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Families covered: Cradock (Cariadog of Caradog) of Newton

Most of this page was originally sourced from various web sites. However, on 03.04.20 it was found in Meyrick's report on Lewys Dwnn 's visitations. [Remnants from the input from various web sites are shown in italics). Meyrick starts with Rhydderch alias Roderick except to show him in the pedigree as son of Iestyn ap Gergene. However, Meyrick adds in a note that "it appears almost impossible that (Rhydderch) could have been a son of Iestyn ap Gwrgan".
Rhyydderch alias Roderick ap Prince Owen ap King Howel Dda
1. Cariadog
  A. Rhydderch, lord of Pembroke
m. Margaret (dau of Howell ap Rees ap Tewdwr)
  i. Gronwy
  a. Howell, lord of Ystrad Towy (in Carmarthenshire) & Newton (in Rhon, Pembrokeshire) (d 1096)
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Lord Rees Gryg)
  (1) Cariadog of Newton
  m. Catharine Perrot (dau of Sir Andrew Perrot, son (sb grandson?) of Sir Stephen by Ellen)
  (A) Wilcock Cariadog of Newton
  m. Joewan Wogan (dau of Sir Matthew Wogan of Wiston by Alice, dau/coheir of Meirchion ap Rhys)
  (i) William Cariadog
  m. Catharine (dau of Sir William Delabere)
  (a) John Cariadog of Newton
  m. Joewan (dau of Sir Elidr Ddu)
  ((1)) Robert Caradog (or Cradock)
  m. Catherin Sherborn (dau of Sir Nicholas Sherborn)
  ((A)) John Caradog (or Cradock)
Some web sites show John as m1. Nest, dau of Sir Peter Russell, m2. Alice (dau of Stephen Perriott) with him as father Sir Richard, the Chief Justice. However, Meyrick shows as follows.
  m. Nest Russell (dau of Sir Peter Russell)
  ((i)) John Caradog (or Cradock)
  m. Ankret (dau of Howell Moethe)
  ((a)) Sir Richard Cradock alias Newton of Newton (bur 12.1449, Chief Justice of England)
  BEB1841 ('Newton of Barr Court') identifies Chief Justice Sir Richard as a lineal descendant of Sir William Cradock (who married Jane Wogan, shown above as Joewan), son of Cradock ap Howell ap Grono, "Lord of Newton in Rouse".
  m. Emma Perrot (dau of Sir Thomas Perrot)

Main source(s): Visitation (Lewys Dwnn (edited by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, vol 1, 1866), Wales, 'Haetiile', p274+)
[Originally, this page had a lower section. On 03.04.20 it was moved to become the upper section of Newton02 which provides the descendants of the above Sir Richard, the Chief Justice.]
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