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Families covered: Curzon of Breedon, Curzon of Kedleston, Curzon of Penn, Curzon of Scarsdale
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John ('with the white head') Curzon of Kedleston, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (a 1440)
m. Joan Bigot (dau of Sir John Bigot or Bagot of Blithfield)
1. Richard Curzon of Kedleston (d 03.08.1496)
  m. Alice Willoughby (dau of Sir Robert Willoughby of Wollaton)
A. John Curzon of Kedleston, Sheriff of Derbyshire (a 1474, d 1513-4)
  m. Elizabeth Eyre (dau of Stephen Eyre of Hassop)
  i. Richard Curzon of Kedleston
  m. Helena Pole (dau of German Pole of Radborne)
a. John Curzon of Kedleston (dsp 1549-50, 2nd son)
  b. Francis Curzon of Kedleston (b c1524)
  m. Eleanor Vernon (dau of Thomas Vernon of Stokesay by Anne, dau of Sir John Ludlow by Elizabeth, dau of Richard Grey, Lord Powis)
  (1) John Curzon of Kedleston, Sheriff of Derbyshire (a 1611)
  m. Millicent Sacheverel (dau of Sir Ralph Sacheverel of Stanton, widow of Thomas (not Anthony) Gell of Hopton)
(A) Sir John Curzon, 1st Bart of Kedleston, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 03.11.1598, d 13.12.1686)
  m. Patience Crewe (dau of Sir Thomas Crewe of Stene)
  (i) Sir Nathaniel Curzon, 2nd Bart of Kedleston, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 17.01.1635, d 04.03.1718, 4th son)
  m. (05.07.1671) Sarah Penn (d 04.01.1727-8, dau of William Penn of Penn Moor)
  (a) Sir John Curzon, 3rd Bart of Kedleston (b c1674, d unm 06.08.1727)
  (b) Sir Nathaniel Curzon, 4th Bart of Kedleston (b 1675, d 16.11.1758)
m. (19.02.1716) Mary Assheton (b c1695, d 18.03.1776, dau of Sir Ralph Assheton, 2nd Bart of Middleton)
  ((1)) Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Lord Scarsdale (b 23.12.1726, d 06.12.1804)
  m. (27.10.1850) Caroline Colyear (d 07.02.1812, dau of Charles Colyear, 2nd Earl of Portmore)
  ((A)) Nathaniel Curzon, 2nd Lord Scarsdale (b 27.09.1851, d 26.01.1837)
m1. (11.08.1777) Sophia Susanna Noel (d 28.06.1782, dau of Edward Noel, 1st Viscount Wentworth)
  ((i)) Nathaniel Curzon, 3rd Lord Scarsdale (b 03.01.1781, d unm 12.11.1856)
  ((ii)) Sophia Caroline Curzon (dsp 03.02.1849)
  m. (05.09.1800) Robert Sewallis Shirley, Viscount Tamworth (b 09.11.1778, dvp 06.06.1824)
  m2. (1798) Felicite Anne Josephe de Wattines (d 16.12.1850)
((iii)) Alfred Curzon (b 17.04.1801, d 12.01.1850, rector of Kedleston) had issue
  m. (14.07.1825) Sophia Holden (d 09.02.1890, dau of Robert Holden of Nuttal Temple)
  ((iv)) Francis James Curzon (b 25.04.1803, d 24.05.1851)
  m. Louisa (dsp 06.11.1840)
((v)) Felicite Anne Josephe Curzon (d unm 10.04.1844)
  ((vi)) Mary Elizabeth Curzon (d 11.10.1868)
  m. (29.08.1825) John Beaumont of Barrow (d 11.03.1834)
  ((vii)) Caroline Esther Curzon (d 16.10.1886)
  m. (13.02.1827) William Drury-Lowe of Locko Park (d 26.02.1877)
((B))+ other issue - Charles William (b 1758, d 1804), John (b 1759, d 1794), David Francis (b 18.07.1761, d 1832), Henry (b 24.05.1765, d 02.05.1846, Admiral), Caroline (d unm 17.05.1841), Juliana (d unm 22.02.1835)
  ((2)) Assheton Curzon, 1st Viscount of Penn (b 02.02.1729-30, d 21.03.1820)
  The following comes from BP1934 (Howe).
  m1. (21.02.1756) Esther Hanmer (d 21.07.1764, dau of William Hanmer of the Fenns)
  ((A)) Penn Assheton Curzon (dvp 03.09.1797)
m. (31.07.1787) Sophia Charlotte Howe, Baroness Howe of Langar (b 19.02.1762, d 03.12.1835, dau of Richard, Earl Howe)
  ((i)) George Augustus Curzon (b 1788, d 1805)
  ((ii)) Richard William Penn Curzon, 2nd Viscount of Penn, later Howe, 1st Earl Howe (b 11.12.1796, d 12.05.1870) had issue§R§
  m1. (20.03.1820) Harriet Georgiana Brudenell (d 25.10.1836, dau of Robert Brudenell, 6th Earl of Cardigan)
m2. (09.10.1845) Anne Gore (b 08.03.1817, d 23.07.1877, dau of Admiral Sir John Gore by Georgiana, dau of Admiral Sir George Montagu)
  ((iii)) Marianne Curzon (d 1820)
  ((B)) Esther Curzon (d 07.11.1839)
  m. (08.01.1778) Sir George Bromley, 2nd Bart (b 18.08.1753, d 17.08.1808)
  ((C)) Mary Curzon (b 11.02.1760, d 19.09.1804)
m. (01.07.1779) Henry Legge, 2nd Lord Stawell of Somerton (b 22.02.1757, d 25.08.1820)
  m2. (06.02.1766) Dorothy Grosvenor (d 25.02.1774, dau of Sir Robert Grosvenor, 6th Bart of Eaton)
  ((D)) Robert Curzon (b 13.02.1774, d 14.05.1863) had issue
  m. (14.10.1808) Harriet Anne Bisshopp, Baroness de la Zouche (b 07.09.1787, d 15.05.1870, dau of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, 8th Bart of Parham, 12th Lord Zouche of Haryngworth)
  Their elder son became 14th Baron Zouche.
  ((E)) Charlotte Curzon (d 30.12.1832)
  m. (27.06.1799) Dugdale Stratford Dugdale of Merevale
((F))+ other issue - Assheton (b 01.06.1771), Elizabeth (d 14.04.1859)
  m3. (17.04.1777) Anna Margaretta Meredith (d 13.06.1804, dau of Amos Meredith)
  (c) Jane Curzon (d c1708)
  m. (1707) Henry Pye of Farringdon (b 23.08.1683, d 1748-9)
  (d)+ other issue - Francis (d unm), William (d unm, MP), Charles (dsp), Sarah (d unm), Elizabeth (d unm), Elenor (d unm)
  (ii) Eleanor Curzon
  m. Sir John Archer (judge)
  (iii) Jane Curzon (d 14.04.1652)
  m. John Stanhope of Elvaston (d 26.03.1662)
  (iv)+ other issue (dsp) - John, Francis, Thomas (d unm), Patience (d unm)
(B) Richard Curzon of Breedon (b 06.03.1599)
  m. Mary
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Curzon of Breedon).
  (i) John Curzon of Breedon
  m. Mary Lilley (dau of Rowland Lilley)
  (a) Nathaniel Curzon of Breedon (b 1724, d 30.03.1787)
  m. (15.06.1775) Anne Farnell (dau of John Farnell of Overseal)
  ((1)) John Curzon of Breedon (b 08.08.1777, d 25.06.1864) had issue
  m. (08.11.1827) Rosamund Martha Hope (d 25.11.1868, dau of Rev. Charles Stead Hope)
  ((2)) Nathaniel Curzon (b 06.03.1779, d unm 17.01.1848)
  (C) Ellen Curzon
  m. Richard Boothby of Potters Marston (bpt 20.06.1596, d 1642/8)
  (D) Eleanor Curzon probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Archer of Coopersale (b 1598)
  (2) George Curzon (4th son)
(A) Francis Curzon of Manley had issue
  (3) Helen Curzon
  m. Thomas Hutchenson of the Middle Temple
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas (d unm), Francis (d unm), Eleanor, Anne
  c. Anne Curzon
  m1. Roger Brokeshaw of Haslewood
  m2. _ Forman
  d. Eleanor Curzon
  m. Henry Bradshaw of Windley
  e. Elizabeth Curzon
  m. John Wigley of Wirheath (sb WIrksworth)
  f.+ other issue - William (dvpsp), Richard, Christopher
  ii. Cecilie or Alice Curzon
  m. William Trussel of Billesley
iii. Mary Curzon
  m. George Whitworth
  iv. Anne Curzon
  m. George Trusset
  B. Henry Curzon
  m. Margaret Dethik (dau of John Dethik of Dordral or Bredsal)
  C. Elizabeth Curzon (prioress)
2. Isabel Curzon
  m. John Bryd of Locko
3. Ann Curzon
  m. John Ireton of Ireton
4. Thomasine Curzon
  m. Thomas Statham of Borley (d 1470)
5. Joan Curzon
  m. Ralph Sacheverel

Main source(s): BP1934 (Scarsdale) with input from Collins (Curzon Lord Scarsdale, vol VIII, 1812) and a little support from Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Curson of Kedleston)
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