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Families covered: Crackenthorpe of Brougham, Crackenthorpe of Howgill, Crackenthorpe of Newbigging

William de Crackenthorpe probably father of ...
1. Robert de Crackenthorpe (a 1342)
m. Emma de Newbigging (dau/heir of Richard de Newbigging (a 1317, by Emma Threlkeld) son of Robert (a 1307/1313, by Agnes Wackerfield) son of Thomas (by _ Vaux) son of John (by _ Barton) son of John (by _ Blennerhasset) son of Laurence (a temp Henry 2 who r. 1154-1189, by _ Wharton) son of Robert de Newbiggin (dapifer of Appleby))
  A. William Crackenthorpe of Newbigging, Westmorland (a 1344, 1391)
  m. _ Grimston
  i. John Crackenthorpe of Newbigging & Ousby (Cumberland) (d 01.1436, MP)
  H&A identifies John's wife as _ Brisco. This and the next couple of generations are supported by information found in the MP section of HoP. That site identifies John's wife (and mother of his sons) as ...
  m. Alice Salkeld (dau/coheir of Roger Salkeld of Ousby & Salkeld by Joan, dau of Thomas Beaumont)
  H&A shows John as father of 3 sons: John, Sir William & Robert, with John being his successor. HoP reports that John had 5 sons, naming William, Thomas & Robert with William being his successor. We follow that site and presume that John was one of the younger sons.
a. William Crackenthorpe of Newbigging (d 29.04.1439, MP)
  m. Margaret Sandford named Margaret by HoP, identified as a Sandford by H&A
  (1) John Crackenthorpe of Newbigging & Brougham (d 1466-7)
  m. _ Leyburn
  (A) John Crackenthorpe of Newbigging & Brougham
  m. (Isabella) Musgrave
  (i) Christopher Crackenthorpe of Newbigging
  H&A identifies Christopher's wife as a Blenkinsop of Helbreck (sb Holbeck?). Various web sites identify her as ...
m. Anne Blenkinsop (dau of Thomas Blenkinsop by Margaret, dau of Richard Salkeld)
  (a) Henry Crackenthorpe of Newbigging
  m1. _ Dalston
  m2. _ Sandford
m3. _ Carnaby of Halton Tower
  H&A identifies Henry's 4th wife, and mother of his children as Winifred, sister of Sir Christopher Pickering. We have seen her identified in some web sites as dau of Christopher Pickering by Winifred Threlkeld. Provisionally, we presume to show her as follows but please note that this is speculative.
m4. Winifred Pickering (dau of William Pickering (by Winifred Threlkeld), brother pf Sir Christopher Pickering)
  ((1)) Christopher Crackenthorpe of Newbigging - continued below
  m. Mary Bellingham (dau of Sir James Bellingham of Levins)
  ((2)) Richard Crackenthorpe (d 1624, chaplain to King James I, 3rd son)
  m. Mary ("lady Honywood of Mark's Hall") ## see here ##
  ((3)) Anne Crackenthorpe
  m1. John Pennington of Seaton
  m2. Sir Richard Sandford of Howgill Castle
  ((4)) Frances Crackenthorpe
  m. _ Laithes
  ((5)) Winifred Crackenthorpe
  m1. _ Hutton (son/heir of Sir William Hutton)
  m2. _ Warcop (clergyman)
  ((6)) Barbara Crackenthorpe
m. Sir Richard Fletcher of Hutton
  ((7))+ other issue - William, Henry
  (b) John Crackenthorpe ancestor of Crackenthorpes of Little Strickland
  (ii) William Crackenthorpe of Brougham
  m. Margaret
  (a) John Crackenthorpe of Brougham
  (iii) daughter shown by some web sites as of this family, of this generation
m. John Vaux of Caterlin
  (iv) Elizabeth Crackenthorpe possibly of this generation
  m. Gilbert Wharton of Kirkby Thore
  (v) Ann Crackenthorpe possibly fits here (noting various family connections)
  m. Alexander Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh (a 1543)
  (B) Johanna Crackenthorpe probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Musgrave (d 1515, brother of Isabella)
(2)+ other issue - Thomas (d Towton 1461, Sheriff of Cumberland), James (d Towton 1461)
  b. Thomas Crackenthorpe (MP)
  m. Margaret (widow of Sir Christopher Moreseby) @@ see here @@
  c. Robert Crackenthorpe of Howgill & Skirwith (d 1438, MP)
  m. (c1413) Elizabeth Lancaster (dau/coheir of John Lancaster of Rydal & Caton by Margaret, dau of Sir William Threlkeld)
  (1)+ issue - John (b c1420), Robert
  The following connection is speculative. We presume that either John or Robert was father of ...
  (A) Anthony Crackenthorp of Howgill
  (i) Ann Crackenthorp
  m. Thomas Sandford of Askham (d 1564)
  d. John Crackenthorpe (d 1435-6)
  m. _ Blencow
  e. son
  f. Jane Crackenthorpe probably of this generation
  m. Roger Bird of Pireth
  ii. William Crackenthorpe of Brougham (MP)



Christopher Crackenthorpe of Newbigging - continued above
m. Mary Bellingham (dau of Sir James Bellingham of Levins)
1. Henry Crackenthorpe (dsp Wigan 1651)
m. _ Featherston
2. Richard Crackenthorpe of Newbigging
  m1. Mary Dalston (dau of Sir Christopher Dalston of Acornbank)
  A. Christopher Crackenthorpe of Newbigging (b c1632, 2nd son)
  m. Ann Rawlinson (dau of Robert Rawlinson of Cark Hall)
  i. Richard Crackenthorpe of Newbigging
  m. Deborah Mottram (dau/coheir of Samuel Mottram of Thorp Hall)
  a. Mottram Crackenthorpe of Newbigging (d unm)
  b. Ann Crackenthorpe
  m. Adam Askew of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  c.+ other issue - Henry (d infant), Deborah (d unm)
  ii. Christopher Crackenthorp (dsp, 3rd son)
  m. _ Glyn (dau of Sir William Glyn of Broadlane, Bart)
iii.+ other issue - Robert, Mary
  B. Thomas Crackenthorpe (4th son)
  m. Mary Threkeld (dau of _ Threkeld of Melmerby)
  i. Richard Crackenthorpe of Newbigging
  m. Dorothy Crew (dau of Edward Crew of London)
  a. James Crackenthorpe of Newbigging aka Newbiggin Hall (dsp, 2nd youngest son)
  m. Anne Vane (dau of George Vane of Long Newton)
  b. Dorothy Crackenthorpe (b 1719-20, d 06.1792)
  m. (09.12.1741) William Cookson of Penrith (b c1711, d 12.1787)
  Their eldest son inherited Newbiggin Hall and assumed the name Crackenthorpe (or Crackanthorpe).
  c.+ other issue - Richard, Christopher, John, Thomas, Mary, Susan, Anne, Catherine
  H&A reports that most of the children died young and identifies James as the only surviving son.
  ii. Christopher Crackenthorpe of Newbigging (dsp)
  m. Dorothy Sandford (dau of William Sandford of Askham)
  iii. Mary Crackenthorp
  C.+ other issue - Henry (d young), John, William, Mary, Barbara
  m2. Lettice Lowgher (dau of Rev. _ Lowgher of Staffordshire, relict of Thomas Denton of Warnell)
  H.+ other issue - George, James, Richard, Francis, Lettice
3. Frances Crackenthorpe
  m. _ Darcie of York
4. Dorothy Crackenthorpe
  m. John Philipson of Calgarth
5. Elizabeth Crackenthorpe
  m. _ Birkbeck of Orton
6.+ other issue - Robert (d unm), Isabel

Main source(s): 'The history and antiquities of the counties of Westmorland and Cumberland' by Joseph Nicolson & Richard Brun (vol 1, 1777) (referred to above as "H&A") with some support for the lower section from FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Crackenthorpe of Crackenthorpe', p47)
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