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Families covered: Chichester of Hall, Chichester of Heardson, Chichester of Stowford
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Richard Chichester of Hall --- Sources contradict as to whether Richard fits here #1# or here #2#.
m. (1461) Thomasyne Hall (d 1502, dau of Symon Hall of Hall)
1. John Chichester of Hall
2. James Chichester of Hall (d 1548)
m. Catherine Gough (dau/coheir of Richard Gough of Aldercombe)
  A. Thomas Chichester (dvpsp)
  B. Robert Chichester 'of Bishops Taunton' of Hall (b c1515, d 01.08.1563/11.1563)
  m. Helena Acland (dau of Sir John Acland of Acland)
  i. John Chichester of Hall (b c1542, bur 05.07.1596)
m. Elizabeth Marwood (bur 17.02.1614-5, dau of John Marwood of Westcote)
  a. John Chichester of Hall (bpt 17.03.1566-7, d 07.02.1608)
  m. Ann Bassett (bur 1664, dau of Sir Arthur Bassett of Umberleigh & Heanton Court by Eleanor Chichester)
  (1) Sir John Chichester of Hall (b 10.12.1598, d 24.09.1669)
  m1. Ursula Strode (bur 09.07.1635, dau of Sir William Strode of Newnham)
  (A) John Chichester of Hall (b c1626, dsp bur 20.06.1684)
m. (12.05.1657) Dorothy Carew (bur 23.02.1691-2, dau/coheir of Sir Henry Carew of Bickleigh, m2. Henry Chichester of Youlston)
  (B) Francis Chichester of Hall (b 01.06.1628, dsp 27.08.1698, 3rd son)
  (C)+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, Arthur (bpt 05.1632, bur 1633), William (bpt 08.04.1634, bur 1664), George (bpt 01.05.1625, bur 05.08.1669)
  m2. Elizabeth Pollard (bur 20.07.1661, dau of Sir Louis Pollard of Kingsnympton)
  (G) Elizabeth Chichester (bpt 02.02.1637/8, bur 31.10.1677)
  m. (c1660) Sir John Fowell, Bart of Fowelscomb (bpt 1643, bur 1676)
  (H)+ other issue - Lewis (bpt 26.07.1639, dsp), Margaret (bpt 01.05.1642, bur 1645)
  m3. (c04.1664) Susannah Stevens (dau of William Stevens of Great Torrington, widow of Sir John Rolle)
(J) Susannah Chichester (bpt 25.05.1665, bur 24.02.1707-8)
  m. (27.11.701) Henry Chichester of Stowford @@ below
  (2) Arthur Chichester of Stowford (bpt 04.01.1608-9)
  ### BLG1952 shows this to be the Arthur of Stowford (1607-1687) who m. (1638) Anne Garland and was father of Arthur of Hall & Stowford (1668-1737) who m1. Jane Harris, m2. Dorothy Rowley. Not least because of the 30 year gap between the first Arthur's marriage and the birth of the second Arthur reported by BLG1952, provisionally we follow Vivian in showing those Arthurs below.
  (3) Grace Chichester (bur 08.11.1637)
  m. (04.02.1629-30) Charles Cutcliffe (d 25.10.1637)
  (4) Elizabeth Chichester
  m. J. Delbridge of Barnstaple
  (5)+ other issue - Helen, Judith
  b. Tristram Chichester 'of Swimbridge' of Hearsdon (bpt 15.09.1568)
Vivian shows that Tristram dsp but then notes that that is probably wrong and suggests that he was probably the Tristram of Herston (bur 07.06.1642) who is the first mentioned in Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Chichester of Hearsdon) which provides the following.
  m. (13.07.1592) Christian Handford of Dynnington (bur 05.01.1651)
  (1) Tristram Chichester
  m. Eleanor (b c1603, bur 05.01.1646-7)
  (A) Tristram Chichester of Hearsdon (b 1624, bur 30.03.1654) had issue (daughters)
  (B) Christian Chichester (bpt 1626)
  m. (23.09.1656) Arthur Berry of Lapford
  (C) Eleanor Chichester (bpt 1629)
  m. John Cutcliffe of Damage
  (D) Lettice Chichester (bpt 1633)
  m. (06.05.1657) Thomas Collamore
  (E)+ other issue - Mary (bpt 1631, bur 1632), Elizabeth (bpt 1637, a 1647)
  (2) Margaret Chichester
m. William Collamore
  (3) Judith Chichester
  m. John Pawle
  (4)+ other issue - Robert (a 1654), Eleanor (bpt 15.02.1592-3)
  c. Hugh Chichester of Tavistock (bpt 23.10.1574, bur 19.12.1644, 8th son)
  m1. Catherine Travers (bur 04.06.1613, dau of Bryan Travers of Pill)
  (1) Arthur Chichester of Stowford (bpt 01.06.1612, d 02.04.1687) see note ### above
  m. (1638) Anne Garland (d 1652, dau of John Garland of Whitfield)
  (A) Arthur Chichester of Stowford (dvp 20.07.1682)
  m. Mary (bur 16.06.1717)
  (i) Arthur Chichester of Pill/Stowford, later of Hall (b 1688/1670, d 05.02.1737-8)
m1. Jane Harris (bur 08.05.1717, dau of John Harris of Wortham)
  (a) Arthur Chichester (b 24.08.1698, dvp bur 26.06.1725)
m. (1719) Katherine Harward (d 1725, dau of Charles Harward, Dean of Exeter)
  ((1)) Charles Chichester of Hall (b 21.01.1722, d 22.01.1798)
  m. (13.04.1747-8) Amy Incledon (bur 23.03.1782, dau of Robert Incledon of Pilton)
  ((A)) Charles Chichester of Hall (b 18.01.1749, d 22.05.1835) had issue
  m. (13.08.1799) Henrietta Webber (d 1835, dau of Philip Rogers Incledon Webber of Buckland House)
  ((B)) Robert Chichester (bpt 01.04.1752, d 11.1841, vicar of Chittlehampton)
  m. (11.07.1781) Sarah Cossey (d 1823, dau of Lewis Cossey of Atherington)
  ((i)) Arthur Chichester of Stokelake (b 1783, d 1869) had issue
  m. Margaretta Caroline Hill (d 1878, dau of Charles Hill of Wick House)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Charles (d unm 1842, cleric), Amy (b c1802, d 1883)
  ((C)) Jane Chichester (bpt 09.10.1756, d 1848)
  m. (1792) (Richard) Bury of Collaton & Denington (Admiral)
  ((D)) other issue (d unm) - Arthur (b c1803,d 1869), Penelope (bpt 08.12.1753, d 1826), Amy (bpt 19.10.1757, d 1844)
((2)) Jane Chichester (d unm)
  (b) John Chichester (bpt 05.01.1704-5, bur 03.03.1705-6)
  m2. (01.12.17127) Dorothy Rowley (bur 12.06.1743, dau of Rev. William Rowley or Rowe)
  (c) Dorothy Chichester (bpt 12.01.1720-1, a 1743)
  m. John Mervin of Marwood
  (d) Anne Chichester
  m. (1748) Denys Rolle of Stevenstone (d 25.07.1797)
  (e)+ other issue - Francis (bpt 09.02.1724-5, a 1736), John (bpt 11.12.1718, bur 1718), John (a 1736)
  (ii) Henry Chichester of Stowford (bpt 1678, d 08.08.1730, 5th son)
  m1. Susannah Chichester (bur 24.02.1708, dau of Sir John Chichester of Hall) @@ above
  (a) Jane Chichester (b 1703)
  m. William Mayne of Bydown
  (b)+ other issue - John (b/d 1707), Susannah (bpt 1702), Mary (bpt 1705)
  m2. Elizabeth Cornall (b c1675, dsp bur 02.11.1713, dau of Francis Cornall of East Cheldon)
  m3. Christian Cutcliffe (b 1699-1700, dsp bur 14.06.1751, dau of John Cutcliffe of Damage)
  (iii)+ other issue - Charles (bpt 1672, bur 13.12.1675), Enseigne (bpt 1672, bur 1674), John (bpt 1675, bur 07.08.1679)
  (B) Elizabeth Chichester (a 1654)
(2) Elizabeth Chichester
  m. (03.10.1630) Conant Cobleigh
  (3)+ other issue - Margaret (bpt 02.11.1607), Anne (bpt 23.10.1608)
  m2. Elizabeth (bur 02.05.1635)
  d. Elizabeth Chichester
  m. John Courtney of Molland
  e. Mary Chichester
  m. John Samuel of Cornwall
  f. Judith Chichester (bpt 10.03.1577-8)
  m1 (28.01.1606-7) Neville Bligh
  m2. Arthur Rouse
  g. Anne Chichester (bpt 05.06.1578)
  m. Rev. Lionel Sharp of Tiverton
h.+ other issue - Humphrie (bpt 15.12.1569, dsp), George (dsp), Robert (bpt 02.01.1571-2, bur 15.9.1592), Arthur (bpt 19.08.1572, dsp), Thomas (bpt 11.10.1573, dsp), Charles (bpt 13.02.1576-7, dsp), William (dsp bur 31.05.1589), Frances (bpt 24.11.1590, bur 1607)
  ii. James Chichester
  a.+ issue - John (bpt 30.05.1588), Philip (bpt 29.08.1589), Tristram (bpt 19.11.1590), Arthur (bpt 22.09.1593)
  iii. Richard Chichester (bur 19.07.1625, 5th son)
  m. Mary (bur 05.10.1628)
  a.+ issue - Hercules (bur 06.04.1588), Robert (bur 15.09.1592)
  iv. Catherine Chichester
  m. Robert Isaak
  v. Eleanor Chichester
  m. Richard Cleyhanger of Somerset
  vi. Margaret Chichester
m. John Tregian of Cornwall
  vii. Elizabeth or Christian Chichester
  m1/2. John Chapman of Hankford
  Possibly the Elizabeth who (also) married ...
  m2/1. (by 1567) Thomas Berry of Lobb (bur 05.10.1582)
  viii. Dorothy Chichester
  m. John Wolston of Staverton
  ix. Christian Chichester probably the Christian who married ...
  m. Nicholas Roberts
  x.+ other issue - Thomas, Roger, Philip (bpt 27.12.1559), John (dsp), Mary
3. Christian Chichester
  m1. _ Hyde
  m2. _ Paslew
4. Anne Chichester
  m. Robert Pollard
5. Agnes Chichester
  m. William Strachley

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Chichester of Hall) with support from BLG1952 (Chichester of Hall)
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