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Families covered: Chauncy of Gedelston (Gilston), Chauncy of New Place in Gedelston, Chauncy of Skirpenbeck, Chauncy of Yardley Bury (Eardley Bury)

BLG1858 ('Chauncy of Little Munden') suggests that this family "derived from Chauncy de Chauncy, near Amiens, one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror". Burke describes its arms as "Gules, a cross patonce argent, on a chief azure, a lion passant or." That suggests that no connection was known with the family shown on Chauncy2.
Walter de Chauncy in Yorkshire (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1315)
1. Amfridus de Chauncy (d before 1197)
  A. Walter de Chauncy (d before 04.02.1229)
  B. Roger de Chauncy (d by 1247)
m. Preciosa (a 1247) widow of Roger, presumed mother of ...
  i. Robert de Chauncy of Skirpenbeck, Yorkshire (d before 1246)
  m. Margaret
  a. Thomas de Chauncy of Skirpenbeck (d before 29.04.1308)
  (1) William de Chauncy of Skirpenbeck (b c1278, d before 24.02.1343)
  (A) Sir Thomas de Chauncy of Skirpenbeck
  (i) Sir William de Chauncy of Skirpenbeck (Stepney)
  m. Joan Bigod (a 1398, dau of Sir Roger Bigod)
  (a) Sir John Chauncy of Skirpenbeck & Stepney (Middlesex) (a 06.1418)
  m. (by 06.1418) Margaret Giffard (dau of William Giffard, sister/heir of John of Giffards & Stampford Parva)
  ((1)) John Chauncy of Skirpenbeck & Gedelston (d 27.05.1479) - continued below
  m. Ann Leventhorp (d 02.12.1477, dau of John Leventhorp of Shingey Hall)



John Chauncy of Skirpenbeck & Gedelston (Gilston), Hertfordshire (d 27.05.1479) - continued above
m. Ann Leventhorp (d 02.12.1477, dau of John Leventhorp of Shingey Hall)
1. John Chauncy of Gedelston (Gilston) (b c1452, d before 04.11.1519)
  m. Alice
  A. John Chauncy of Sawbridgeworth (Hertfordshire) & Crayford (Kent) (d 08.06.1546)
  m. (before 04.11.1509) Elizabeth Proffitt (d 10.11.1531, dau/coheir of John Proffitt of Barcombe (by Alice, dau/heir of John Horne of East Lenham), widow of Richard Manfield)
  i. Henry Chauncy of New Place in Gedelston, Giffards & Netherhall (d 14.04.1587)
m1. Lucy
  a. George Chauncy of New Place & Fairstead (Essex) (d 1625, 2nd son)
  Thw following is partly supported by Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1634, 'Chauncey of Yardley').
  m1. (26.09.1569) Jane Cornwell (bur 25.07.1582, dau/heir of John Cornwell or Cornwall of Stebbing & Yardley)
  (1) Henry Chauncy of Yardley Bury (Eardley Bury), Hertfordshire (d 18.04.1631)
  m1. (08.11.1599) Anne Aleyne (bur 28.09.1606, dau of Giles Aleyne of Haseleigh)
  (A) Henry Chauncy of Yardley Bury (Eardley Bury) (a 1634)
  This line comes mainly from BLG1958. Visitation (Hertfordshire) identifies Henry's wife as Anne, dau of Peter Parkes of Tottenham High Cross). Le Neve's 'Pedigrees of the Knights' (George Marshall (1873), "Henry Chancy", p353) supports most of the following but identifies Henry's wife as ...
m. Anne Clark (dau of Peter Clark of Stebinheath)
  (i) Sir Henry Chauncy (b c1632, d 1719, antiquarian)
  m1. Jane Flyer (dau of Francis Flyer of Brent Pelham)
  (a) Henry Chauncy or Chancy mentioned in 'Le Neve's Knights' ("Butler", p362)
  m. Jane Butler (dau of Sir Nicholas Butler of London by Jane Harison of London)
  (b)+ other issue - John, Anne, Jane, Martha
m2. (sp) ??
  m3. ??
  (f) Charles Chauncy (b c1632, d 01.03.1704, Rector of Ayot St. Peter)
  m. (1763) Susanna Caton (dau of Thomas Caton of Thorp Abbots)
  ((1)) Charles Chauncy (vicar of Paul's Walden)
  m. (1806??) Rebecca Ann Crawley (dau of Thomas Crawley of Welwyn)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Chauncy
  m. (1803?) John Montague Poore of Wedhampton
  (ii) John Chauncy (a 1634)
  m2. Mary Burroughs (bur 05.02.1656, dau of John Burroughs of London)
  (2) Jane Chauncy
m. Edward Coe of Walter Beauchamp
  (3) Frances Chauncy
  m. Ambrose Porter
  m2. Ann or Agnes Welsh (dau of Edward Welsh of Great Wymondley, widow of Edward Humberstone)
  (4) Charles Chauncy (vicar of Ware (Herfordshire) then Martson St. Lawrence (Northamptonshire) (bpt 05.11.1592, d 19.02.1671-2, emigrated to Amerca, pastor at Scituate, President of Harvard (Hayward?), youngest son)
  m. (17.03.1630-1) Catherine Eyre (d 23.01.1667, dau of Robert Eyre of Salisbury by Anne, dau of John Still, Bishop of Bath & Wells)
  (A) Ichabod Chauncy (in Bristol?) (b c1635, d 1691, 2nd son) this line from BLG1958
  m. Mary King
  (i) Charles Chauncy (b 14.03.1673-4)
  m. (1706) Martha Brown (dau of Philip Brown of New Buckenham)
  (a) Nathaniel Chauncy (b 1717, d 1790, youngest son?)
  m. Mary Justice
  ((1)) Charlotte Maria Chauncy
  m. (1779) Thomas White
  ((2)) Amelia Chauncy (b 28.12.1758)
  m. (15.12.1781) Charles Snell @@ just below
  (b) Martha Chauncy
  m. William Snell of London
  ((1)) William Snell, later Chauncy, of London
  ((2)) Charles Snell, later Chauncy
  m. (1781) Amelia Chauncy @@ just above
  ((A)) Charles Snell Chauncy of Little Munden (Minden Parva), Sheriff of Hertfordshire (b 12.01.1789) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (09.08.1817) Elizabeth Beale (dau of Daniel Beale of London)
  ((B)) Nathaniel Snell Chauncy had issue
  m. (29.08.1814) Anne Oram Bannerman (dau of Colonel John Alexander Bannerman)
  ((C))+ other issue - Mary, Charlotte, Amelia, Jane
  ((3)) Nathaniel Snell
  (c)+ other issue (dsp) - Charles (d 1777), Philip (d 1783)
  (ii)+ other issue
  (B) Nathaniel Chauncy of Windsor (Connecticut) then Hatfield (Massachussetts) (d 04.11.1685, 4th son) had issue
m. (12.11.1673) Abigail Strong (dau of John Strong)
  DFUSA follows this line but, as it provides a family that does not return to the UK, we do not.
  (C) Sarah Chauncy
  m. Rev. _ Buckley
  (D)+ other issue - Barnabas, Elnathan, Israel (had issue), son (d infant?), daughter (d infant?)
  (5)+ other issue - George (bpt 22.12.1584), Edward (bpt 31.09.1587 (sic)), Judith
  b.+ other issue
  m2. (c04.1574) Jane Salisbury of Harlow
  ii.+ other issue - Morris d 12.07.1581, prior at Bruges), Robert, Alice
2. William Chancy of Sawbridgeworth possibly fits here
  m. _ Garland

Main source(s): 'Distinguished Families of America' ("DFUSA", Burke, 'Chauncy formerly of Skirpenbeck') with input from BLG1858 ('Chauncy of Little Munden')
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