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Families covered: Chetham of Mellor Hall, Cross of Auchentoshan, Cross in Glasgow, Cresacre of Barnborough, Cooper of Ardsley

Robert Corse or Cross (b 1639, d 1705, Dean of Guild in Glasgow)
m. Joanet Peadie (sister of James Peadie of Ruchill, Provost of Glasgow)
1. John Cross (b 1671, d 1732, Dean of Guild in Glasgow)
  m1. Joan Walkinshaw (dau of William Walkinshaw of Scotstoun)
  A. Robert Cross
  m. Christian McGilchrist (dau of John McGilchrist of Easter Possill)
i. Jean Cross
  m. James Somerville of Hamilton Farm and Sorn
  m2. Agnes Crawford (dau of William Crawford of Crawfordland)
  B. William Cross of Parkhouse, Sheriff of Lanarkshire (Professor in Glasgow)
  C. John Cross (b 1719, d 1778)
  m. Lilias Purdie (dau of William Purdie by Lilias Luke)
  i. William Cross in Glasgow, later of Auchintoshan (d 1813)
  m. (1793) Anna Buchanan of Auchintoshan (b 1774, d 1810, dau of Neil Buchanan of Auchintoshan)
  a. John Cross-Buchanan of Auchintoshan (d 1839) had issue
  m. (1824) Jean Wardrop (d 1874, dau of Andrew Wardrop of Torbanehill)
  b. William Cross had issue
  m. Anna Wood (dau of John Wood)
  c. Anne Cross
  m. (1814) Robert Yuille (d 1830, of Darleith family)
  d. Marion Cross
  m. (18.10.1822) James William Alston of Stockbriggs
  e.+ other issue - Neil (WS), Richard, Mary (d unm)
  D. Helen Cross
  m. Peter Blackburn
  E. Martha Cross
  m. Matthew Bogle in Glasgow



Commoners reports that the following family is "a branch of the ancient Lancashire family of the same name."
James Chetham of Jarden, later of Mellor Hall (Derbyshire) (d 1704)
m1. Susanna Radclyffe (bpt 26.12.1644, d 26.04.1680, dau of W. Radclyffe of Mellor)
1. James Chetham of Mellor Hall (bpt 26.09.1675, d before 29.09.1712)
  m. Elizabeth Lawton
  A. James Chetham of Mellor Hall (bpt 17.04.1700, d 1717)
  B. Thomas Chetham of Mellor Hall (b 08.11.1702, bur 21.01.1756)
  m1. (16.01.1723, sp) Mary Hawkins
  m2. (03.1739) Mary Wilbraham (dau of Randle Wilbraham of Rhode & Nantwich)
  i. Thomas Chetham of Mellor Hall (bpt 16.12.1739, d 10.1799)
  m. (15.10.1770) Anne Strode (dau of Edward Strode of Southhill House)
  a. Thomas Chetham, later Strode-Chetham of Southhill House (b 29.11.1771, dsp 11.09.1827)
  m. (1816) Catherine Brandreth Backhouse Evans (dau of Rev. D. Evans of West Tidbury, widow of Lt. Col. Spencer Thomas Vassal)
  b. Richard Chetham, later Strode-Chetham of Southhill House (dsp)
  m. Frances Tomilson (dau of Rev. Robert Tomilson of Cley)
  c. Randle Chetham, later Chetham-Strode of Southhill House (b 07.01.1773, dsp 1845)
  m. Juliet (d 03.03.1864)
  d. Sir Edward Chetham, later Chetham-Strode of Southhill House (b 05.07.1774, d 11.04.1862, Admiral) had issue
  m. (28.06.1810) Margaret Deane (d 1844, dau of Peter (or William) Deane of the Bahamas)
  e. John Chetham of Londonderry (b 29.06.1779, Colonel) had issue
  m. (11.04.1809) Isabella Macconell (dau of Samuel Macconnell by Marry Chetham) @@ just below
  ii. Mary Chetham (bpt 08.07.1742)
  m. (31.07.1782) Samuel Macconnell of Bath
  a. Isabella Macconnell (b 23.04.1785)
  m. (11.04.1809) John Chetham (Colonel) @@ just above
  iii.+ other issue - Frances (d 1743), Elizabeth (bpt 11.08.1746, d 1767)
  C. Hester Chetham (b 23.05.1697)
  m. (1719) John Potts ('the younger')
  D.+ other issue - William (bpt 15.10.1707), Edward (b 16.08.1711), Susanna (b 24.04.1705), Elizabeth (b 11.05.1710, a 1735)
2. Thomas Chetham (bpt 23.05.1678, bur 23.03.1696)
3. Katherine Chetham (bpt 17.05.1669, d 05.1696)
  m. William Radcliffe of Podnor
4. Mary Chetham (bpt 26.12.1672)
  m. (1703) Joseph Craddock
m2. (sp) Anne



John Cresacre of Barnborough, Yorkshire (a 1283, 1292)
1. Thomas Cresacre of Barnborough (a 1343)
  A. John Cresacre of Barnborough (a 1350)
  m. Alice or Sibil Wasteneys (dau of Robert Wasteneys of Headon)
  i. John Cresacre of Barnborough (a 1396)
  m. _ Cranbull
a. James Cresacre of Barnborough (d 10.08.1417)
  Commoners suggests that James was alive 21H6 (1442) but we show the dates given in Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Woodrove of Woolley) which appear to be more consistent with the dates given by Commoners for later generations.
  m. Elizabeth Woodrove (d 1434, dau of John Woodrove)
  (1) Percival Cresacre of Barnborough (a 1455)
  m. Alice Mounteney (d 1450, dau of Thomas Mounteney)
  (A) John Cresacre of Barnborough (a 1454)
  m. _ Wortley (dau of Nicholas Wortley)
(i) John Cresacre of Barnborough (a 1478)
  m. Margaret Hastings (dau of SIr Hugh Hastings of Fenwick)
  (a) Edward Cresacre of Barnborough (b c1485, d 1512)
  m. Jane Basset (dau of Sir Richard Basset of Fletborough)
  ((1)) Anne Cresacre (d 1577)
  m1. John More, later of Barnborough
  m2. George West of Aughton
  (B) Isabel Cresacre
  m1. John Bosvile of Ardsley
  m2. Henry Langton
  (C)+ other issue - James (d unm), Edward (Sub-Dean of York Cathedral), Ambrose (a 1468)
  ii. Anne Cresacre probably of this generation
  m. John Woodrove of Woolley & Newland (d before 09.09.1397)



Richard Cooper of Ardsley, Yorkshire
m. Mary Nettleton (dau of Richard Nettleton of Earls Heaton by Ann Grosvenor)
1. Robert Cooper of Ardsley
  A. Charles Cooper
  i. Elizabeth Cooper
  m. _ Loscombe
  a. C.W. Loscombe of Pickwick House, Corsham, Wiltshire (b 1784)
2.+ other issue (d unm) - son, daughter

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