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Families covered: Charnells of Elmsthorp, Charnell of Snarkeston (Snareston)

Sir Nicholas de Charnele of Elmsthorpe, Swepston, etc.
m. Cecilia
1. Sir George Charnells of Elmsthorp (a 05.1302, d by 1319)
  m. Lucia (a 1319)
  A. John Charnells of Elmsthorp (a 1363, rector of Bilton, canon of Lichfield)
  B. Nicholas Charnells (a 1322, 1356)
  m. Joanna
  i. Sir Thomas Charnells 'of Elmsthorp'
  a. Maud Charnells
  m. Laurence Trussell of Cublestdon
  C. Margaret (Margery) Charnells
  m1. Thomas de Astley of Melton
  m2. Sir Edmund Trussell



William de Charneles of Snarkeston (Snareston) (d before 1329)
Nichols (vol 4 p984*) changes what he showed in Nichols (vol 3 p1047*) both as to William's parentage and to his descendants. We follow vol 4.
m. Margeria (a 1329)
Vol 3 describes Margaret (sic) as dau/heir of Shevelby. Vol 4 merely reports that she was "sworn to demand no dower in Shevesby".
1. John de Charneles of Snarkeston (Snareston) (a 1344, d by 1404) 
  This John is omitted by vol 3 although, as mentioned the continuation, it does refer to the John who married Joice Grevill as inheriting from his father (William who m. Margaret Grendon)'s cousin John.
  A. William Charnelles (dvp before 30.09.1392)
  m. Margaret Grendon (dau/heir of Thomas Grendon of Bramcote, m2. Thomas Malory)
  i. John Charnels of Snarkeston (Snareston) (a 1430)
  This appears to be the first of the family shown by Vol 3 as married to a Joice, dau of William Grevill.
  m1. (after 30.09.1392) Isabella (dau of the wife of John Elme of Wyssenden)
m2. (by 1404) Margaret
  a. William Charnels of Snarkeston (Snareston), etc. (a 1476, d by 1479)
  m. Joyce (Jocosa) (a 1479) named Joice Wood by Vol 3
  (1) John Charnell of Snarkeston (Snareston) (a 1515)
  Vol 3 shows John whose first wife was an unnamed dau of Walter Arden (Joyce? ## see here ##) by whom he was father of (Mary, Dorothy, Agnes and) William, the second of the family who married to a Joice, dau of William Grevill (## see here ##), by whom he was father of Walter who m. Joan Lambert. John's second wife (unnamed) was mother by him of John father of John father (by Joan, dau of T. Walker) of Thomas. We follow Vol 4.
  m. Joyce (a 1515) dau of William Grevill? dau of Walter Arden?
(A) John Charnell (disinherited) 
  Vol 4 shows uncertainty as to whether it was John who was father of the following Nicholas or his uncles William or Rayff (one of them possibly being his grandfather).
  (i) Nicholas Charnell of Snareston not mentioned by Vol 3
  m. Mary Calton (d 31.08.1583, dau of William Calton of Calton, m2. John Clay of Crich)
  (a) William Charnell of Snareston (a 1581, d c1620)
  Vol 4 ends this line showing Willam's wife as just Muriell Arden. In Vol 3 Nichols extends the line further, identifying Muriell as ...
  m. Muriell Arden (a 1613, dau of Edward Arden of Parkhall)
(B) Walter Charnell of Snarkeston (Snareston) (d 1557-8)
  m. Joan Lambert (dau of John Lambert by Joice Sedgwick)
  Vol 3 shows the Walter who married Joan Lambert as father of the following Maria & Joice and also the William (who m. Muriell, dau of Edward Arden of Parkhall) shown by Vol 4 above.
  (i) Maria Charnell
  m. Augustin Wirley
  (ii) Joice Charnell
  m. John Jaques of Oddeston
  Vol 4 (p984*) identifies Joice's husband as just _ Jaques. Vol 3 (p1047*) names him John of Oddeston and shows them as parents of ...
  (a) George Jaques
  (2)+ other issue - William, Rayff
  b. Elizabeth Charnels mentioned in Vol 3, possibly the Isabel who married ...
  m. Robert Langham of Gopsal (a 1430, 1444)
  c.+ other issue - Ralph, Richard, Edward, Alice, Joan, Agnes, Margaret
2.+ other issue - John (a 1329), Petronil (a 1337), Custancia (d by 1337), Margaret (a 1355?)

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