i. Christopher Ceely (b c1606)
  m. Faith Rose of Lyme
  a.+ issue - Thomas, Faith
  ii. Oliver Ceely
  m. (1638) (Prudence) Waddon of Plymouth
  a.+ 2 children (a 1646)
  iii. George Ceely of Plymouth (5th son)
  m. Frances Floyer (dau of William Floyer)
  iv. William Ceely of Plymouth (7th son)
  m. _ Parnell (dau of John Parnell of Cornwall)
  v. Anne Ceely (b c1608)
  m. Robert Arundell of Plymouth
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas ("a divine"), Richard, John
  C. Christopher Ceely
  D. Prisilla Ceely
  m. Richard Joye of Wiltshire
  E. Mary Ceely
  m. William Eyres

Main source(s):
(1) For upper & middle section : BLG1952 ('Cely Trevilian of Midelney'), Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, 'Cely') with some support for the middle section from Visitation (Somerset, 1672, 'Cely of Creech St. Michael')
(2) For lower section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Ceelye of St. Ives')
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