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Families covered: Charteris of Amisfield, Charteris of Clarbrand, Charteris of Duchra, Charteris of Fuffolk, Charteris of Kelwood, Charteris of Nether Barncleuch

John Charteris, 7th of Amisfield (d 1526/7)
m. Elizabeth Somerville (d before 1511, dau of John Somerville of Cambusnethan)
1. Robert Charteris, 8th of Amisfield (d c01.1535-6)
  m. Marion Johnstone
  A. John Charteris, 9th of Amisfield (d 05.03.1577)
  m1. (mcrt 13.02.1548) Nicolas Grierson (dsp, dau of Sir John Grierson of Lag)
m2. (1552) Janet Douglas (dau of Sir James Douglas, 7th of Drumlanrig)
  i. Sir John Charteris, 10th of Amisfield (d c1616)
  m. (1581) Agnes Maxwell (dau of Sir John Maxwell, 4th Lord Herries)
  a. Sir John Charteris, 11th of Amisfield and of Kirkmichael (d c1639)
  m. (1613) Margaret Fleming (d c1622, dau of John Fleming, 1st Earl of Wigtown)
  (1) Sir John Charteris, 12th of Amisfield (d before 1654)
  m. (c1634) Catherine Crichton (dau of William Crichton, 1st Earl of Dumfries)
  (A) George Charteris of Hempsfield
  m. Mary Musgrave
  (i) daughter
  (B) William Charteris of Hempsfield (a 10.1660)
  (C) Thomas Charteris, 13th of Amisfield (a 08.1685)
  m. (1664) Elizabeth Hairstanes (d after 1715, dau of John Hairstanes of Craigs)
  (i) Thomas Charteris (d unm before 1692)
  (ii) William Charteris (bpt 26.05.1668)
  (iii) Elizabeth Charteris, 14th of Amisfield (d 1717)
  m. Thomas Hog (of Roxburgh)
  (a) Thomas Hog, later Charteris, 15th of Amisfield (d 1747)
  m. Jean Murray (dau of George Murray of Murraythwaite)
  ((1)) Charles Charteris, 16th of Amisfield, etc. had issue
  m. Agnes Bell
  (D) Katharine Charteris
  m. (28.05.1659) Robert Maxwell of Hestifield (Captain)
  (E)+ other issue - Charles, Henrietta, Maria
  (2) Alexander Charteris (d unm 21.06.1650)
  b. Robert Charteris of Kelwood and Duchra
  m. (1626) Barbara Maxwell (dau of Robert Maxwell of Dinwoodie)
  (1) Joseph Charteris of Duchra (dsp before 1664)
  (2) Alexander Charteris of Duchra (dsp 09.05.1679)
  m. Agnes Maxwell
  (3) Archibald Charteris of Clarbrand (d before 1714)
  m. Elizabeh Wilson of Clarbrand
  (A) James Charteris of Clarbrand (d before 1730)
  (B) Samuel Charteris of Clarbrand
  (4) William Charteris of Grannock and Bellmark (d 23.05.1684)
  (A) Alexander Charteris of Meikle Duchra (d 1747)
  m. Jean McClauchry
  (i) John Charteris of Lochmaben (d 10.01.1810)
  m. Margaret Murray (d 1813)
  (a) John Charteris (dsp)
  (b) James Charteris of Greyriggs had issue (a daughter)
  m. Jean Halliday (of Laverhay)
(c) Matthew Charteris of Newton had issue
  m. (27.07.1702) Jean Learmont
  (ii)+ other issue - James of Grange, William of Barnboard, Alexander of Grange
  (B) Agnes Charteris
  m. Samuel Bennock of Mirroch
  (5) Susanna Charteris
  m. (1672) Samuel Carmont of Upper Mains of Greenlaw (d before 1733)
  (6) Barbara Charteris
m. (10.1657) Gavin Brown (of Kirkconnel family)
  c. William Charteris of Auchinstrowane (bur 06.06.1661)
  m. Catherine Marjoribanks (dau of Joseph Marjoribanks of Edinburgh)
  (1) James Charteris (bur 30.01.1691, WS)
  m. Mary Kinloch (dau of Francis Kinloch of Gilmerton, Provost of Edinburgh)
  (A) Francis Charteris of Newmilns (bpt 12.01.1672, Colonel)
  m. (03.07.1702) Helen Swinton (dau of Alexander Swinton, Lord Mersington)
  (i) Janet Charteris (d 01.03.1778)
  m. (17.09.1720) James Wemyss, 5th Earl of Wemyss (b 30.08.1699, d 21.03.1756)
  (B) Thomas Charteris (bpt 04.04.1675)
  (2) Andrew Charteris of Edinburgh (3rd son)
m. (mcrt 20.10.1669) Janet Inglis (dau of John Inglis of Edinburgh)
  (A) William Charteris
  m. (09.1700) Jean Hislope (dau of Robert Hislope of Invernesk)
  (3) William Charteris of Edinburgh (bur 15.03.1676, 5th son)
  m. (29.12.1653) Isabel Kennedy (dau of Quentin Kennedy of Hallheaths)
  (A) William Charteris of Brigmuir and Mabie (d 28.04.1696)
  m. (1687) Anna Hunter (d 07.1700, dau of James Hunter of Ballagan)
  (i) William Charteris (bpt 20.06.1689, bur 09.06.1690)
  (ii) Anna Charteris (bpt 09.07.1688, d before 1717)
(iii) Isabel Charteris (bpt 20.10.1690, d 1729)
  m1. James Blackwood
  m2. Patrick Chalmers of Edinburgh
  (iv) Elizabeth Charteris (bpt 05.11.1691, d after 1742)
  m. Henry Shepherd of Dublin
  (v) Margaret Charteris (bpt 25.07.1693, d young)
  (vi) Jean Charteris (bpt 30.08.1694, d 07.02.1762)
  m. (1721) Sir John Jardine, 3rd Bart of Applegirth (b 1683, d 1737)
  (vii) Alison Charteris (bpt 05.11.1695)
  m1. (06.06.1715) John McMudro (minister of Torthorwald)
  m2. (02.07.1724) Patrick Linn (minister of Dumfries)
(B)+ other issue - John (bpt 15.09.1661, bur unm 15.05.1723), Nicolas (bpt 29.12.1665), Alexander of Dumfries (bpt 01.11.1667, bur unm 16.02.1697), Catherine (bpt 29.09.1654), Isabel (bpt 16.04.1658), Agnes (bpt 02.12.1659, a 1682), Janet (bpt 16.10.1663)
  (4)+ other issue - Joseph (bur 26.03.1662), John of Edinburgh (WS), Anna (bpt 29.07.1650)
  d. Janet Charteris (d after 1636)
  m. (1605) David Dunbar of Baldoon
  e. Elizabeth Charteris (d after 1645)
  m1. John Jardine of Applegirth
  m2. (before 1645) John Maxwell of Castlemilk
  f. Agnes Charteris
  m. (1599) Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburn (son of Sir Thomas)
  ii. Margaret Charteris
  m. (1573) Alexander Kirkpatrick of Kirkmichael
  iii. Nicolas Charteris
  m. William Maxwell of Tinwald
  iv. Agnes Charteris
  m. Robert Chrichton of Carco
  v. Isabel Charteris
  m. (c07.1568) Wilkin Johnstone of Elshieshields
  vi.+ other issue - James of Dumfries (a 1574), Robert of Stanehouse (a 1579), Archibald of Stanehouse (d after 1606)
  B. Elizabeth Charteris
  m. (1545) Robert Graham of Thornick
2. John Charteris of Windihills and Kelwood (d before 1563, baillie of Dumfries)
  m. Janet McGhie (d after 1577, dau of Gilbert McGhie of Balmaghie)
  A. Robert Charteris of Kelwood (d c1597)
  m1. Katharine Gordon (d after 1573)
  The dates indicate that at least some of Robert's children were by his first wife but it is not clear if all were.
  i. James Charteris (dvp 1594)
  m. Florence McGhie
  a. Jean Charteris (a 1610)
  m. James McClellan of Balmagane
  ii. George Charteris of Kelwood, etc
  iii. John Charteris (a 1599)
  iv. Margaret Charteris (d c1575)
  m. (1573) Alexander Livingstone (of Little Airdes family)
  v. daughter
  m. Robert Aschennane of Dunjop
  m2. Marion Gordoun (d 08.1598, widow of ? McCullocht)
  B. John Charteris of Fuffolk (d after 1601)
  m. Mausie Diksoun (d 20.12.1595)
  i. John Charteris of Fuffolk, 1st of Nether Barncleuch, etc (dsp c1640)
  ii. Hugh Charteris in Edinburgh (d 15.02.1644)
  m. (13.09.1598) Elizabeth Ramsay (dau of James Ramsay in Edinburgh)
a. John Charteris, 2nd of Nether Barncleuch (d before 1672)
  m. Barbara Gordon (d after 1693)
  (1) John Charteris, 3rd of Nether Barncleuch (d after 1698)
  (A) Barbara Charteris
  m. John Cowan of Riddingwood
  (2) Robert Charteris (a 1680)
  (3) William Charteris of Barchapel (d after 1670)
  m. Margaret McWilzean
3. Andrew Charteris (a 1550, rector of Kirkmichael)
4. Janet Charteris
  m. Michael Carlyle, 4th Lord

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Charteris formerly of Bruntshiels and of Amisfield)
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