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Families covered: Cuninghame of Caddel, Cuninghame (Conyngham) of Glengarnock, Cuninghame of Quarreltoun, Cuninghame of Thornton

Because of the various concerns noted below, we nearly put this page into the Temporary & Draft section. However, it was decided that it may as well be released properly into the Database because, having in the past had difficulty in finding information on this family, we doubt that we will find a better source than 'Paterson's Ayr' and so must live with its apparent limitations.
Reginald Cunningham (a 1292)
m. Jonet Riddell, heiress of Glengarnock
1. Sir Gilbert Conyngham of Glengarnock (a 1296)
  m. Ann Lyle (dau of Sir Allan Lyle, Sheriff of Bute)
  Paterson lists the successive lairds as shown below. It is a presumption that succesive lairds were father & son. The closeness of the dates suggests that at least one of the following was a brother or cousin rather than son of his predecessor.
  A. Donald Conyngham of Glengarnock (a c1310)
  m. Elizabeth Linn (dau of _ Linn of that ilk)
  i. John Conyngham of Glengarnock (a c1330)
  m. Jean Crawfurd (dau of Sir Ronald Crawfurd of Loudoun)
a. Robert Conyngham of Glengarnock (a c1360)
  m. Magdalene Blair (dau of _ Blair of that ilk)
  (1) John Conyngham of Glengarnock (a c1380)
  m. Elizabeth Conyngham (dau of ?? Conyngham of Kilmaurs)
  (A) William Cuninghame of Glengarnock (a c1400)
  m. Christian Colquhoun (dau of Sir Humprey Colquhoun of Luss)
(i) Sir Humphry Cuninghame of Glengarnock
  m. Jean Buchanan (dau of (Walter) Buchanan of that ilk)
  (a) William Cuninghame of Glengarnock
  Paterson mentions only one wife for William but, noting that he witnessed a charter in 1452 (implying that he was 'of age' by that time), the dates suggest that the mother of his successor must have been an earlier wife.
  m1. ??
  ((1)) Sir William Cuninghame of Glengarnock - continued below
  m2. (c1470) Ann (Agnes) Montgomerie (dau of (Alexander) Montgomerie of Ardrossan)
  (b) Agnes Cuninghame --
  m. (c1450) Sir Andrew Moray of Abercairney --



Sir William Cuninghame of Glengarnock - continued above
Paterson suggests that William "married, about 1480, Mary, dau of Sir William Edmonston of Duntreath" but, if that was the case, she could not have been mother of the following Patrick. The Edmonstone records indicate that Mary's husband was called Humphrey (of Glengarnock) so show her below.
1. Patrick Conyngham of Glengarnock (dvp before 1478)
  A. Humphry Conyngham of Glengarnock (a 1505)
  Paterson reports that Humphrey married Marjorie Scott. We suspect that he also married ...
  m1/2. (c1480) Mary Edmonston (dau of Sir William Edmonston of Duntreath)
  m2/1. Marjorie Scott (dau of ?? Scott of Balweirie)
Not certain who was mother of ...
  i. William Conyngham of Glengarnock (a 1527)
  m. Isabella
  a. William Cuninghame of Glengarnock (d Pinkie 1547)
  m. Elizabeth Sinclair (dau of Lord St. Clair)
  (1) John Cuninghame of Glengarnock (d before 1596)
Paterson reported that "Robertson supposes him to have been twice married, as he had a daughter, Jean, married in 1565 to John Shaw of Greenock, who could not have been the daughter of Margaret, dau of Malcolm, third Lord Fleming, whom he married in 1548." TSP (Wigtown) shows him married to ...
  m. (mcrt 12.12.1540) Margaret Fleming (sister of Malcolm Fleming, 3rd Lord)
(A) William Cuninghame (dvp)
  m. Mary Sinclair (dau of Lord Sinclair)
  (i) Sir James Cuninghame of Glengarnock
  Paterson (Ayrshire, vol 2, p120) reports that Sir James sold the barony of Glengarnock to David Cuninghame of Robertland by 10.1628.
  m. (mcrt 24.03.1612) Catherine Cunningham (dau of James, 7th Earl of Glencairn) 
  (a) John Cuninghame in Ireland
  (b) William Cuninghame of Balluchaw, Ireland
  ((1)) Pannel (Penuel) Cuninghame
  m. (before 1669) Sir James Colquhoun of Luss (d 1688)
  (c) Margaret Cuninghame
  m. James Boswell of Auchinleck
  (ii) William Cuninghame of Quarreltoun
  m. _ Ross of Kirkland ??
  (a) Robert Cuninghame of Quarreltoun (d 1632)
  m. Margaret Wood
  ((1))+ issue - Robert, William, John, Margaret, Isobel
  (b) James Cuninghame (d 1614)
  (c) Margaret Cuninghame (d 1618)
  m. Robert Blair of Lochwood
(iii) Jean Cuninghame probably a duplication with Jean below
  m. (1565) John Schaw of Greenock
  (iv)+ other issue - James (d 18.05.1644), Andrew (a 1626, to Ireland)
(B) John Cuninghame, 1st of Caddell or Caddel (a 1572)
  The following comes from Paterson's Ayr (vol 1, 'Parish of Ardrossan', p231+) with some support from BLG1886 ('Wrey of Caddel and Thorntoun'), Commoners (vol 2, 'Cuninghame of Caddell and Thornton', p526+).
  m. Margaret Boyle (dau of John Boyle of Kelburne)
  (i) William Cuninghame of Caddel (a 1624) probably father of ...
  (a) John Cuninghame of Caddel
  m. Helen (sb Elizabeth?) Knox (dau of Uchter Knox of Ranfurly by Elizabeth Mure)
((1)) John Cuninghame of Caddel, later also of Thornton (d 1753)
  m1. (1699) Margaret Muir (dau of Sir Archibald Muir of Thornton, Lord Provost of Edinburgh)
  ((A)) Archibald Cuninghame of Caddel & Thornton (d 1778)
  m. (1754) Christian Macredie (dau of Andrew Macredie of Perceton or Pierceton)
  ((i)) John Cuninghame of Caddel & Thornton (b 21.10.1756, d 07.1836, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (13.08.1804) Sarah Peebles (dau of Major John Peebles by Anna, dau of Charles Hamilton of Craighlaw)
  ((ii)) Archibald Cuninghame (dsp 1799, captain, 3rd son)
  m. (1785) Mary Wallace (dau of John Wallace of Cessnock, later of Kelly)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Andrew (d 1798, captain), Margaret, Jane, Helen
  ((B)) John Cuninghame of Carmelbank
  ((i)) John Cuninghame of Carmelbank
  ((ii))+ other issue
  ((C)) Jane Cuninghame duplication just below?
  m. Thomas Boyd of Pitcon
  ((D)) HElen Cuninghame (d unm)
  ((E)) Margaret Cuninghame
  m. Archibald Crawford of Cartsburn
m2. _ Stevenson (dau of _ Stevenson of Mount Green (Mountgreenan))
  ((F))+ 16 children
  ((2)) daughter ("eldest daughter") duplication just above?
  m. (1696) Thomas Boyd of Pitcon
  ((3)) Helen Cuninghame
  m. (1697) Archibald McDonald of Sanda
  (C) Jean Cuninghame
  m. (1565) John Shaw of Greenock (d 1593)
  (D) Margaret Cuninghame
  m. Malcolm Craufurd of Kilbirnie (d 1595)
  (E) 'Lady Duchal' presumably Isobel who married ...
  m. (1565) William Porterfield 'of that ilk' of Porterfield & Duchal
  (F)+ other issue - 10 sons, 'Lady Blair', 'Lady Fullwood'
partner unknown
  (R) John Cuninghame
  (2) Elizabeth Cuninghame
  m. Alexander Schaw of Sauchie (d before 1547)
  (3) Isobel Cuninghame
  m. (1506) William Porterfield, younger of that ilk
  (4) Margaret Cuninghame
  m. John Blair of that ilk
  (5) Johanna Cuninghame possibly the Jonet (sister of John) who married ...
  m. Sir Alexander Hepburn of Whitsome (a 08.1568)
  (6) Agnes Cuninghame possibly the Agnes who married ...
  m. Walter Lecky of that ilk (d 1605)
  (7) Margaret Cuninghame probably of this generation
  m. John Blair of that ilk (d c1570)
  (8)+ other issue - William (dvp), Cuthbert, Alexander
  ii. Elizabeth Cuninghame probably of this generation
  m1. Laurence Oliphant, 1st Lord (d before 08.04.1500)
  m2. Sir John Elphinstone of Airth
2.+ other issue - Thomas, William

Main source(s): Paterson's Ayr (vol 2, Parish of Kilbirnie, p117+)
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