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Families covered: Congalton of Congalton, Hepburn of Keith

William de Congalton (d by 1214)
1. Sir Walter de Congalton
  A. Walter de Congalton (a 1296)
  m. Mabilla
  i. Sir John Congalton
  a. Adam Congalton of that ilk (a 1357)
  (1) Henry Congalton of that ilk (d 1410)
  (A) John Congalton of that ilk
  (i) Richard Congalton of that ilk (a 1463)
  m. Agnes Whitelaw (dau of _ Whitelaw of that ilk)
(a) Henry Congalton of that ilk (d before 1543)
  m. Agnes Inglis (dau of _ Inglis of Murthockston)
  ((1)) Richard Congalton (a 1527, dvp)
  ((A)) Robert Congalton of that ilk
  m. Elizabeth Hepburn (dau of _ Hepburn of Beinston)
  ((i)) Oliver Congalton of that ilk (d after 05.1548)
  ((ii)) Patrick Congalton of that ilk (d c1600) - continued below
  m. Margaret Hepburn (dau of _ Hepburn of Waughton)
  ((iii)) Richard Congalton
  ((iv)) Margaret Congalton
  m. Francis Borthwick of Ballincrieff
((B)) Henry Congalton
  ((2)) Sir John Congalton (a 05.1523)
  ((3)) Margaret Congalton
  m. John Hepburn of West Forton (cousin)
  ((4)) daughter
  m. John Scougal
  (b) daughter --
  m. James Heriot of Trabroun (d before 1483, judge) --
  (c) Christian Congalton
  m. John Lumsden (son of David of that ilk)
  (ii) Roger Congalton (3rd son)
  (a) Sir Andrew Congalton
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward of West Fenton, John, Thomas, Edmund, Archibald



Patrick Congalton of that ilk (d c1600) - continued above
m. Margaret Hepburn (dau of _ Hepburn of Waughton)
1. William Congalton of that ilk (d 1608)
  m1. Mary Hay (dau of John Hay, Lord Yester)
  A. William Congalton of that ilk
  m. (mcrt 1609) Margaret Bruce (dau of _ Bruce of Bangour by William's stepmother Helen Hamilton)
i. Patrick Congalton of that ilk
  m. (mcrt 1639) Beatrix Johnston (dau of _ Johnston of Wariston, Senator)
  a. William Congalton of that ilk
  m. Jean Ireland (dau of John Ireland of Millhorn by _ Hepburn, heiress of Keith)
  (1) Robert Congalton, later Hepburn of Keith (a 1749)
  m. Anne Murray (dau of Sir William Murray, Bart of Clermont)
  (A) James Hepburn of Keith
  m1. Catherine Rickart (dau of David Rickart of Rickartoun)
(i) Robert Hepburn, later Hepburn-Rickart of Rickarton, later also of Congalton
  m. Anne Murray (dau of Col. William Murray)
  (a)+ issue - James, William, Anne, Christian, Graham
  (ii) David Hepburn (Colonel)
  m. (05.09.1774) Bethia Graham (dau of _ Graham of Damside)
  (a) James Hepburn in Kent
  (b) Francis Hepburn of The Hooke (d 07.06.1835, Major General) had issue
m. (07.1820) Henrietta Poole (d 10.10.1862, dau of Sir Henry Poole, 5th/last Bart of Poole and The Hooke)
  (iii) Catherine Hepburn
  m. David Graham of Gorthie and Braco (d 04.1792, General)
  (iv)+ other issue - Anne, Janet
  m2. Christian Denune (dsp 12.1769, dau of Rev. William Denune)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (d 1715), Alexander (d 1743)
  (2) Charles Congalton of Congalton
  m. Janet Lauder (dau of Sir John Lauder, Bart of Fountainhall)
  (A) William Congalton of Congalton
  m1. (1732) Helen Calderwood (dsp 1733, dau of Sir William Claderwood of Polton)
  m2. Mary Bethune (dau of David Bethune of Balfour)
  (i) Charles Congalton of Congalton
  m. Anne Elliot (dau of Sir Gilbert Elliot, Bart of Minto)
  (a)+ issue - William, Gilbert, Eleanor
  (ii)+ other issue - David, Henry, Andrew, John, Hugh, Janet, Anne, Isabella, Jean
  (3) Alexander Congalton in Dublin (a 1715) had issue
(4) Patrick Congalton
  (5) Francis Congalton in Edinburgh (surgeon)
  m. Rosina Browne (dau of James Browne, surgeon in Edinburgh)
  (A) Charles Congalton in Edinburgh (surgeon)
  m. Agnes Mackintosh (dau of John Mackintosh, surgeon in Edinburgh)
  (i)+ issue - Margaret, Rosina Agnes
  (B)+ other issue including Mary
  B.+ other issue - Robert, Alexander, Patrick
  m2. (after 03.1602) Helen Hamilton (dau of (James) Hamilton of Kilbrackmont)
  E.+ other issue - James, David, Marian
2. Margaret Congalton
  m. (mcrt 1585) David Lumsdain of Blenearn
3. Isabel Congalton
  m. Robert Hepburn of Polton
4. Barbara Congalton
  m. George Aitchison (son of Alexander of Gosford)
5.+ other issue - John, Robert, James, Francis

Main source(s): Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (1798, Congalton of that ilk), BLG1886 (Hepburn of The Hooke)
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