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Families covered: Dalgleish of Scotscraig

Symone de Dalgles (a 1407)
1. Sir William de Dalgles (a 1452)
  A. John of Dalgleis
  i. John of Dalgleis
  Possibly connected to the above was a branch of the family who settled in Fife ...
  a. ?? (connection not proven)
(1) Robert Dalgleish 'of that ilk'
  m. Margaret Clark (dau of James Clark of Pittencrieff family)
  (A) James Dalgleish
  m. Ann Meiklejohn (dau of Alex Meiklejohn of Parkhall)
  (i) Robert Dalgleish of Lauriston (d 12.10.1662, solititor to King Charles I and Charles II)
  m. Jean Douglas (dau of _ Douglas of Pompherston)
  (a) Margaret Dalgleish
  m. (1662) Lewis Craig of Riccarton
  (ii) William Dalgleish (b c1599, d 1676, minister of Cramond)
  m. Elizabeth Colville (sister of Robert Colville, Lord of Ochiltree)
  (a) John Dalgleish (d 1715, minister)
  m. Agnes Wauchope
((1)) Emilia Dalgleish
  ((2)) Isobel Dalgleish
  m. Robert McGill of Kinross (minister)
  (b) Alexander Dalgleish (minister of Linlithgow)
  m1. Jean Marshall, heiress of Murehall (d 1701)
  m2. (1702) Susanna Campbell (dau of Duncan Campbell of Auchlyne)
  Not known which wife was the mother of ...
  ((1)) Christian Dalgleish (d 1737)
m. (1725) William Dalgleish of Scotscraig (d 06.08.1759, minister of Ferryport) @@ just below
  ((2))+ other issue
  (c) James Dalgleish of Queensferry (b c1655, d 1719)
  m. (1682) Isabel Stewart (b c1663, d 1755, dau of Alexander Stewart of Newhalls, of Craigiehall family)
  ((1)) William Dalgleish of Scotscraig (d 06.08.1759, minister of Ferryport)
  m1. Christian Dalgleish (d 1737, dau of Alexander Dalgleish) @@ just above
  m2. (1741-2) Christian Nairne (d 1750, dau of Capt. James Nairne)
((A)) James Dalgleish of Scotscraig (d unm 11.03.1780, advocate)
  ((B)) Robert Dalgleish of Scotscraig (d 19.04.1803)
  m1. (1768) Margaret Spears (d 1788, dau of Rev Robert Spears)
  ((i)) William Dalgleish of Scotscraig (b 1770, d 01.08.1824)
  m. (11.09.1792) Jane Isabel Ogilvy (d 1812, dau of Archibald Ogilvy of Inchmartine)
  ((a)) Robert Dalgleish, later Bayne-Dalgleish, of Scotscraig (b 1793, dsp 16.08.1871)
  m. (1822) Mary Bayne, heiress of Rires and Dura (dau of Alexander Bayne, 3rd of Rires, 1st of Dura
  ((b)) Archibald Dalgleish of Roseville (Captain)
  m. Margaret Raitt (dau of John Raitt of Carphin)
  (((1))) Margaret Mary Magdalene Dalgleish
  (((2))) Jane Isabella Dalgleish (d 1871)
(((3))) Caroline Adelaide Dalgleish (d 1874)
  m. (1861) Rev Alex Maxwell
  (((4))) Eliza Makgill Dalgleish
  m. (1866) Major Fagan
  ((c)) James Dalgleish, later Ogilvy-Dalgleish of Woodburne and Baltilly (b 1800, d 29.11.1875) had issue
  m. (1831) Isabella Martin (dau of David Martin of Dundee)
  ((d)) Eliza Dalgleish (d 11.08.1860)
  m. (13.11.1811) John Makgill of Kemback and Fingask (bpt 16.11.1790, d 03.05.1817)
  ((e)) Margaret Dalgleish
  m. (1813) James Maitland Heriot of Ramornie
  ((f)) Jane Dalgleish
  m. (1820) Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair (Lt. Col)
  m2. Stewart Dalgleish (dau of James Dalgleish of Riddock) @@ below
  ((2)) Alexander Dalgleish (d 1727)
  Alexander made a fortune in India but was killed in Jedda on his voyage home. He left his fortune to his mother who purchased Scotscraig, Fife.
  ((3)) James Dalgleish of Riddock (b c1704, d 1796)
  m. Marion Stewart
  ((A)) Stewart Dalgleish
  m. Robert Dalgleish of Scotscraig (d 19.04.1803) @@ above
  ((B)) Isobel Dalgleish name found on a web site
  m. (1750) George McCallum (b 1719)
  BLG1886 reports that (Isobels' father) James "is represented by the family of Kellie-McCallum, of Braco."
  ((4)) Marion Dalgleish
  m1. Samuel Wilson of Plewlands
  m2. David Moneypenny of Pitmilly
  ((5)) Janet Dalgleish
  m. (1722) Robert Ramsay of Blackgrange
  ((6)) Isobel Dalgleish
  m. (1728) Archibald Stewart of Newhalls
  ((7)) Anne Dalgleish
  m. Rev. James Thorieson

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Dalgleish of Woodburne and Baltilly), BLG1952 (Ogilvy-Dalgleish of Springfield formerly of Boyne)
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