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Families covered: Corfield of Chatwall Hall, Corfield of Longville, Corfield of Penryn, Corfield of Shrewsbury

Richard Corfhull of Corfhull, Longvill & Catwall, Salop
m. Abigail de Lutwyche (dau of John de Lutwyche of Lutwyche Hall)
1. John Corfield (b before 1490, d 1561)
  m. Johanna Langford (dau of James Langford or Longford of family of Longford, Derbyshire)
A. Richard Corfield of Longville & Chatwall Hall
  m. Ann Acton (dau of Richard Acton of Acton Scott by Cicely, dau of Roger Mytton by Agnes, dau of Sir Edward Grey of Enville)
  i. John Corfield of Longville & Chatwall Hall
  m. Johanna Warter (dau of John Warter of de Villa)
  a. Thomas Corfield of Longville and Chatwall Hall (bur 22.02.1598)
  m. Joan Smallman (dau of _ Smallman of Wilderhope Hall)
  (1) Thomas Corfield of Chatwall Hall (bur 21.12.1657) - continued below
  m. Anne Russell (b c1589, bur 17.08.1650, dau of Edward Russell of Enchmash & Lidley Hayes)
  (2) William Corfield of Grelton, Rushbury
  m. _ Stevens (d 1667, dau of Thomas Stevens)
  (A) John Corfield
  (3) Dorothy Corfield
  m. (11.02.1602) Thomas Russell of Lidley Hayes
  (4) Marjorie Corfield (bur 15.02.1599)
  (5) Mary Corfield
  m. Joseph Smith of Line-under-Heywood
  (6) Catherine Corfield
  m. Philip Mullard
  b. Ralph Corfield of Longville
  (1) William Corfield of Longville
  m. Elizabeth
  (A) Thomas Corfield of Longville
  m. Elizabeth Russell
  (B) William Corfield
  m. Joice Williams (dau of John Williams of Grelton, m2. Humphrey James of Edenhope)
  (C) Mary Corfield
  m. Richard of Plash Wood
  c. Richard Corfield of Oxnebold, Long Staunton
  m. _ Chirchman of Wentlock
  (1) Richard Corfield of Longfield
  m. Frances Doughty (dau of William Doughty of Bourton)
  (A) Ralph Corfield (bur 28.04.1683)
  (B) George Corfield of St. Savio, Southwark
  m. Katherine Smith (dau of William Smith of Great Sanford)
  (i) John Corfield ancestor of Corfield of the City of London
  d. William Corfield ancestor of Corfields of Knowle Lodge, Somerset
  e. Mary Corfield
  m. Richard Egerton
  f. Elizabeth Corfield
  m. Richard Harris (son of _ Harris of Lebotwood)
  ii. William Corfield of Chatwall (a 10.1599)
  B. Ralph Corfield of Longville (d 02.07.1573) ancestor of Corfields of Longville
  m. Alice Addams (dau of John Addams)
  C. William Corfield of Burton (4th son)
  m. (09.02.1545) Elizabeth Ball
  D. Margaret Corfield
  m. _ Benthall of Benthall
  E.+ other issue - Thomas of Sweeney, John (vicar of Preen)
2. William Corfield ancestor of Corfield of Hughley, Salop
3. Thomas Corfield
  A.+ issue - Sir William (bur 22.05.1546, priest at Wenlock), John, Sir Andrew



Thomas Corfield of Chatwall Hall (bur 21.12.1657) - continued above
m. Anne Russell (b c1589, bur 17.08.1650, dau of Edward Russell of Enchmash & Lidley Hayes)
1. Richard Corfield of Chatwall Hall (bpt 15.02.1613)
  m. Sarah Maunsell (bur 21.03.1688, dau of Roger Maunsell of Cardington & Bowneford)
  A. Thomas Corfield (bpt 06.08.1649, d unm 16.01.1707, vicar of Cardington)
  B. Richard Corfield of Chatwall Hall (b 04.11.1657, d 07.10.1710)
  m1. Katherine Walthall (d 16.01.1692, dau of John Walthall of Shrewsbury)
  i. Thomas Corfield of Chatwall Hall & Wilstone House, Cardington (bpt 13.07.1678, d 12.05.1732)
  m1. Hannah Russell (d 24.01.1757, dau of William Russell of Wilstone House)
  a. Edward Corfield of Chatwall Hall (dsp 1745)
  m. Elizabeth Mytton (dau of Thomas Mytton of Shepton Hall & Cleobury North)
  b. John Corfield of Chatwall Hall (bpt 09.03.1712, dsp 1775)
  m. Mary Tyler (dau of William Tyler of Wem)
  c.+ 2 sons and 4 daughters
  m2. Elizabeth Glace (dau of Edward Glace of Rushbury)
  i. Richard Corfield of Axminster, later of Chatwall Hall (bpt 14.09.1714) had issue
  m. Martha (b 1711/2, bur 28.02.1797)
  j. John Corfield of Hoxton (b 26.12.1716, bur 28.10.1791)
  m. (23.03.1752) Barbara Cuthbart of London (dsp 17.03.1795)
  k. Thomas Corfield (b 17.06.1720, d 19.02.1801) had issue
  m. Elizabeth
  ii. Richard Corfield of Chatwall (b 04.09.1683, d 01.09.1753)
  m. (04.05.1719) Elizabeth Russell (d 08.12.1720, dau of Edward Russell of Enchmarsh)
  a. Anne Corfield (b 1720)
  m. Richard Rawlins (son of John of Lydley Hayes)
  iii. William Corfield (b 06.03.1689, bur 04.07.1759, 4th son)
  m. (04.05.1712) Elizabeth Harrington (d 1728, dau of Edward Harrington of Church Stretton)
  a. William Corfield of Cardington & Shrewsbury (b 14.09.1714)
  m1. Joice Palmer (d 04.1751, dau of Roger Palmer, son of Roger of Cardington)
  (1) William Corfield of Shrewsbury
  (A) Sarah Corfield
  m. (1799) William Egerton Jeffreys of Tilley Park
  (B) Mary Corfield
  (2) Thomas Corfield of Shrewsbury
  m. Elizabeth
  (A) John Corfield
  (B) William Corfield (rector of Pitchford & Upton Waters) had issue
  (3) Richard Corfield of Plymouth & Penryn (b 03.05.1743, d 04.01.1811)
  m1. Susannah Wilmot (b 03.05.1745, d 17.07.1801)
  (A) John Corfield (b 18.06.1767, dspm 08.09.1825)
  m. Joan Cary (dau of Col. John Cary)
  (B) Thomas Corfield (b 01.02.1779, d 04.12.1833, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Mary Tresidder (d 19.02.1852, dau of John Tressider of Tregonizzie)
  (C) William Wilmot Corfield of The Retreat, Mayor of Penryn, Cornwall (b 13.12.1785, d 01.04.1847, 5th son) had issue
  m. (16.09.1806) Mary Rogers (b 1766/7, d 17.02.1865, dau of Sampson Rogers of Penryn by Florence, dau of John Tregoning of Gwennap)
  (D) Barbara Corfield (b 16.12.1768)
  m. John Pearce of Plymouth
  (E) Martha Corfield (b 14.12.1774, dsp)
  m. Peter Rogers (son of Sampson)
  (F) Mary Corfield (b 25.12.1776)
  m. John Morman of Roseland (Captain RN)
  (G) Susannah Corfield (b 04.03.1781)
  m. Richard Chegwin of Plymouth
  (H)+ other issue - Richard (b 26.01.1771, d 1836), Samuel (b 12.03.183, d Martinique 20.03.1809, Major), Elizabeth (b 04.03.1773, d 09.12.1788)
  m2. Mary (b 1766/7, dsp 06.06.1832)
  m2. Mary (a 1751)
  (4)+ other issue
  b. Edward Corfield (b 1716, d young)
  c. Richard Corfield of Little Stretton (b 19.06.1719) had issue
  d. Elizabeth Corfield (b 1718)
  m. John Shepherd of Stone Acton
  iv. Anne Corfield
  m. (06.02.1703) Richard Hammond
  v.+ other issue - John (bpt 10.11.1686, d 04.08.1706), Edward (bpt 27.09.1691, bur 13.01.1692), Katherine (d 1685)
  m2. Mary Walthall (d 09.06.1735, dau of Arthur Walthall of Edge)
  viii. Walthall Corfield (bpt 22.11.1706, d 1727)
  C. Christopher Corfield (b 1656) ancestor of Corfield of Oaks Hall, Pontesbury
  D. William Corfield (b 1668/9, d 30.06.1731) ancestor of Corfield of Church Stretton
  m(2). Margaret Haynes (d 1646)
  i. Thomas Corfield of Little Stretton (b 1726, d 1799)
  m. Martha
  a. Joseph Corfield (b 1767)
  m. Martha
  (1) George Corfield
  m. Mary
  E. Sarah Corfield (b 1650)
  m. (1669) Richard Davis of Flannion
  F. Rachel Corfield (b 1654)
  m. Richard Rawlins (dau of Richard of Lidley Hayes)
  G. Anne Corfield (b 17.10.1666, d 13.01.1685)
  m. George Corfield of Grelton
2. Thomas Corfield ancestor of Corfield of Blackhurst
  m. (17.07.1636) Elizabeth Griffiths
3. Anne Corfield
  m. (25.05.1661) William Flavill (son of Richard of Cardington)
4. Joan Corfield
  m. William Oakley (vicar of Cardington)
5. Sarah Corfield
  m. (12.02.1663) Richard Hooper of Cardington

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Corfield of Chatwall Hall)
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