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Families covered: Clapham of Barnstaple, Clapham of Beamsley, Clapham of Wither

Adam Clapham of Clapham
1. Arthur Clapham (a 1119)
  m. Isabella Danfield (dau of John Danfield)
  A. Alred/Alured Clapham
  i. William Clapham this generation omitted by Vivian
  a. Edmond Clapham (a 1193)
  m. Jane Osbertson (dau of Sir Francis Osbertson)
  (1) Walter Clapham (a 1230)
  m. Blanche Haryington (dau of Sir Giles Haryngton)
(A) William Clapham (a 1276)
  m. Armygell or Armiger Thornton (dau/coheir of Sir Gregory or George Thornton)
  (i) John Clapham (a 1272)
  m. Josyan Sutton (dau/coheir of Sir Alexander Sutton)
  (a) William Clapham (a 1328)
  m. Cysseley/Cicily Otterburne (dau of Sir Raff Otterburne or Otterborne)
  ((1)) William Clapham (a 1340)
  m. Susan Helias (dau of _ Helias (Elias or Helyers) of Tresford or Thressfield or Eresfeld)
  ((A)) John Clapham
  m. Constance Helden (dau of Sir Nicholas (or Myles) Helden (or Hebden) of Helden)
  ((i)) Thomas (Thomlyn) Clapham - continued below
  m. Elsabeth Moore (dau of William Moore of Otterborne)



Thomas (Thomlyn or Tomlyn) Clapham - continued above
m. Elsabeth Moore (dau/coheir of William Moore of Otterburne by Thomasin, dau/coheir of Peter Maleverer or Malyvery of Beamsley)
1. Thomas Clapham of Beamsley (2nd son?)
  m. Margaret Calverley (dau of Sir Walter (probably not Robert) Calverley)
  A. William Clapham of Beamsley
  m. Joan Scargyll (dau of Sir William Scargyll of Leade Hall)
i. Christopher Clapham of Beamsley
  m1. _ Ratclyffe (dau of _ Ratclyffe of Stamford)
  m2. Anne Smyth (dau of _ Smyth of Withcock)
  a. William Clapham of Beamsley
  m. Margaret Mydelton (dau of Sir William Mydelton of Stokyld)
  (1) George Clapham of Beamsley
  m1. Katherine Thwaytes (dau of William Thwaytes of Lund (Londe))
  (A) Gresham Clapham of Beamsley, Wither and Cottingley (d 1602)
BLG1952 starts with Gresham, showing only his marriage to Anne Fisher with Alexander the only child mentioned. Foster mentions Anne Fisher but shows Rosamund Lister as mother of George & Sheffield. Dugdale does not mention Rosamund Lister and shows Anne Fisher as mother of George & Sheffield.
  m1. Rosamund Lister (dau of William Lister of Thornton)
  m2. Anne Fisher (dau/heir of Capt. William Fisher of Packington, son of John)
  (i) George Clapham of Beamsley
  m. Martha Heber (dau of Thomas Heber of Marton)
  (a) Sir Christopher Clapham of Beamsley
Foster ends showing (in italics, indicating that this was his additions to the Visitation) Charles's marriages to Margaret Oldfield & _ London, showing the latter as mother of Christopher, Sheffield, Margaret & Mary. Dugdale shows the following ...
  m1. Mary Lowden (dau of John Lowden of Wrenthorpe near Wakefield)
  ((1)) Shefiield Clapham (b c1629, a 09.1665)
  m. Elizabeth Thornbury (dau of Sir Benjamin Thornbury, son of Bishop of Worcester)
  ((A))+ issue - Christopher (b c1657), Richard (b c1660), William (b c1661), Elizabeth (b c1651), Anne (b c1655), Mary (b c1663)
  ((2)) Mary Clapham
  m. _ Pitman of London
  m2. Margaret Oldfield (bpt 1607, dau of Anthony Oldfield of Spalding, widow of Robert Moyle)
  ((3)) Margaret Clapham
  m. Sir William Craven of Benham Valence and Coombe Abbey (b 26.08.1638, d 28.10.1695)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Clapham who apparently married ...
  m. Sir Roger Beckwith, 1st Bart of Aldborough (d 06.12.1700)
((5))+ other issue - Christopher, Anthony, George (d young), Martha (d young), Anna (d young)
  (b) Elizabeth Clapham (bur 31.03.1680)
  m. (before 1623) Richard Dawson of Heworth (d before 11.11.1653)
  (c) Jane Clapham
  m. Robert Godsonne of Water Fouforthe
  (d) Anne Clapham
  m. Thomas Morley of Winnington
  (e)+ other issue - Josias of York. George (d 1639, Captain), , Richard (Captain), Thomas (d Preston), William of London
  (ii) Sir Sheffield Clapham (Major General in Germany)
  m. ?? of Brabant ("a Dutch woman")
  (a) (Anne) Clapham
  m. (Thomas) Asshton (son of Sir Ralph of Whalley)
  (iii) Alexander Clapham of Wither (bpt 03.06.1584, d before 1632)
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Clapham of Ilmington).
  m. Alice (d 1632)
  (a) Adam Clapham of Great Woodhouse (bpt c1620, d 1672)
  m. Sarah Booth of Shipley (d 1676)
  ((1)) John Clapham of Hunslet Lane
  m. (23.04.1684) Elizabeth Jackson of Hunslet Lane (d 1731)
  ((A)) John Clapham of Briggate (d 02.1755)
m. Mary (d 1736)
  ((i)) John Clapham of Birstall (b 08.02.1725)
  ((a)) Thomas Clapham of Fieldhead (b c1760, d 18.12.1806)
  m. Christina Balmforth (d 03.02.1805)
  (((1))) Thomas Clapham of Oakwell Hall (b 10.02.1791, d 04.12.1866) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Chadwick (d 08.03.1824)
(iv) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Christopher Croft (a 1611)
  (B)+ other issue - William, Charles, Elsabeth
  m2. Elizabeth Morgan of Herefordshire according to Foster & Dugdale, identified in Visitation (1563/4) as Alice, dau of George Jubbe of Yorkshire
  (2) Hercules Clapham (youngest son?)
  m. ?? (widow of _ Roos of Ingmanthorp)
  (3) Anne Clapham
  Visitation (Yorkshire,1563-4, Clapham) & Foster report Anne's marriages to Francis Gale and John Ingleby but Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Thwaites of Lund) shows also a first marriage to William Thwaites of Lund (who d before 10.02.1588). We suspect that that marriage did not happen.
  m1. Francis Gale of Acomb
  m2. John Ingleby of Lawklands Hall (d before 17.01.1611, son of Sir William of Ripley by Cicely Talboys)
  (4)+ other issue - Peter, Marmaduke, Ingram
  b. Katherine Clapham
  m. Symon Digby of Lowfnam (Luffenham)
  c. Elsabeth Clapham
  m. William Kelke of Semor
  d. Anne Clapham
  m. George Harrison of London
  e. Margaret Clapham
  m1. Arthur Dynley of Swyllington
  m2. George Mountford of Sunycotes
  f.+ other issue - Symon, Roger, Henry, Francis
  ii. Janet Clapham
  m. William Montalto of Hollynghall or Holling Hall
  iii. Agnes Clapham
  m. Walter Wood of Little Tymble
  iv. Lucy Clapham
  m. John Malham or Malum of Elslack or Elslake (or Bradley)
  v. Isabel Clapham
  m. Christopher Parkinson of Storrs
  vi. Anne Clapham
  m. Henry Young of Copyndall or Appletreewick
  vii. Elsabeth Clapham
  m. Thomas Medhope or Midhope of Medhope
viii. Jane Clapham
  m1. _ Bankes of Carleton mentioned by Visitation (1563-4) but not by Foster
  m2. William Smith of Kowes or Cowes
  ix. Thomasin Clapham
  m. Richard or Scarbrugh of Glosborne called Robert by Foster
  x. Johanna Clapham mentioned by Visitation (1563-4) but not by Foster
  m. _ Mawde of Hollynghall
  xi. daughter mentioned by Visitation (1563-4) but not by Foster
  m. _ Womble of the Grange
  xii. Elsabeth or Alice Clapham called Elizabeth by Foster
  m. Thomas Banke of Bank Newton
  xiii.+ other issue - James, John
  Except as shown otherwise, the following comes from Visitation (1563-4) which provides more detail on this generation than Foster. However, we note that Foster & Vivian showed the daughters as Elizabeth (m. Thomas _ of Methley according to Foster, m. Thomas Medley of Wakefield according to Vivian), Thomasin (m. _ Nessfield of Flasby), Agnes (m. _ Redman) & Anne (m. _ Bosvile).
  B. John Clapham (d infant?)
  C. John Clapham
  The following comes from Vivian.
  m. _ Hume (dau of Lord Hume of Scotland)
  i. David Clapham
  m. Jane Taylor (dau/heir of Thomas Taylor of London)
  a. Thomas Clapham of Helpeston, Northamptonshire had issue
  m. Jane Juneklin of Wickham
  b. Thomas Clapham of Kime, Lincolnshire (2nd of the name)
  m. _ Culpeper
  (1) Colpeper Clapham of Barnstaple, Devon (bur 28.07.1641, 5th son?)
  m. (14.10.1606) Mary Copland of Barnstaple
  (A)+ issue - Culpeper (bpt 12.11.1607, a 1620), Peter (bpt 05.06.1610, bur 31.01.1612-3), John (bpt 04.04.1612, bur 27.08.1614), Peter (bpt 30.01.1613-4, a 1620), Arthur (bpt 26.09.1621), William (bpt 14.12.1623), Sarah (bpt 21.02.1615-6, bur 01.11.1618), Rebecka (bpt 12.06.1617, a 1620), Mary (bpt 01.07.1620, a 1620)
  (2) Raleigh Clapham of Barnstaple (bur 03.09.1636)
  m. (17.07.1614) Mary Mungond alias Daniell (d before 15.07.1647)
  (A) Joseph Clapham of Barnstaple (bpt 18.07.1619, d before 10.02.1646-7, 2nd son)
  m. (14.01.1640-1) Elizabeth Hartnoll (a 1646)
  (i) Mary Clapham (bpt 20.03.1641, a 1646)
  (B) Elizabeth Clapham (bpt 09.01.1624)
  m. (09.12.1647) Hugh Merscer
  (C)+ other issue - John (bpt 20.05.1618, a 1646, had issue), Raleigh (bpt 05.07.1629, d before 1646), Richard (bpt 10.07.1631), Mary (bpt 14.02.1620-1, bur 15.03.1622-3), Mary (a 1646), Martha (bpt 19.03.1622, bur 13.04.1628)
  (3) Margaret Clapham
  m. (05.08.1630) Cyrus Brett
  (4)+ other issue - John, Francis, William, Henry
  c. Joyce Clapham
  m. William Bamford of Helpeston
  D. Christopher Clapham
  i.+ issue - Thomas of Kresdall, George
  E. Richard Clapham
  i. Thomas Clapham
  ii. Jane Clapham
  m. _ Paslew
  F. Alice Clapham
m. _ Wentworth of Strette
  G. Thomazyn Clapham
  m. Thomas Neshfield of Flashby
  H. Jane Clapham
  m. _ Muschamp
  I. Anne Clapham
  m1. Rychard Redman of Hareworth (son of John)
  The following connection comes from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Bosvyle).
  i. Elsabeth Redman
  m. Roger Metcalfe of Baber (Beare Park)
  m2. John Bosvyle
  J. Elsabeth Clapham
  m. _ Langton of Langdall
2.+ other issue - John (dsp), Laurence, Nicholas

Main source(s): Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Clapham of Beamsley), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Clapham of Beamsley), Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1664-5, Clapham of Beamsley), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Clapham of Barnstaple)
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