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Families covered: Coningsby of Chapell, Coningsby of Coningsby (Coningsbie), Coningsby of Leominster, Coningsby of Nenne Solers

Sorlebor de Cuningesbi (a c1160) after whom came ...
1. John de Coningsbie of Coningesbie (d Chesterfield 1266)
  m. ?? Badlesmere (sister (sb aunt?) of Bartholmew, Lord Badlesmere of Leeds)
  A. John de Coningsbie first to be mentioned by Visitation (Shropshire)
  m. Margert de Solers (dau of Roger de Solers of Nene Solers)
  i. Sir Roger de Coningsbie of Nene Solers and Morton Bagot (a 1321)
  m. Joan Bagott (dau of Sir Roger or John Bagott of Morton Bagot, son of Sir William)
  a. John de Coningsbie (d 1366-7)
  Visitation identifies John's wife Agatha as Thomas Clynton of Badesley. Collins confirms this (spelling his estate as Badsley-Clinton) and identifies her mother as Maud, dau of Sir Ralph Bracebridge. This suggests that Thomas Clinton was the same person as the Thomas de Clinton of Amington and Maxstoke, who married a Maud, dau of Sir Ralph Bracebridge, but we note that the dates, whilst not denying this possibility, make this look more speculative than we like for making the connection.
  m. Agatha Clinton (dau of Thomas Clinton of Badesley)
  (1) William Coningsbie (dsp)
  (2) Joan Coningsbie
  m. John Lee or Lea
  (A) William Lea
  (i) Alice Lea
  m1. John Stolus
  m2. Richard Archard
  (3) Alice Coningsbie
  m. _ Power of Worcestershire
  b. Sir William Coningsby (a 1346)
  m. Bennet or Beatrix de Frene (dau of Ingram de Frene or Fearne)
  (1) Thomas Coningsby (a 1366)
BE1883, which starts properly with the Sir Humphrey who was father of Thomas who married Cicely Salway, says of this Thomas that "A Thomas de Coningsbie certainly distinguished himself in the martial reign of Edward III, and participated in the glory of Poictiers, and the family of which we are about to treat may have sprung from him, but of that there is no evidence." Collins and Visitation provide the connection.
  m. Theopania de Almaine (dau of Sir John de Almaine of Conque)
  (A) John Coningsby
  m. Alice Sonor (dau of Thomas Stonor of Oxfordshire)
  (i) Thomas Coningsby (a 1400)
  m. Blanch Hawcliffe
  (a) Thomas Coningsby of Nene Solers
  m. Elizabeth Whetthill (dau of John Whethill of Whetthill)
((1)) Humphrey Coningsby of Nene or Nenne Solers - continued below
  m. Blanche Corbet (dau of Robert Corbet)
  ((2)) Thomas Coningsby of Rock, Worcestershire
  m. Catharine Waldiffe
  The following is supported by Robinson (Hereford, 'Coningsby of Hampton Court', p168).
  ((A)) Sir Humphrey Coningsby (a 1510, judge)
  m. Ann Fereby of Lincolnshire (heir, widow of James Pickering)
  ((i)) Thomas Coningsby of Hampton Court, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1558)
  m. Cicely Salwey (dau/coheir of John Salwey of Stanford)
  ((ii)) Sir William Coningsby of Wallington, Norfok (a 1540, judge)
  m. _ Thoresby of Yorkshire (sb Norfolk?)
((a)) Christopher Coningsby (d Mussleborough)
  m. Anne Wodehouse (dau of Sir Roger Wodehouse, widow of Sir Thomas Ragland)
  (((1))) Amia Coningsby
  m. _ _ Clarke
  (((2))) Anne Coningsby
m. _ Balam
  (((3))) Elizabeth Coningsby
  m. _ Gawdie
  ((iii)) John Coningsby of North Mimms
  m. Elizabeth Frowick (dau of Henry Frowick of North Mimms and Oldford)
  ((iv)) Elizabeth Coningsby
  m. Richard Berkeley of Stoke (d 1514)
  ((v)) Margaret Coningsby
  m. Sir Christopher Hildyard of Winestead (d 1538)
  ((vi)) Joan Coningsby
  m. George Ralegh of Farnborough
  ((vii)) Ann Coningsby
  m. Sir Thomas Tindall of Norfolk
  ((B)) daughter
  m. Sir James Fitzjames of Dorset
  ((C)) daughter
  m. _ Soley of Worcestershire
  (B) Guy Coningsby
  c. Thomas de Coningsbie (dsp)



Humphrey Coningsby of Nene or Nenne Solers - continued above
m. Blanche Corbet (dau of Robert Corbet)
1. John Coningsby of Nenne Solers 'of Mansell'
  m. (Anne) Meysey (dau of ?? Meysey of Shakenhurst)
  A. Humphrey Coningsby of Nenne Solers
  Visitation identifies Humphrey's wife as a daughter of Lucas of Essex. Thanks to a contributor (MF, 04.09.10) for reporting that this was ...
  m. Margaret Lucas (dau of Jasper Lucas of Saxham)
  i. John Coningsby of Nenne Solers
  m. Anna Barnaby
  a. Humphrey Coningsby of Nenne Solers
b. Katherine Coningsby
  ii. Anne Coningsby possibly of this generation
  m. Oliver Brigges of Ernestre (d 1596)
2. William Coningsby
  m. _ Heath (dau of Baldwin Heath)
  A. Humphrey Coningsby of Chapell, Warwickshire
  m. _ Corbet of Salop
  i. Edward Coningsby of Chapell
3. Edward Coningsby (dsp)
4. Richard Coningsby of Leominster
  m. Matilda Furnewall (dau of John Furnewall of Gloucestershire)
  A. Thomas Coningsby of Leominster (a 1623)
  m. Elianora Hacklet (dau of ?? Hacklet of Eyton)
  i. Humphrey Coningsby
  m. _ Windham
  ii. Thomas Coningsby (3rd son)
  m. _Sadler
  iii. Gilbert Coningsby
  m. Joyce Evans (dau of Thomas Evans)
  iv. Winifrid Coningsby
  m. Simon Barington
  v. Elizabeth Coningsby
  m. George Ketleby of Steple
  vi.+ issue (a 1623) - Robert, George, Fortuna
  B. Humphrey Coningsby of Morton Bagot
  m. Elianora Copley (dau of Roger Copley of Sussex)
  i.+ issue (a 1623) - Nicholas, Thomas, Humphrey, William, Edward
  C. William Coningsby
  D. Richard Coningsby of Harksteed
  m. Dorothy Glenham (dau of Edward Glenham of Reten)
  i.+ issue (a 1623) - Beaumont, Dorothy
  partner unknown
  E. Henry Coningsby
  m. _ Calcott
  i. Richard Coningsby
  m. _ Barker

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Collins (1741, vol iii, 'Coningsby, Countess of Coningsby', p264+), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, 'Coningsby of Niend Solers, Salop, and Morton Bagot, co. Staff.')
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, 'Coningsby of Niend Solers, Salop, and Morton Bagot, co. Staff.')
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