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Families covered: Crosse of Chorley, Crosse of Crosse Hall, Crosse of Ledsham, Crosse of Liverpool, Legh of Adlington

Foster identifies this family's coat of arms as 'Quarterly: 1,4. Gules, a cross potent, argent 2,3. Or.'.
Almeryke or Almarick Crosse of Liverpool, Lancashire (a temp Edwad III who r. 1327-1377)
Commoners jumps from Almarick to his great-grandson Richard (m. Katherine). The intervening generations come from Flower.
1. William Crosse
  A. Almeryke Crosse
  i. Richard or John Crosse of Liverpool named John by Flower, Richard by Commoners
  m. Catherine (widow of William Houghton)
  a. Richard Crosse of Crosse Hall, Liverpool
(1) John Crosse of Crosse Hall (a 1460, d 1502) the first mentioned by Crisp
  m. Joane Calcott (dau of Richard Calcott of Chester) not named by Crisp
  (A) Richard Crosse of Crosse Hall
  m1. Elizabeth Walton (dau/coheir of Roger Walton of Walton)
  (i) Roger Crosse (dsp 22.04.1522)
  m. (div 14.02.1519) Letitia Norreys (d 22.04.1522, dau of Thomas Norreys of West Derby, m2. Thomas Norreys of Speke)
(ii) William Crosse (dsp before 30.04.1532)
  m. (before 19.02.1524/5) (Joan?) Banastre (a 06.1548, sister of Richard Banastre of the Bank)
  (iii) Blanche Crosse
  m. Roger Bryers (Brores) of Chorley
  (iv) Margaret Crosse (a 04.1532)
  m. Roger or George Garston of Walton
  (v)+ other issue (dsp) - John (b c1488, d before 27.02.1532/3, rector of Moulsoe), Robert, Richard (d before 30.04.1532)
  m2. Elizabeth Winstanley (dau of Edmund Winstanley of Winstanley)
  (viii) James (Jacob) Crosse of Crosse Hall (d 24.01.1557/8) - continued below
  m. Margery or Margaret Cotes
  (ix) Edmund Crosse (a 02.1532/3)
  m2. Agnes (a 08.1502) shown by Crisp
  (B) William Crosse of London (d c02.1502/3) had issue
  m. Alice
  (C)+ other issue - John (d c06.1517, rector of Turvey in Bedfordshire), Mary, Elizabeth



James (Jacob) Crosse of Crosse Hall (d 24.01.1557/8) - continued above
m. Margery or Margaret Cotes
1. John Crosse of London & Crosse Hall in Liverpool (d 24.01.1557/8) this line supported by Crisp & Flower
  m1. (mcrt 11.10.1533) Alice (a 1558, dau of Roger Ashall or Ashowe of the Hill)
  A. John Crosse of Crosse Hall (Chorley) & Crosse Hall (Liverpool) (bur 06.09.1612)
Flower identifies John's wife as Alice, dau of John Bankehall of Lancashire. Crisp identifies her as ...
  m. Alice Moore (a 08.1617, dau of John Moore of Bank Hall by Anne, dau/heir of Thomas Hawarden of Chester)
  Flower ends showing John & Alice as having just one (unnamed) daughter (by 1567). Crisp continues with ...
  i. Richard Crosse of Crosse Hall (Liverpool) (d 27.03.1619)
  m. (c1596?) Anne Langton ( dau of Robert Langton of Lowe)
  a. John Crosse of Crosse Hall (Chorley) (b 08.1600, d 03.12.1640)
  m1. Julian Banastre (bur 15.03.1625/6, dau of Henry Banastre of the Bank by Anne, dau of James Anderton of Clayton)
(1) Richard Crosse of Crosse Hall (Chorley) (b 01.09.1624, bur 18.03.158/9)
  m. Elizabeth (a 02.1688/9)
  (A) John Crosse of Crosse Hall (Chorley) (bpt 29.12.1648, d 1688)
  m. Anne Yate (dau of Rev. Samuel Yate of Middleton Cheney)
  (i) Thomas Crosse of Crosse Hall (Chorley) (d 1706)
m. (1698) Mary Clayton (a 11.1742, m2. James Parker of Bagganley)
  (a) Richard Crosse of Crosse Hall (bpt 1699, d 05.12.1742)
  m. Ann Legh (b c1705, a 1753, dau/coheir of Robert Legh (son of Thomas of Adlington) by Mary, dau of Sir Richard Standish)
  ((1)) Thomas Crosse of Crosse Hall & Shaw Hill (Leyland, Lancashire) (bpt 23.09.1723, d 14.09.1802)
  m1. (03.11.1750) Sarah Ashburner (dau of Robert Ashburner of Preston, widow of Richard Pedder of Preston)
((A)) Richard Crosse, later Legh of Adlington (Cheshire), Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1754, d 11/21.08.1822)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 (Crosse of Shaw Hill).
  m. (09.10.1787) Anne Parker (b c1768, d 17.12.1807, dau of Robert Parker of Cuerden)
  ((i)) Thomas Crosse, later Legh of Adlington (b 1795/6 or 09.1792, d 25.04.1829) had issue
  m. (1814) Louisa Newnham (b 1790-1, d 10.03.1867, dau of George Lewis Newnham of New Timber Place by Mary Diana, dau of Sir William Aston of Addington)
  ((ii)) Sarah Crosse (d 23.02.1850)
  m. (16.09.1823) Rev. Thomas Clarke (dsp 12.1837, son/heir of Henry of Liverpool & Belmont)
  ((iii)) Anne Mary Crosse (d 17.03.1848)
  m. (06.05.1828) Thomas Bright Ikin or Iken, later Crosse of Crosse Hall & Shaw Hill, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 1795-6, d 21.03.1886, MP)
  ((iv))+ other issue - Richard Townley (b 06.12.1794, d unm 27.02.1825), Jane (b 1807, d 16.06.1860)
  ((B)) Anne Crosse
  m. James Hilton of Pennington
  ((C)) Sarah Crosse (b c1753, d 03.12.1833)
  m. Thomas Wilson France of Rawcliffe Hall (b c1750, d 08.11.1828)
  ((D)) Margaret Crosse
  m. James Armetriding (b 1747-8, d 09.03.1832, rector of Steeple Aston)
  m2. (04.1766) Mary Clowes (b 1724-5, d 18.02.1800, dau of Samuel Clowes of Broughton, widow of Samuel Hilton of Pennington)
  ((2)) Legh Crosse (a 11.1742, 3rd son)
  m. Betty Cooper
  ((3)) Frances Crosse (a 11.1742)
  m. Rev. Thomas Mawdesley (b c1713)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Crosse (a 11.1742)
  m. Thomas Armetriding
  ((5)) Catherine Crosse
  m1. _ Clement
  m2. _ Wessel
  ((6))+ other issue (a 11.1742) - Charles, Anne
  (b) John Crosse (a 11.1742)
  (ii) Dorothy Crosse (bur 18.02.1720/1)
  m. Edward Farnworth of Runshaw Hall
  (iii) Anne Crosse
  m. Rev. William Lotus
  (iv) Joan Crosse (bur 05.09.1705)
  m. (20.05.1697) John France of Little Eccleston Hall (bpt 26.04.1675, bpt 27.12.1762)
(v)+ other issue (a 01.1688/9) - John, Julia(n), Frances
  (B) Joan Crosse
  m. Ralph Longworth of Upper Rawcliffe (b c1625, bur 25.01.1693/4, Captain)
  (C)+ other issue - Robert, Thomas, William, 3 sons, 2 daughters
  (2) Frances Crosse
  m2. (c02.1630/1) Frances Woolfall (a 04.1641, dau of Thomas Woolfall of Woolfall by Mary, dau of Richard Molyneux)
  (3)+ other issue (a 1640) - John of Morley & Mellor, Thomas, Robert
  b.+ other issue - Robert of Chorley & London (a 1653), William
  ii. William Crosse (a 08.1617)
  iii. Elizabeth Crosse
  m. William Chorley of Chorley
  B. Anne Crosse
  m. Laurence Ireland of Lydiate
  C.+ other issue (a 07.1575) - Richard, Robert, William, Edmond
  m2. Alice Asheton (dau of Ralph Asheton of Great Leaver)
G. Bridget Crosse
  m3. Anne Langton (a 06.1575, dau of Robert Langton of Lowe by dau of Sir Ralph Leycester of Toft)
2. Thomas Crosse of Ledsham, Cheshire this line supported by Commoners
  A. John Crosse of Ledsham
  i. Thomas Crosse of Ledsham
  a. John Crosse of Cheshire (a 1672)
  (1) John Crosse of Cheshire (b 1670, d 1738))
  (A) Catherine Crosse
  m. John Johnson of Middleton (b 1714, d 1772)
  b.+ other issue
3. Christopher Crosse (a 1564, 1602?)
4. Elizabeth Crosse
  m. George Bludworth

Main source(s): Visitation (Crisp, England & Wales, Notes, vol 9 (1911), 'Pedigree of Crosse', p100+), Visitation (William Flower, Lancashire, 1567, Cross of Liverpool) with input/support from the note on 'Crosse of Crosse Hall' within Commoners (vol 1, Cotgreave of Netherlegh, p531)
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