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Families covered: Colquhoun of Barrowfield, Colquhoun of Camstradden, Colquhoun of Colquhoun, Colquhoun of Glens, Colquhoun of Luss, Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun

BP1934 (Colquhoun) reports that Umfridus de Kilpatrick obtained the lands of Culchone or Colquhoun in the time of King Alexander II (1214-1249). BLG1888 (Campbell-Colquhoun of Killermont) reports that the Sir Robert we start with was the 5th laird of Colquhoun. We hope to show the descent of Robert from Umfridus in due course.
Sir Robert de Colquhoun, 5th of Colquhoun
m. heiress of Luss (dau of Godfrey de Luss, 6th of Luss)
1. Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss (a 1390)
  A. Robert Colquhoun of Luss (dsp c1408)
  B. Sir John Colquhoun of Luss, Governor of Dymbarton Castle (d 24.09.1439)
  i. Malcolm Colquhoun (dvp)
a. Sir John Colquhoun of Luss, Sheriff of Dumbarton (d 1479)
  m1. _ Boyd
  (1) Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss (d 08.1493)
  m1. Jean or Helen Erskine (dau of Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord)
  (A) Sir John Colquhoun of Luss (d 1536)
  m1. (c1480) Margaret Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart, 1st Earl of Lennox)
  (i) Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss (d 01.1537-8)
  m. Katherine or Helen Graham (dau of William Graham, 1st Earl Montrose)
(a) Sir John Colquhoun of Luss (d 01.1574-5)
  m1. Christian Erskine (d 1564, dau of Robert Erskine, Lord)
  m2. (15.11.1564) Agnes Boyd (d 18.07.1584, dau of Robert Boyd, 5th Lord)
  ((1)) Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss (b 1565, d 07.1592)
  m1. (1583) Jean Cunningham (d 1584, Alexander Cunningham, 5th Earl of Glencairn)
m2. (mcrt 29.12.1585) Jean or Margaret Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Hamilton)
  ((A)) Anna Colquhoun
  m. (1610) Colin Campbell, younger of Carrick
  ((B))+ 2 daughters
  ((2)) John Colquhoun
  ((3)) Alexander Colquhoun of Luss (d 23.05.1617)
  m. (mcrt 18.08.1595) Helen Buchanan (dau of George Buchanan of that ilk)
  ((A)) Sir John Colquhoun, 1st Bart of Luss and Tilliquhoun (d c1650)
  m. (mcrt 06.07.1620) Lilias Graham (dau of John Graham, 4th Earl of Montrose)
  ((i)) Sir John Colquhoun, 2nd Bart of Luss (d 11.04.1676)
BP1934 reports that Sir John married Margaret Baillie on 17.02.1636. As Margaret's parents married in 1636, either at least one of those dates is mistaken (it being more likely that the error is with this generation) or Margaret was born before her parents married and their marriage took place when she was very young indeed.
  m. Margaret Baillie (d 30.07.1679, dau of Sir Gideon Baillie, Bart)
  ((a)) John Colquhoun (dvp unm)
  ((b)) Sir James Colquhoun, 3rd Bart of Luss (d unm 1680)
  ((c)) Lilias Colquhoun
m. Sir John Stirling, 8th of Keir, 5th of Cadder (b 1638, d 1684)
  ((d)) Christian Colquhoun
  m. (14.04.1689) William Cunningham of Craigends
  ((e)) Helen Colquhoun
  m. Robert Dickson of Sornbeg
  ((f)) Margaret Colquhoun (d 20.07.1679)
  m. (04.1677) Archibald Stirling, 3rd of Garden (b 21.03.1651)
  ((g)) Magdalen Colquhoun
  ((ii)) Sir James Colquhoun of Coreagh, 4th Bart of Luss (d 1688)
m. (before 1669) Penuel Cunningham (dau of James Cunningham of Ballyachen)
  ((a)) Sir Humphrey Colquhoun, 5th Bart of Luss (d 1718)
  Sir Humphrey resigned his baronetcy and had it regranted with inheritance in favour of his son-in-law, James Grant, rather than his cousins below who, unsurprisingly, resented this and claimed the baronetcy.
  m. (mcrt 04.04.1684) Margaret Houstoun (dau of Sir Patrick Houstoun, 1st Bart)
  (((1))) Anne Colquhoun (d 25.06.1724)
  m. (29.01.1702) James Grant of Pluscardine, later Sir James Colquhoun, 6th Bart (b 28.07.1679, d 16.01.1746-7)
  The present family of Colquhoun of Luss is descended from a younger son of this marriage.
  ((b)) James Colquhoun (d 1699)
  m. Deborah Blennerhassett (dau of Henry Blennerhassett of Castle Hackett)
  (((1)))+ 2 daughters
  ((c)) Elizabeth Colquhoun
  m. Alexander Falconer of Kipps
  ((iii)) Alexander Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun (d 1718)
  m. Annabella Stewart (dau of Archibald Stewart of Scotstoun)
  ((a)) John Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun, 'Bart'
  m. Elizabeth Anderson (dau of Andrew Anderson)
(((1))) Humphrey Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun, 'Bart' (d unm 19.08.1722)
  ((b)) James Colquhoun (captain)
  m. Elizabeth Colquhoun (dau of John Colquhoun of Auchintarlie)
  (((1))) 'Sir' George Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun, 'Bart' (d 1785)
  m1. (spm) (07.01.1751) Rebecca Jones (dau of William Jones)
  (((A))) Hannah Colquhoun probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. John Douglas of Tilquhilly (dvp 1773)
  m2. (1777) Charlotte Barclay (dau of David Barclay)
  (((B))) James Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun, 'Bart' (d unm 1799)
  (((C))) George Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun, 'Bart' (d unm Salamanca 22.07.1812)
(((D))) Robert David Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun, 'Bart' (b 1786, dsp 02.06.1838)
  m. (02.1822) Anna Maria Colvin (dau of James Colvin of Calcutta)
  (((E))) Rebecca Colquhoun
  m. James Alexander Farquharson of Oakley (General)
  ((c)) Jean Colquhoun
  m. (1647) Walter Stewart
  ((d)) Lilias Colquhoun
  m. (1649) John Napier of Kilmahew
((e)) Katherine Colquhoun
  m. (1659) John Drummond of Pitkellenie
  ((B)) Jean Colquhoun
  m1. (mcrt 29.10.1626) Alan Cathcart, 5th Lord (b c1600, d 18.08.1628)
  m2. Sir Duncan Campbell of Auchinbreck (d 1645)
  m3. (before 01.04.1656) Sir William Hamilton, Bart (dsp 25.06.1681, of Abercorn family)
  ((4)) Jean Colquhoun
  m. Sir Matthew Stewart of Minto (Provost of Glasgow)
((5)) Margaret Colquhoun
  m. (1585) Sir James Edmonstone, 6th of Duntreath (d 1618)
  (b) Helen Colquhoun --
  m. William (probably not James) Cunningham of Aiket --
  (c) Marion Colquhoun
  m. Colin Campbell of Ardkinglas
  (d) Elizabeth Colquhoun probably of this generation
  m. (1539) Iver Campbell, 10th of Strachur (d c1600)
  (e)+ other issue - James of Garscube, Adam, Patrick
  (ii) James Colquhoun
(iii) Walter Colquhoun ancestor of Colquhouns of Kilmardinny, Craigton, etc.
  (iv) John Colquhoun (rector of Stobo)
  (v) daughter ("eldest") possibly of this generation, identified as of this marriage
  m. Adam Montgomery, 4th of Braidstone (d c1550)
  (vi) Marion Colquhoun
  m1. (before 02.1548-9) Robert Boyd, 4th Lord of Kilmarnock (d before 10.05.1558)
  m2. Thomas Crawford of Jordanhill
(vii) Elizabeth or Marjory Colquhoun
  m1. Duncan Campbell, 4th of Glenorchy (d 05.09.1536)
  m2. John Maxwell, 1st of Dargavel (d before 19.06.1556)
  m3. (before 19.06.1556) Patrick Fleming
  (viii) Katharine Colquhoun
  m. (17.06.1543) Duncan Macfarlane of that ilk (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m2. Margaret Cuninghame (dau of William Cuninghame, 2nd of Craigends)
  (ix) Giles Colquhoun
m. William Chirnside (rector of Luss)
  (x)+ other issue - Thomas, Archibald, daughter
  Possibly of this generation, but by which wife is unknown (the 2nd?), was ...
  (xiii) Margaret Colquhoun
  m. Hugh Crawfurd of Kilbirnie (d 1576)
  (B) Agnes Colquhoun (a 1528)
  m1. James Galbraith of Culcreuch
  m2. John Somerville, 4th Lord (b c1484, dsp 27.10.1522)
  (C) Elizabeth Colquhoun
  m. James Cunningham of Polmaise
  (D)+ Walter of Lettyr, Patrick, Humphrey of Lettyr, Archibald
  m2. Marion Baillie (dau of William Baillie of Lamington)
(2) Robert Colquhoun, Bishop of Argyle (a 1473)
  (3) Margaret Colquhoun --
  m. Sir David Murray of Tullibardine (d 1451-2) --
  m2. (c1462) Elizabeth Dunbar (dau of James Dunbar, Earl of Moray)
  (4) son
  ii. Isabel or Margaret Colquhoun
  m. David Douglas of Mains
C. Patrick Colquhoun, 1st of Glens or Glinns (b c1370, d c1460)
  The following connection and data were kindly provided by a contributor (AMcF, 02.01.04).
  i. Patrick Colquhoun, 2nd of Glens (b after 1440, d after 1489)
  m. Margaret Hamilton (b after 1460)
  a. John Colquhoun, 3rd of Glens (b c1475)
  m. Catherine Stuart
b. Adam Colquhoun (b c1485, d after 1534, rector of Sobo)
  m. Elizabeth Colville
  (1) Elizabeth Colquhoun (b c1515)
  m. George Elphinstone, 1st of Blythswood (b c1510, d c1554)
  c. Patrick Colquhoun, 1st of Barrowfield, 4th of Glens
  (1) George Colquhoun, 5th of Glens, 2nd of Barrowfield (b 1501)
  m. Margaret Boyd (dau of Alexander Boyd, 3rd Lord of Kilmarnock)
(A) Margaret (Marion) Colquhoun (b 1525, d 08.1601)
  m. (mcrt 1535) Robert Boyd, 5th Lord of Kilmarnock (b c1517, d 03.01.1589-90)
  (2) Mungo Colquhoun (d c1560)
  m. _ Maxwell (dau of Maxwell of Newark)
  (A) Arthur Colquhoun, 1st of Kenmure (b c1560, d after 1597)
  D. Christian Colquhoun possibly of this generation --
  m. William Cuninghame of Glengarnock (a c1400) --
2. Robert of Colquhoun, 1st of Camstradden (d before 1439)
  m. _ MacNaughton (dau of Duncan More MacNaughton of that ilk)
  B. John Colquhoun, 2nd of Camstradden (d before 1443)
  m. Mary Galbraith (dau of Alexander Galbraith of Culcreuch)
i. Robert Colquhoun, 3rd of Camstradden (d before 1473)
  m. Elizabeth Sempill (dau of Robert Sempill of Fulwood)
  a. John Colquhoun, 4th of Camstradden (d before 10.01.1505)
  m. Jean Maxwell
  (1) Robert Colquhoun, 5th of Camstradden (d 1529)
  m. Christian Macfarlane (dau of Walter Macfarlane of that ilk)
  (A) Robert Colquhoun, 6th of Camstradden (d 1530)
  m1. Elizabeth Cunninghame
  m2. Janet Lauder (dau of Lauder of the Bass)
  Not known who was the mother of ...
  (i) John Colquhoun, 7th of Camstradden (d 04.06.1564)
  m. Christian Lindesay (dau of John Lindesay of Bonhill) @@ below
  (B) Margaret Colquhoun
  m. John Lindesay of Bonhill
  (i) Christian Lindesay
  m. John Colquhoun, 7th of Camstradden (d before 06.1564) @@ above
  ii. Elizabeth Colquhoun possibly of this generation
  m. John Blair of Adamtoun (d before 1515)
3. Patrick Colquhoun

Main source(s): BP1934 (Colquhoun), BLG1886 & BLG1952 (Campbell-Colquhoun of Killermont)
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