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Families covered: Crewe of Aston, Crewe of Crewe, Crewe of Nantwich, Crewe of Pulcroft, Crewe of Sound (Sonde), Crewe of Worleston

Henry de Criwa (a c1150)
1. ?? de Crewe probably father of ...
  A. Thomas de Crewe (a 1242, 1266)
  m. Alice
  i. Sir Thomas Crewe of Crewe (a 1284)
  m1. ??
a. Sibilla de Crewe of Aston
  m. William Praers of Barthomley
  m2. Agnes
  b. Thomas de Crewe (d 1292-3)
  m. Amicia (m2. Robert de Thykenes)
  (1) Jane (Johanna) de Crewe
  m. Richard Praers
  (2) Amicia de Crewe
  m. Thomas Prayers or Praers of Barthomley
  (3) Elianora de Crewe (dsp by 1351)
  c. David de Crewe ancestor of Crewe of Holt
  d. Nicholas de Crewe had issue
  e. Patric de Crewe (a 1301, 1310)
  m. Margaret de Worleston (dau/heir of Thomas de Worleston son of John (de Esseby of Worleston) son of William (de Esseby) by Johanna, dau/heir of Robert de Coudray by Matilda))
  (1) Thomas Crewe of Pulcroft
  m. Cecila le Guyz (dau of Adam le Guyz of Chester)
  The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Worleston').
  (A) David Crewe or Crue of Pulcroft
  m. Elen de Cholmondeley (dau/coheir of Richard de Cholmondeley)
(i) Thomas Crewe or Crue of Pulcroft (a 1403)
  (a) David Crewe or Crue of Pulcroft
  m. Johanna Sounde (dau/heir of _ Sounde of Sounde)
  ((1)) Susanna Crewe or Crue
  m. John Wettenhal of Cholmondeston
  ((2)) Alice Crewe or Crue
  m1. Geoffrey de Boydell
  m2. Thomas Brindley
((3)) Margery Crewe or Crue
  m. John or Roger Chetwode of Oakley
  ((4)) Petronilla Crewe or Crue
  m. (Hugh) Whetenall of Cholmondeston
  ((5)) Isabella Crewe or Crue
  Ormerod shows that, whilst one source (Leycester) identifies Isabella as dau/coheir of David, another (Booth) shows her as dau/heir of David's presumed brother Thomas. We follow the former which is supported by Visitation (Cheshire).
  m. Randle Leycester (son of Robert of Toft)
  (b) Thomas Crewe or Crue of Cholmondeston
  m. Juliana de Beizin (dau of Walter de Beizin)
  (2) David Crewe of Sound (a 1317, 1373)
  m1. Matilda de Grafton (dau/coheir of William de Grafton)
  (A) Thomas Crewe of Worleston (dsp by 1420)
  m2. Emmote de Ashby (dau of John de Ashby son of Sir William)
  (B) William Crewe of Sound (d 1402-3)
  m. Alicia
  (i) Thomas Crewe of Worleston (dsp 1406-7)
(ii) John Crewe of Soude & Nantwich (a 1418)
  m. _ Cholmondeley (dau of John Cholmondeley of Chorley)
  (a) Thomas Crewe
  m1/2. Elizabeth Norbury (dau of Henry Norbury, sub-treasurer of England)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Crewe
  m2/1. Margery Patricke (dau of John Patriche of Nantwich)
  ((2)) Thomas Crewe of Nantwich
m1. Ellen Venables (dau of William Venables of Golborne)
  ((A)) Peter Crewe of Worleston (a 1492)
  m. ?? Leeche (dau of John Leeche of Carden)
  m2. Frances Aston (dau of Robert Aston of Grange)
  ((B)) Robert Crewe (dsp 1504-5)
  ((C)) John Crewe of Nantwich
m. Jane Wilbraham (dau of Ralph Wilbraham of Nantwich)
  ((i)) Randulph Crewe of Wich Malbank (a 1539-40)
  m1. Anne Wright (dau of Roger Wright of Nantwich)
  m2. Jane Smith (dau of Sir Thomas Smith of Hough)
  ((ii)) Ellen Crewe
  m. Robert Minshull of Hulgreve
  ((iii)) Agnes Crewe
  ((D)) Robert Crewe of Alvaston (a 1493) had issue
  Possibly of this family, of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is not known, was ....
  ((E)) Jane Crewe
  m. Hugh Hellesby of Hellesby
  (C) Robert Crewe
  (D) Alice Crewe
  m. Richard (son of Richard son of Roger de Pull)
  (3) Patric Crewe (a 1330)
  m. Margaret
  (4) Emma Crewe
  m. John Donnes (son of John son of Richard of Wrenbury)
  (5) Margaret Crewe
  m. Hugh Roer of Stantborne
  f. William de Crewe of Aston in Mondrem
  The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Aston in Mondrem').
  m. Amicia Minshull (dau of Thomas Minshull of Minshull)
  (1) Nicholas Crewe of Aston (2nd son?)
  m. Alianora de Bromhall (dau of John de Bromhall)
  (A) William de Crewe (a 1345)
  (i) John Crewe of Aston (d 1413-4)
  (a) William Crewe of Aston
  ((1)) Elizabeth Crewe
  m1. Thomas Brindley of Wistaston
  m2. Richard Brayne of Aston
  ((2)) Matilda Crewe
  m. Peter Guyldson
  (B) Ralph Crewe of Aston
  m. Johanna Daniell (dau of Thomas Daniell of Bradley)
  (i)+ issue - Patric, Thomas of Aston
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (a 1291, 1345), Maud
  ii.+ other issue - David, William, Margery, Rose

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Crewe of Crewe') with input as reported above
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