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Families covered: Cawood of Cawood, Claget of Malling

John (de) Cawood, Yorkshire
1. David (de) Cawood
  A. John (de) Cawood (b c1312, a 1346)
i. John (de) Cawood (b c1360, d 1402-3)
  a. Peter Cawood (b c1393, d 1435-6)
  b. Robert Cawood (a 1466, "Clerke of the Pipe")
  (1) Henry Cawood
  (A) Walter Cawood
  (i) Walter Cawood
  (a) Jane Cawood (d before 15.05.1576)
  m. (c06.1541) Robert Essington of London (d 01.1568, bridgemaster & leatherseller)
  (b)+ other issue - John, Christopher (clerke)
  (2) John Cawood
  (A) Margaret Cawood
  m. Richard Aclaham (Acclam or Acclom)



Robert Claget of Malling, Kent
1. Robert Claget of Malling
  m. Margaret Golden (dau of Robert Golden (Godden) of Leyborne Castle)
  A. George Claget, Mayor of Canterbury (a 1609, 1632)
  m1. Mary Tayler (dau of Thomas Tayler)
  i. Mary Claget
m. Jervais Maplesden of Maidstone
  m2. Anne Colbrand of Sussex (widow of _ Jeffries)
  ii. William Claget
  m. Elizabeth Ballard (dau of Thomas Ballard of Wadhurst by Mary, sister of Sir John Leveson of Kent)
  a. Robert Claget (Clagget)
  m. Sarah Tiffin
  (1)+ issue - Robert, William, Margaret
  iii. Edward Claget of London
  m. Margaret Adams (b 25.10.1616, d 24.02.1667-8, dau of Sir Thomas Adams, Lord Mayor of London, 1st Bart)
  a. Anne Claget
  m. Joseph Hall of London
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (d infant), William (b 19.07.1639), Edward (d infant), dward (b c1642, a 1667), Thomas (a 1667), George (a 1677), John (d by 1677), Richard (d by 1677?), Martha (a 1667), Elizabeth (a 1667), Margaret (a 1667)
  m3. Jane Spencer (dau/coheir of John Spencer, widow of _ Cockmam, Mayor of Canterbury)

Main source(s):
(1) For Cawood (uploaded 10.01.22) : MGH (NS5 vol 3 (1918), 'Cawood', p166+) with some support from within Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Acclam', p369+)
(2) For Claget (uploaded 10.01.22) : MGH (NS5 vol 3 (1918), p204)
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