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Families covered: Clerk of Guilsborough, Clerke of Launde Abbey, Clerke of Ulcombe, Clerke of Watford, Clerke of Weston, Clerke of Willoughby

BEB1841 shows a different ancestry for the Wiliam Clerke who is shown below as having 3 sons by his wife Agnes. We follow BP1934 not least because BEB1841 includes some siblings with dates that contradict the rest of the pedigree. BP1934 starts this family with ...
Richard Hamund alias Clerke of Willoughby (a 1445)
m. Collett
1. William Clerke of Willoughby
  m. Alice
  A. William Clerke of Willoughby
  m. Elizabeth
i. William Clerke of Willoughby
  m. Agnes
  a. Richard Clerke 'of Huntingdonshire'
  (1) Collett Clerke
  m1. Richard Beaumont of Cole Orton (d 1539)
  m2. William Villiers of Brokesby (d 01.11.1558-9)
  b. Robert Clerke of Willoughby
  m. Elizabeth (dau of _ Clerke or Clark of the Ware)
  (1) Henry Clerke ancestor of Clerkes of Kingsthorpe and Ulcombe
  m1. Joane
  (A) George Clerke of Willoughby (dsp)
  m2. Maud
  (B) Jerome Clerke of Willoughby (d 1624)
  m. Margaret Dormer (dau of _ Dormer of Barton)
  (i) John Clerk of Guilsborough (b 21.11.1591, bur 02.04.1657)
  m. Rebeccah Lee (dau of Rowland Lee of Buckinghamshire)
  (a) John Clerk of Guilsborough (bpt 06.10.1625)
  m. Judith
  (b)+ other issue - Francis, George (bpt 26.05.1631, a 1669), Henry (bpt 31.05.1642, bur 11.07.1643), Rowland (bpt 09.12.1635), Samuel (bpt 10.01.1637-8), Rebeccah (bpt 06.10.1625), Elizabeth (bpt 31.05.1642, bur 11.07.1643)
  (ii) Lee Clerke of Willoughby (b 05.10.1598, d 03.06.1657)
  m. (12.06.1628) Elizabeth Braine (dau of Robert Braine of Bodington)
  (a)+ issue - Henry (d 31.08.1664), Rebeccah, Elizabeth
  (C) Edward Clerke
m. Mary
  (i) William Clerke
  (ii) Henry Clerke of Ulcombe and Rochester
  m. Grace Morgan (dau of _ Morgan of Crow Lane House)
  (a) Sir Francis Clerke of Ulcombe (b c1624, d 1685)
  m1. Mary Darrel (dau of Sir Robert Darrel of Cale Hall)
  ((1)) Frances Clerke
  m. Sir John Franklin of Bolnhurst
  ((2)) Lucresia Clerke
  m. (?) (c02.1683-3) Stephen Holland of Aldgate
((3))+ other issue - Christopher, Henry (d young), John (a 1681, rector of Ulcomb)
  m2. _ Gage (dau of Sir John Gage of Brightwell)
  ((6)) son
  (b) John Clerke (b c1618, a 1640, MP)
  (iii) Samuel Clerke of King's Thorp
  m1. Margaret Peyto (bur 09.02.1633-4, dau of William Peyto of Chesterton)
  (a) Sir Samuel Clerke of West Haddon (bpt 22.12.1618-9, bur 24.05.1688, judge)
  m. (05.05.1665) Elizabeth Bray (dau of George Bray of Bray, widow of John Breton)
  ((1)) Catherine Clerke (b c1670, a 1681)
  (b) William Clerke (bpt 02.05.1620, a 1681 in Canary Islands)
  ((1)) Joseph Maria Clerke
  (c) George Clerke of London (bpt 26.10.1624)
  m. _ Parker
  ((1)) Catherine Clerke
  m1. _ Morley of Sussex
  m2. _ Trevor (son of Sir John, Principal Secretary of State)
  (d) Katherine Clerke (d 01.06.1698)
m. Sir Richard Rainsford (d 17.02.1679-80)
  (e) Elianor Clerke (bur 20.02.1681-2)
  m. (11.09.1634) William Burket of Gayton (bur 20.11.1643)
  (f) Elizabeth Clerke (bpt 12.10.1617)
  m. (28.09.1637) Samuel Broad of Rendcomb
  (g) Mary Clerke (bpt 29.02.1621-2)
  m. Daniell Goldsmith of Campton (bur 02.10.1685)
  (h) Margaret Clerke (bpt 08.02.1626-7)
  m. _ Fulham (prebendary of Windsor) ## see here ##
  (i) Jane Clerke (bpt 02.11.1630)
  m1. Lucas Ward (d 29.04.1674, rector of Weston Favell, vicar of Guilsborough)
  m2. (c11.1674) John Wright of Brixworth
(j)+ other issue - Samuel (bpt 28.09.1616, bur 29.09.1616), John (bpt 07.08.1623, bur 09.07.1624), Edward (bpt 04.09.1628, bur 03.02.1636-7), John (bpt 19.11.1629, bur 19.08.1639), Thomas (bpt 06.02.1633-4)
  m2. (13.09.1635) Katharine _ of Christ Church, Canterbury (Mrs Sympson)
  (o)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 08.11.1638, bur 14.12.1638), Samuel (bpt 18.06.1640, d 20.06.1640), Katharine (bpt 29.06.1637)
  (2) William Clerke
  (3) Clement Clerke (b 1546)
  m. Mary Clerke (dau of Thomas Clerke of Willoughby)
  (A) Sir George Clerke of Watford, Sheriff of London (d 04.09.1588?, d 30.01.1648)
  m. Barbara Palmer (b c1599, d 02.02.1655-6, dau of Robert Palmer of Hill, sister of Sir William)
  (i) George Clerke of Watford
m1. Mary Holman (dau of Philip Holman of Warkworth)
  (a) Mary Clerke
  m. (15.06.1669) Sir William Craven of Winwick
  (b) Barbara Clerke (b c1654)
  m. (06.07.1671) Sir Gilbert Clerk of Brooke (b c1645)
  (c) Dorothy Clerke (b 18.09.1657, d 1727)
  m. Sir John Franklin of Bolhurst
  (d) Jane Clerke
  m. (c08.1699) William Becher of Howbury
  (e) Elizabeth Clerke
  m. Thomas Hanbury of Kelmarsh
  (f)+ other issue (d young) - Philip (b c1656, bur 13.12.1676), George (bur 14.05.1658), Barbara
m2. Sarah Turner (dau of Edward Turner, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  (ii) Robert Clerke of Long Buckley
  m. Frances Cotes (dau of John Cotes of Woodcote)
  (a) Sir Robert Clerke 'of Watford' (b c1657, bur 29.10.1736, MP)
  m. (c04.1684) Frances Domatilla O'Brien (b c1666, bur 15.09.1707, dau of Col. James O'Briebn)
  ((1)) Edward Charles Thomas Clerke of Watford (bpt 19.03.1694-5, bur 19.01.1750-1)
  m. Mary Skipwith (bur 29.10.1736, dau of Sir Fulwer Skipwith, Bart of Newbold Hall)
  ((A)) Charles William Clerke (b 28.02.1735, d 22.04.1764)
  m. Martha Chapman (b c1729, d 28.03.1773, dau of Rev. Samuel Chapman)
  ((B)) George Clerke (bpt 17.08.1736, d 14.09.1787)
  m. Anna Pilkington (b c1744, d 26.12.1837, dau of Henry Pilkington of Ashby-de-la-Zouch)
  ((2)) Mary Clerke
  m. Sir Jonathan Jenkinson, Bart of Walton
((3))+ other issue - Robert (b 29.01.1704-5), Stewart (d young), Frances (d unm bur 21.12.1774), Penelope (bpt 27.11.1699, d unm bur 17.04.1762)
  (b) Thomas Clerke (bur 25.10.1736)
  m. Penelope Grace (bpt 29.05.1676, bur 14.03.1753, dau of Rev. Job Grace)
  ((1)) Frances Clerke (b 22.08.1709)
  m. William Bowker of Peterborough
((A)) Ann Vyse Bowker (b 1747-8, d 19.06.1773, heir) probably of this generation
  m. (06.10.1767) Thomas Serocold of Peterborough (b 1732, d 1799)
  ((2))+ other issue - George (b 29.01.1710-1, d unm bur 07.08.1747, vicar of East Haddon), Job Thomas (b28.03.1712, bur 23.03.1739-40)
  (c) Mary Clerke
  m. Thomas Gladwin (not Scaldwyn) of Durrant Hall
  (d) Frances Clerke (b c1674)
  m. (c07.1698) Edward James of Kinvaston (b c1674)
(e)+ other issue - George (bur 02.04.1742), John, Henry, Jane (d unm), Barbara (d unm)
  (iii) Sir Clement Clerke, 1st Bart of Launde Abbey (a 1661)
  m. Catherine Talbot (dau of George Talbot of Ridge or Rudge)
  (a) Sir Talbot Clerke, 2nd Bart of Launde Abbey (d 1708)
  m. Hannah
  ((1)) Sir Clement Clerke, 3rd Bart of Launde Abbey (b c1692, d unm c1715)
  ((2)) Sir Talbot Clerke, 4th Bart of Launde Abbey (b c1694, d 16.02.1723)
  m. Barbara Gladwin (dau of Thomas Gladwin of Durrent Hall)
  ((A)) Sir Talbot Clerke, 5th Bart of Launde Abbey (d unm 20.11.1732)
((B)) Barbara Clerke (bpt 07.04.1749, dsp young?)
  m. William Cox of London
  ((3)) Sarah Clerke (b c1693)
  (b) George Clerke (a 1698, 3rd son)
  m. Dorothy Pearse (dau of _ Pearse of Oakfield)
  ((1)) Sir Talbot Clerke, 6th Bart (dsp 10.07.1750)
m. Lucy Rogers (dau of Rev. _ Rogers of Painswick)
  ((2)) Dorothy Clerke
  m. Philip Jennings of Duddleston (nephew of Sir John)
  (c)+ other issue (a 1698, d unm) - Clement (deputy governor of the Isle of Wight), Thomas
  (iv) Elizabeth Clerke (d 1685)
  m. John Walcot of Walcot
  (v) Mary Clerke
  m. Sir Robert Atkyns (chief baron of the Exchequer)
  (vi) Barbara Clerke
  m. Sir Wadham Wyndham (judge)
  (vii) Sarah Clerke
  m. (14.09.1652) Thomas Kinnersley of Loxley
  (viii) Dorcas Clerke (d 06.02.1671)
  m. (16.09.1652) John Cotes of Woodcote
  (B) William Clerke of Horninglow
  (i)+ issue - Thomas, Simon, George
(C) Thomas Clerke of Willoughby (b 18.03.1581, d d 23.08.1663)
  m. Elizabeth Watson (dau of Peter Watson of Willoughby)
  (i) John Clerke of Willoughby and London (b c1604, d c1644)
  m. Anne Aylway (dau of Richard Aylway of Hound Hall)
  (a) Thomas Clerke of Willoughby (b 18.06.1636, bur 15.07.1688, judge)
  m. Mary Adams (bur 06.03.1687-8, dau of William Adams of Welton)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1682) - John (b c12.06.1661), Henry Charles (b c13.05.1662), Clement (b 08.1664, 4th son), George (b c1670), Thomas (b c1671), Mary (b 08.1666), Elizabeth (b c12.06.1667/77)
  ((8))+ other issue (d young) - Thomas, Anne, Elizabeth, Anne, Catherine
  (b) Elizabeth Clerke (b c1643)
  m. (c02.1666-7) Richard Capell of Gloucester (b c1636, a 1666)
  (c)+ other issue (d unm) - George (bur 18.01.1663-4), Aylway, John (d infant), Richard (d infant), Anne
  (ii) George Clerke of London (b c1615, d c1678)
m. Catherine Fleetwood (dau of Charles Fleetwood of the Vach)
  (a)+ issue - George in London, Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary
  (iii) Clement Clerke in London (b c1618, a 1682)
  m. Elizabeth Bromwich of Bromsgrove
  (iv) Henry Clerke (b c1621, bur 09.04.1687, President of Magdalen College, Oxford)
  m. Katherine Adams (b c1636, d 03.12.1669, dau of William Adams of Welton)
  (a)+ issue - Henry, Catherine (b 01.1667, a 1682)
  (v) Joan Clerke
  m1. Walter Watson of Willoughby
  m2. William Field of Braunston
  (vi) Mary Clerke
  m. William Aylway (son of Richard of Hound Hall)
(D) Amie Clerke
  m. William Clarke of Willoughby
  (E) Elizabeth Clerke
  m. Zeph. Southam of Braunston
  c. Sir John Clerke of Weston (d 1539)
  m. _ Ashby
  (1) Nicholas Clerke of North Weston (d 1551)
  m. Elizabeth Ramsay (dau/heir of Thomas Ramsay of Hitcham)
  (A) Sir William Clerke of Shabbington & Hithcam, Buckinghamshire (d 01.02.1624-5)
  m. Mary (or Margaret) Brown (dau of Sir John Brown or Bourne of Holt Castle, Secretary of State)
  (B) Dorothy Clerke probably of this generation
  m1. Henry Long of Shengay (d 1573)
  m2. Sir Charles Morriston of Cashiobury

Main source(s): BP1934 (Clerke), BEB1841 (Clerke of Launde Abbey), Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681 (edited 1935), Clerke of West Haddon and Watford), with input from Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682-3, Clerke of Willoughby)
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