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Families covered: Chester of Almondsbury, Chester of Black Friars, Chester of Barton Regis, Chester of Bristol, Chester of Knowle, Chester of Rodford

Henry Chester, Sheriff of Bristol (d 14.02.1470-1)
m1. ?? (d by 1450)
1. Joan Chester (a 1485)
  A. Margaret (a 1485)
m2. Alice (d 16.12.1485)
2. John Chester, Sheriff of Bristol (d 1489)
  m. Anne (a 1489)
  A. William Chester of Rodford in Westerleigh & Black Friars in Bristol, Sheriff then Mayor of Bristol (d 04.09.1558, MP)
  m1. Anne (dau of either Maurice Large of Waller's Court or of John Ware, Mayor of Bristol)
  i. James Chester of Rodford & Bristol (d 10.04.1560)
  m. Mary Smyth (dau of John Smyth, Mayor of Bristol, m2. George Higgins of Bristol)
  a. Edward Chester of Rodford & Bristol (d 12.02.1580-1)
  m. (25.06.1570) Bridget Slocombe (m2. Thomas Holcombe of Bristol)
  (1) James Chester of Black Friars (bpt 12.09.1573, a 1603)
  (2) Mary Chester (bpt 09.03.1570-1)
  m. (03.05.1591) William Brown of Bristol
  (3) Elizabeth Chester (bpt 05.11.1576)
  m. (16.12.1593) Thomas Jewell of Bristol
  (4)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 21.02.1574-5), Bridget (bpt 29.11.1577)
  b. Thomas Chester (bur 17.05.1564)
  c. Elizabeth Chester
  m. (06.09.1568) Rowland Williams of Bristol
  ii. William Chester of Bristol (d 01.01.1572-3)
  m. Joane Horte (d before 10.05.1593, dau of William Horte of Wrington, m2. _ Wale of Bristol)
  a. William Chester (dsp before 1590)
  m. Ellynor
  b. Henry Chester of Bristol & Barton Regis (Gloucestershire) (dsp 1591)
  m. Dorothy Waall (a 1591, dau of Thomas Waall of Bristol)
  c. Walter Chester of Bristol & Barton Regis (b 1553, d 21.09.1641)
  m. Elizabeth Hamlyn (b c1559, d 26.12.1645, dau of Robert Hamlyn, son of the standard bearer)
  (1) William Chester of Bristol & Barton Regis (d 1659)
  m. Bridget Blount (dau of John Blount of Barton Regis)
  (A) Walter Chester of Maton, Worcestershire
  m. Mary (widow?)
  (i) William Chester of Barton Regis (d unm 01.1683-4)
  (ii)+ other issue - Rowland (d unm before 1683), Bridget (a 1683), Rosina (a 1683)
  (B) Elizabeth Chester (b 1620, d 1658)
  m. _ Hicks
  (C) Bridget Chester (d before 1659)
  m. Thomas Smith of Bristol
  (D) Alexander (Alexandra?) Chester
  m. Thomas Harris, Sheriff of Bristol
  (2) Walter Chester of London (bpt 12.07.1593, bur 12.10.1648)
  m. Jane Mylne (bur 30.05.1660, dau of Robert Mylne of London)
  (A) Thomas Chester of London (bpt 28.12.1622, d before 08.09.1670, Captain, 2nd son)
  m. (22.04.1647) Mary Dorbar (bpt 14.02.1629-30, d c05.1677, dau/heir of Thomas Dorbar of London by Phillis)
  (i) Mary Chester (bpt 19.11.1650)
  m. (c02.1672-3) John Stone of London
  (ii) Jane Chester (bpt 16.11.1652, a 07.1688)
  m. George Mackerness
  (iii) Frances Chester (bpt 18.05.1665, a 1687)
  m. (after 1677) Leonard Greene (a 1687)
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 21.04.1648, d unm 1776), Walter (bpt 18.02.1658-9, d young), Charles (bpt 02.04.1660, d unm), Robert (D unm 1688), Phillis (bpt 27.01.1654-5, d unm 1682), Anne (bpt 21.01.1656-7, bur 07.10.1665), Sarah (bpt 23.05.1662, bur 10.10.1663)
  (B)+ other issue - Walter (bpt 17.12.1620, d unm bur 22.11.1636), Charles (b 30.03.1634), Mary (bpt 17.07.1625, bur 01.02.1630-1)
  (3) Thomas Chester (bpt 19.11.1594, bur 22.05.1602)
  (4) Joan Chester (bpt 24.01.1595-6, d by 1641)
  m. John Raynesthorp of Bristol (a 1658)
  d. Elizabeth Chester
  m. _ Sadler of Newport
  e. Mary Chester
  m. (04.01.1573-4) Robert Prince of Bristol
  f.+ other issue (d unm) - John (bpt 29.03.1559?, d young), James (bpt 29.03.1559, d 1594), Thomas of Bristol (d 1599)
  iii. Thomas Chester of Almondsbury, Sheriff then Mayor of Bristol, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (bur 24.09.1583, MP)
  m1. ?? (bur 14.02.1567-8)
a. William Chester of Knowle in Almondsbury, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (d 13.10.1607)
  m. Catherine Dennys (a 1607, dau of Richard Dennys of Dyrham)
  (1) Thomas Chester of Knowle, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (bur 24.11.1653)
  m1. Anne Backhouse (dau of Samuel Backhouse of Swallowfield)
  (A) Anne Chester (a 1623, d unm young)
m2. Elizabeth Speke (dau of Sir George Speke of White Lackington)
  (B) Thomas Chester of Knowle (bur 26.02.1686-7, Vice Admiral of Gloucester)
  m. (12.01.1654-5) Elizabeth Howe (b 21.12.1633, a 1687, dau of Sir John Howe of Compton, Bart)
  (i) Thomas Chester of Knowle, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b 1668, bur 27.02.1703-4)
  m. Ann Astry (bur 06.08.1708, dau/coheir of Sir Samuel Astry of Henbry, sister of Arabella, Countess of Suffolk)
  (a) Thomas Chester of Knowle (b 02.05.1696, dsp 01.10.1763, MP)
m1. (25.09.1721) Sarah Harriet (Howard) (bur 06.04.1722, dau of Henry, Earl of Suffolk)
  m2. (28.02.1735-6) Mary Gough (b 1695-6, d 04.05.1782, dau of Jeremy Gough, widow of George Gwinnett of Shurdington)
  (b) Richard Howe Chester of Haseley, Warwickshire (b 11.01.1699-1700, d 15.07.1760, 3rd son)
  m. Lucy Throckmorton (d 27.09.1771, dau/heir of Clement Throckmorton of Haseley, widow of William Bromley of Baginton)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Lucy Chester, heiress of Knole (sic) & Barton Regis (bpt 21.02.1741, dsp 09.01.1799)
  m. (20.04.1765) William Bromley, later Chester (d 12.12.1780)
  (c) Elizabeth Chester (b 02.07.1694, d 06.1.1725-6)
  m. (16.08.1716) Sir William Cann of Compton Green, Bart (b 1694-5, d 27.04.1726)
  (d)+ other issue (d unm) - William (bpt 30.06.1698, d 01.07.1728), Charles (bpt 14.02.1700-1, d 22.03.1730), St. John (b 27.06.1702, bur 01.11.1728, cleric), Anne (bpt 25.05.1697, bur 16.03.1697-8), Anne (bpt 02.08.1703, bur 03.08.1703)
  (i) Elizabeth Chester (dsp)
  m. (by 1686) Thomas Burnell of Brimsham
  (iii) Bridget Chester (b c1657, d 06.11.1736)
  m. Thomas Holworthy of Rowberrow
  (iv) Anne Chester (a 1687, d unm)
(v) Catherine Chester
  m. (26.01.1700-1) Edward Freeman of Clifton
  (C) Elizabeth Chester (b 1622, a 1658)
  m. _ Fullwood
  (D)+ other issue - William (bur 06.10.1675), Dominick (bur 19.03.1669-70), George (bur 22.09.1685)
  (2) William Chester (d unm bur 18.10.1638)
  (3) Alice Chester
  m. James Percivall of Weston-in-Gordano
  (4) Catherine Chester
  m. (18.09.1606) Philip Langley of Mangottsfield
  b. Edward Chester (dvp)
  c. Anne Chester (dsp before 1623)
  m. (24.11.1574) John Caplin of Southampton (MP)
  m2. (26.09.1569) Catherine Shepherd (bur 06.10.1589, dau of James Shepherd of Bristol, widow of Robert Smyth of Bristol)
  iv. Dominick Chester of Black Friars, Sheriff of Bristol (d 07.1575, MP)
  m. Mary (bur 23.04.1572)
  a. Arthur Chester of Black Friars (bpt 24.08.1563, d unm bur 17.06.1603, 6th son)
b.+ other issue - John (bpt 25.12.1557, d infant), Dominick (bpt 19.03.1559-61, d infant), Charles (a 1575, d yoiung), Edward (a 1582, d young), Giles (d unm 05.1588), Alice (bpt 06.03.1561-2, a 1588), Mary (bpt 14.11.1567, a 1582), Anne (a 1582), Priscilla (bpt 12.10.1571, a 1575)
  v. Mary Chester
  m. John Roberts of Westerleigh, Mayor of Bristol (a 1578)
  m2. Mawde (d 02.1564+5, widow of William Pykes, Mayor of Bristol)
3. John Chester (d 22.09.1488, prior of Barlynch, 2nd of the name)

Main source(s): 'Chester of Knole Park' ('Genealogical Memoirs of the Families of Chester ... (and) Astry') by Robert Edmond Chester Waters (1881), with thanks to a contributor (CV, 21.03.17) for bringing that book to our attention (it is available at archive.org)
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