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Families covered: Claxton of Claxton, Claxton of Wynyard

Lionel Claxton, lord of Claxton (a 1217)
1. Roger Claxton of Claxton (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  A. Sir Roger Claxton (a 1307)
m. _ Tyndall
  i. Lionel Claxton (a 1336)
  m. Mary Eure (dau of Sir Ralph Eure)
  a. Sir William Claxton of Claxton (a 1380) the first mentioned by Hodgson
  m1. Joan (a 1369)
  m2. Isabell Mennill (d 02.02.1421, dau/heir of William Mennill (de Menevill), widow of William de Laton)
  (1) Sir William Claxton of Claxton, Horden, etc. (b c1381, d 1430)
  m. Elizabeth Eure (dau of Sir Ralph Eure)
Visitation (Durham) provides 2 articles on this family, on Claxton on Wynyard then Claxton of Old Park. They disagree with each other in that the former shows the following Robert as 2nd son (by Agnes) of Thomas of Old Park and brother of Richard (father by Agnes of John of Old Park), William of Halywell & 2 sisters. By note, however, it gives precedence to the latter article which shows him as son of Sir William. We follow the latter but that leaves us uncertain on the positioning of William of Halywell who is not mentioned by that article. We provisionally show him as younger brother of Sir Robert. HOWEVER, Hodgson does not mention William at all, reporting just Robert plus the 'other issue' reported below.
  (A) Sir Robert Claxton of Claxton, Horden & Dilston (d 1484)
  Visitation shows Sir Robert's daughters as by Elizabeth Hilton but notes "Surtees gives his 4 daughters by another wife, Anne Stapilton.". Hodgson shows them as daughters of Anne Stapleton.
  m1/2. Elizabeth Hilton (dau of Sir William Hilton of Hilton)
  m2/1. Anne Stapleton (a 1479, dau of William Stapleton)
(i) Margaret Claxton (b c1434, a 1484)
  m. William Elmeden of Elmeden
  (ii) Joan Claxton (b c1441, a 02.1522)
  m. (after 19.12.1457) John Cartington of Cartington (d by 1522)
  (a) (Anne) Cartington
  m. (Edward) Ratcliffe
(iii) Elizabeth Claxton (b c1454, a 1484)
  m1. (after 10.11.1464) Richard Coigniers (Conyers) of Horden
  m2. Robert Pilkington
  (iv) Phillis (Felicia or Felice) Claxton (b c1458, a 1484)
  m. Sir Ralph Widdrington (d 1502)
  (B) William Claxton of Halywell (Constable of Brancepeth)
William identifies William's wife as Jane, dau of William Darcy sister of Thomas, Lord Darcy, but notes that Surtees identifies her as ...
  m. Eleanor Scroope (dau of John Scoope of Masham & Upsall, widow of Richard Darcy)
  (i) Ralph Claxton of Wynyard
  m1. Sybilla Conyers (dau of William Conyers of Wynyard)
  (a) Ralph Claxton of Wynyard
  m. Elizabeth Hebborn (dau of John Hebborn of Hardwick by Alison Harbottle)
  ((1)) William Claxton of Wynyard (a 1575)
  m. Margery or Margaret Lambert (dau of Robert Lambert of Owton)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Claxton who apparently married ...
  m. Josias or Joseph Lambert (b 1554, d 02.09.1632)
  ((B)) Anne Claxton who apparently married ...
  m. (26.11.1581) Sir William Blakiston of Blakiston (b 1553)
  ((C))+ issue (a 1575) - Ralph (b c1561), Anthony (or Cuthbert), Alice
  ((2)) Alice Claxton
  m. John Billingham of Crookhall
((3)) Anne Claxton
  m. Percival Phillippe of Richmondshire
  ((4)) Elizabeth Claxton
  m. William Layton (son of John of West Layton)
  (b) Lancelot Claxton of Wooley
  m. _ Musgrave
  ((1)) Ralph Claxton of Wooley
  (c) Eleanor Claxton
  m1. (Thomas) Riddell
  m2. Edward Swinburne of Newcastle
  (d) Margaret Claxton
  m. Richard Hebborn of Hardwick
  (e) Isabell Claxton
  m. Richard Anderson of Newcastle
  m2. Eleanor Billingham (dau of Cuthbert Billingham of Crookhall)
  (f) William Claxton
m. _ Witham of Darnton
  (g)+ other issue - John (dsp), Cuthbert (a 1575, son Henry?)
  (C)+ other issue - John in Holome, Richard (a 1430, priest), Thomas, Elizabeth 9a 1430), Joan (a 1430)
  (2)+ other issue - John of Hulam (had issue), other
  b. Thomas Claxton of Old Parke (d 1402)
  m. Christian
  (1) Thomas Claxton of Old Park
  m. Anne (Agnes) Elmeden (dau of Sir William Elmeden)
  (A) Richard (or Roger) Claxton
  m. Agnes
(i) John Claxton of Old Parke
  m. Margaret (or Agnes) Lambton (dau of _ Lambton of Lambton)
  (a) Robert Claxton of Old Parke (priest, 2nd son)
  (b) William Claxton of Old Parke
  m. Margaret Witton
((1)) Robert Claxton of Old Parke
  m. Elizabeth Wandesford (dau of Thomas Wandesford of Kirklington)
  ((A)) Robert Claxton of Old Parke (a 1570)
  m. Alice Lambton (dau of William Lambton of Belsise)
  ((i)) Sir John Claxton of Nettlesworth (a 1615, 2nd son?)
  m. Mary Wrenn (dau of Anthony Wrenn of Binchester)
  ((a)) John Claxton (b c1596, a 1615)
  m. Jane Tunstall (dau of Francis Tunstall of Scargil)
  ((ii)) Lancelot Claxton
  m. Cassandra Lambert (dau of Josias Lambert of Calton by Elizabeth, dau of William Claxton of Wynyard)
  ((a))+ issue (a 1615) - William (b c1599), John, Elizabeth
  ((iii))+ other issue - Thomas, Elizabeth, Margaret, Frances, Anne
  ((B)) Margaret Claxton
  m. _ Gyllon of Yorkshire
  ((C)) Elizabeth Claxton
  m. Robert Bee of co. Durham
  (c) Richard Claxton of Thickley (5th son)
  m. Margaret Lilburne (dau of Thomas Lilburne of Thickley)
  (a)+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Thomas, Lancelot
  c. Sir John Claxton of Duresme
  m. Maude Brackenbury (dau of Gilbert Brackenbury)
  (1) ?? Claxton of Burnhall
2. Richard Claxton (a 1272, prior of Durham)

Main source(s): Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615, Claxton of Old Park), Visitation (Durham, 1575, Claxton of Wynyard), 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 6, John Crawford Hodgson, 1902, 'Claxton', p193)
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