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Families covered: Calybutt of Castle Acre (Castleacre), Cabell of Brooke, Cabell of Buckfastleigh, Carswell of Carswell (Careswell of Careswell), Carswell of Hatch, Channon (Chanon) of Talliton (Talaton), Charles of Morton, Charles of Tavistock

John Calybutt of Castell Acre (Castle Acre), Norfolk
1. Alan Calybutt of Castle Acre the first mentioned by Carthew
  m. _ Saunders of Castle Acre
  A. Francis Calybutt of Castle Acre (d 05.03.1516-7)
  i. John Calybutt of Castle Acre (d 25.02.1555-6)
m1. Alice Wingfeild (dau of John Wingfeild of Donham (Wingfield of Dunham) (who d 1509))
  a. John Calybutt of Castle Acre (d 23.10.1570)
  m. Bridget Huggen (dau of Robert Huggen of Bradnam (Hoogan of Stradsett))
  (1) Margaret Calybutt
  m. Philip Audley of Pagrave (not John Audley or Dudley)
  (2) Ann Calybutt
m. John Wingfeild (son of Robert son of Sir Richard)
  (3) Susan Calybutt
  m. Arthur (not Philip) Downing of Lexham
  (4) Elizabeth Calybutt
  m. Barnard Whetstone of Woodford Row
  b. Elizabeth Calybutt
  m. Thomas Townsend of Testerton (d before 21.11.1573)
c. Margaret Calybutt
  m. Leonard Chamberlayne (brother of Sir Rafe of Gedding)
  m2. (sp) Bridget Fowler (d 16.07.1564, dau of _ Fowler of Rycott)
  ii. William Calybutt of Cokesford (d before 01.10.1577, 3rd son?)
  From 25.01.18 until 01.06.22, we showed (in italics) a Francis (d 1517), father of William father (by Dorothy) of Katherine, as a younger brother of the John who m. Alice Wingfield. That followed a suggestion of a contributor (DS, 24.01.18). On 01.06.22, following Carthew who provided more dates on this family, we took the view that DS's sources had confused that Francis with John's father. DS identified William's wife as ...
  m. Dorothy Edgar (dau of Sir Gregory Edgar of Brantham Hall by Anne, dau of Simon Wiseman of Great Canfield)
  a. Ann Calybutt
  m1. Thomas Gardner (son of Hugh of March, Isle of Ely)
  m2. Henry Cornwallis ## see here ##
  b. Katherine Calybutt
  m. John Walpole of Houghton (d 1588)
  c. Elizabeth Calybutt
  m. Henry Russell of West Rudham
  iii.+ other issue - Anthony, Thomas



Richard Cabell of Fromeselwood
m. Thomasine
1. Richard Cabell of Buckfastleigh, Devon (d 17.02.1612-3)
  m. Susan Peter (dau of John Peter of Buckfastleigh)
  A. Richard Cabell 'of Brooke' of Buckfastleigh (b c1582, a 1649)
  m. (c12.1618) Mary Prestwood (dau of George Prestwood of Whetcomb)
  i. Richard Cabell of Brooke (d before 09.03.1677-8)
  m. (07.01.1654-5) Elizabeth Fowell (dau of Sir Edward Fowell of Fowellscombe)
  a. Elizabeth Cabell (a 03.1677-8)
  ii. Samuel Cabell of Southpetherton, Somerset (dsp c04.1699)
  m1. (c11.1669) Gertrude (widow of (Thomas) Wills of Wyvelscombe)
  m2. Elizabeth (a 04.1699)
  iii. John Cabell (a 1671)
  B. Samewell Cabell (dsp before 06.06.1628)
  C. Bridget Cabell
  m. (c12.1613) Thomas Martin of Totnes
  D. Suzan Cabell
  m. Thomas Turgis of Buckfastleigh
  E. Anne Cabell
  m. John Hele of Shaghe



John Careswell of Careswell, Devon
m. Emme
1. John Careswell of Careswell (Carswell of Carswell)
m. Margaret (dau/coheir of John Trycheston or Brixton of Deane)
  A. William Careswell
  m. Christian Pralle (dau/coheir of John Pralle of Totnes)
  i. John Careswell 'of Carswell'
  m. Alice Hill (dau of William Hill of Buckland Towrell)
  a. William Careswell or Carswell (d 28.05.1546)
  m. Elizabeth Paulett (dau of Amyes Paulett of Hinton St. George)
  (1) Nicholas Careswell or Carswell of Hatch Arundell (b c1531, bur 21.01.1587-8)
  m. Ellen (bur 27.09.1604)
(A) Christopher Carswell (dvp bur 26.05.1584)
  m. (08.12.1578) Joan Darte (bur 11.08.1605)
  (i) Nicholas Carswell 'of Carswell' (bpt 06.07.1584, d 11.10.1595)
  (ii) Joan Carswell (bpt 30.12.1579)
  m. John Ford
  (iii) Elizabeth Carswell (bpt 21.04.1583)
m. Bartholomew Fortescue
  (iv)+ other issue - Lewis (bpt 01.11.1581, bur 14.10.1583), Helen (bpt 24.03.1578-9, d before 1595)
  (B) Elizabeth Carswell (a 1587)
  m. (09.06.1572) Richard Langworthy
  (C) Bridget Carswell (bpt 24.02.1559-60, a 1587)
  m. Richard Eliot of Port Eliot
  b. Edward Careswell or Carswell
  c. Jane Careswell or Carswell
  m. Raymond Norley of Norley



Vivian spells the family name as 'Chanon'. We use 'Channon' as that appears to be the more common spelling.
Richard Channon of Talliton, Devon
m. Margaret Dyer (m1. _ Swaine)
1. Phillip Channon of Talliton in Haydrudg (d 01.08.1622)
  m. Frances Calmadye (dau of Richard Calmadye of Farwood in Talliton)
  A. Richard Channon 'of Larkber' (b 1583-4, a 1622)
  m. Margerie Lawrence (dau of Sir Edward Lawrence of Purbeck)
  i.+ issue (a 1622) - Phillip (b c1614), Margaret (b c1616), Katherin (b c1618), Elizabeth (b c1620)
  B. Phillip Channon 'of Ottery' (3rd son?)
  m. Frances Duke (dau of Richard Duke of Otterton)
  C.+ other issue - William (dsp), William (b c1595, a 1620), Margerie (dsp), Marie (dsp), Elizabeth (dsp)
2. William Channon (dsp)
3. Charitie Channon
  m. John Toute of Delverton



James Charles of Morton, Devon
m. Margery Foorde (dau/heir of Richard Foorde of Morton (by Margaret Rickeswell alias Wolfe), son of John son of Thomas son of Walter son of Henry son of Richard son of Nicholas son of Thomas son of William son of Ely of Morton)
1. William Charles of Morton
  m. Elizabeth Chaldon (dau of Andrew Chaldon)
A. William Charles (d(sp?) 20.12.1525)
  B. John Charles (b c1499, a 1525)
  m. Alice Walcott (dau of John Walcott of Chudlegh)
  i. John Charles of Tavistock, Devon (d 25.10.1563)
  m1. (sp) Mary Parker( dau of John Parker of North Molton)
  m2. Agnes Amades (dau of John Amades, widow of Thomas Mohun & Thomas Stowford)
  a. John Charles of Tavistock (b c02.1542/3, d 10.09.1568)
  m. Ellinor Smyth (dau/heir of Barnard Smyth of Totnes, m2. Sir John Fulford of Fulford)
  b. Robert Charles (d 17.01.1571)
  c. Dorothy Charles
  m1. Richard Servington of Tavistock
  m2. Robert Dyllington
  ii. Joane Charles
  m. William Southmeade of Morton
  iii.+ other issue - Raphe, Radigond
2. Joane Charles

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