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Families covered: Colville of Hiltoun, Colville of Ochiltree, Colville of Oxnam (Oxenham)

Philip de Colville of Oxnam and Helton (a 1154)
1. Thomas de Colville of Oxnam (d 1219)
  m. Amabilis
  A. Sir John de Colville of Oxnam and Ochiltree
  i. William Colville of Oxnam and Ochiltree (d c1280)
  m. _ (dau of Sir John de Normanville)
  a. Sir Thomas Colville of Oxnam (d c1322)
  (1) William Colville of Spindleston and Botel (dsp)
  (2) Sir Robert Colville of Oxnam and Ochiltree (d before 02.04.1341)
m. Katerina
  (A) Sir Robert Colville of Oxnam (a 1397)
  (i) Sir Thomas Colville of Oxnam (d before 04.02.1402-3)
  m. Margaret Lindsay (dau of Sir James Lindsay of Crawford)
  (a) Robert Colville of Oxnam (d c1449)
  m. Margaret Colville
  ((1)) Sir Robert Colville of Oxnam and Ochiltree (d before 10.1466)
m. (before 02.1450-1) Christian Crichton (d before 03.1478, dau of Sir Robert Crichton of Sanquhar)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Colville of Ochiltree (d before 24.01.1488-9)
  m. Eufame Wallace
  ((i)) Sir William Colville of Ochiltree
  m1. (div before 08.1498) Elizabeth Kennedy (dau of John Kennedy, 2nd Lord)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Colville
  m1. Robert Colville, younger of Ravenscraig
  m2. Patrick Colquhoun of Pemont and Drumskeath
  (((1))) Francesca Colquhoun (d 07.1591)
  m1. Robert Colville of Cleish (d 07.05.1560)
  m2. Gilbert Mercer of Sawling
  m2. Margaret Ker (widow of John Home of Ersiltoun)
  ((b)) Margaret Colville
  m(??). Andrew Ker of Fernyhirst
  m3. Elizabeth Crichton (a 10.1539, widow of _ Campbell)
((ii)) David Colville (a 10.1513)
  ((iii)) Philip Colville (a 08.1505)
  ((iv)) James Colville (a 1548)
  ((a)) William Colville (a 1548)
  TSP does not mention this Robert having any daughters but it is thought likely that the following were his. The only plausible alternative is the Robert of Hiltoun and Ochiltree shown below as having died at Flodden. However, whilst omitting all daughters for this Robert would at least be consistent, it would have been strange for TSP to detail the illegitimate children of the Robert below and then omit daughters who made good marriages.
  ((v)) Margaret Colvill (d c05.1504) --
m. (before 09.09.1501) Sir John Sempill, 1st Lord (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
  ((vi)) Janet Colville --
  m. Alexander Boyd, 3rd Lord of Kilmarnock (a 06.1508) --
  ((2)) ? Cuthbert Colville (d before 1475)
  Connected to this family in a way that has not yet been fully determined was Robert Colville of Hiltoun. TSP doubts that he was a half-brother of Sir William, "as has been asserted", but notes that he was probably a contemporary of Sir William's father.
  ((3)) ?? Colville
  ((A)) Robert Colville of Hiltoun (a 1495)
  m. Margaret Logan
  ((i)) Robert Colville of Hiltoun and Ochiltree (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Elizabeth Arnot (d before 31.01.1527-8, dau of Walter Arnot of Balbarton)
  (b) ? Sir Thomas Colville
  (3) Philip Colville of Spindleston and Botel (dsp)
  m. Agnes Mordlington (dau of Peter Mordlington of that ilk)
  b. Eustacia Colville
  m. (sp?) Sir Reginald le Chen of Inverugie (d by 1293)
  B. William de Colville of Kinnaird
  C. Thomas de Colville of Ochiltree
  D. daughter
  m. _ Marshall
  E. daughter
  m. _ Maitland
  F. daughter
  m. _ Heron
  G. daughter (d unm)

Main source(s): TSP (Colville of Culross)
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