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Families covered: Dansey of Brinsop, Dansey of Easton Court, Danesy of Little Hereford

John Daunsey of Wiltshire & Herefordshire
1. John Daunsey
  m. ?? (heiress of Criketoft)
  A. Thomas Daunsey of Weldon (a 1462)
  i. John Daunsey
  m. Jane or Margaret (dau of Milo ap Harry of Bacton)
  a. John Daunsey or Dansey of Brinsop, Herefordshire (d before 28.09.1533) - continued below
  m. Jane Delamere (dau/(co)heir of Nicholas Delamere of Woodhampton in Little Hereford)
  b. Blanch Daunsey
  m. Giles Welford of Wistaston
  c. Anne Daunsey
  ii. Elizabeth Daunsey
  m. Walter ap Harry



John Daunsey or Dansey of Brinsop (d before 28.09.1533) - continued above the first mentioned by BLG1952
m. Jane Delamere (dau/(co)heir of Nicholas Delamere of Woodhampton in Little Hereford, m2. Nicholas Fitton)
1. Thomas Dansey of Brinsop & Little Hereford (b c1516, d 1578)
  m. Sybil Scudamore (dau of John Scudamore of Holme Lacy, m2. John Delabere of Tiberton)
  A. John Dansey of Brinsop (a 1569)
  BLG1952 names him Thomas, showing him as dsp. We follow Robinson who is supported by the Abington records, Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Scudamore) and Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Daunsey).
  m. Eleanor Abington (dau/coheir of Richard Abington of Brockhampton, m2. Sir Thomas Baskerville)
  i. Thomas Dansey of Brinsop (dsp)
  B. William Dansey of Brinsop & Little Hereford, Sheriff of Herefordshire
BLG1952 shows that William d 1609. Robinson suggests that he died on 27.03.1628 aged 82.
  m1. Jane Colles (dau of Edward Colles of Lye and/or Hatfield)
  i. Roger Dansey of Brinsop, Sheriff of Herefordshire (b c1578, bur 25.08.1658)
  m. Ann Smyth (dau of Richard Smyth of Credenhill)
  a. John Dansey (b c1612, dvp before 1636)
  m. Margaret Cornewall (b c1613, d 11.11.1656, dau of Sir Thomas Cornewall, 'Baron of Burford', widow of Humphrey Hare of Brilley)
  (1)+ 2 daughters
b. William Dansey of Brinsop (bur 29.10.1695)
  m. Douglas Dudley (d 02.083.1649, dau of Sir Robert Dudley, 'Duke of Northumberland', by Alice Leigh, Duchess of Dudley)
  (1) William Dansey of Brinsop (b c1643, d 28.08.1715)
  m. Catherine Read (b 1640-1, d 02.03.1704, dau of Richard Read of Lugwardine)
  (A) William Dansey of Brinsop (bpt 08.06.1665, d 18.06.1708)
  m. Elizabeth Russell of Strensham (dau/coheir of Sir Francis Russell, 2nd Bart of Strensham (by Anne Lytton), m2. Joshua Lloyd of London)
  (i) Katherine Dansey of Strensham
  m. John Ravenhill of Herefordshire
  (a) daughter
  (ii)+ other issue (d unm) - Anne (b c1699, d 16.11.1732), Judith (d young)
  (B) Richard Dansey of Brinsop (b 1669-70, d unm 10.05.1740, Lt. Colonel)
  (C) Deborah Dansey
  m. Edward Collins or Collings of Acton Burnell, Salop
  (i) Edward Collins or Collings
  m. Elizabeth Chambers of Gloucestershire
  (a) Dansey Collins or Collings, later Dansey of Easton Court (d 06.07.1777)
  m. Ellen Sutton (d 04.02.1818, dau of Richard Sutton of Cheshire)
  ((1)) Dansey Collins or Dansey (d 24.06.1808, Major)
  m. Frances Warren (dau of Rev. Erasmus Warren)
  ((A))+ 2 daughters
  ((2)) Richard Dansey of Easton Court (b c1786, 18.08.1813)
  m. (1788) Emma Johnson (sister of Henry Johnson of Shrewsbury)
  ((A)) Dansey Richard Dansey of Easton Court had issue
m. (1814) Frances Elizabeth Ingram (dau/coheir of Rev. James Ingram of Burford)
  ((B)) William Dansey (d 14.05.1829) had issue
  m. Sarah Jane Lechmere (dau of Sandys Lechmere of Fownhope Court)
  ((C))+ other issue (d by 1872) - Geogre Henry, Edward Colins (RN), John
  ((3)) Ellen Collins or Dansey
  m1. George Pardoe of Nash Court (d 1798)
m2. Rev. Thomas Rocke of Tenbury
  ((4)) Martha ('Matty') Collins or Dansey (b c1772, d 1812)
  m. Joseph Plymley, later Corbet (d 22.06.1830, Archdeacon of Salop)
  ((5)) Mary Collins or Dansey
  m. Henry Johnson of Grankwell or Shrewsbury
  ((6))+ other issue (d unm) - Betsy, Nancy
  (ii) William Collins, later Dansey (dsp 1775)
  m. Harriet Sawyer (d 1794, dau of John Sawyer of Haywood)
  (iii)+ other issue (dsp) - Dansey, 3 daughters
  (D)+ other issue - Roger (dsp), Thomas (dsp), John (dsp), Anne (d unm 15.06.1720), Elizabeth (d unm 15.06.1745), Catherine (d unm 25.10.1722)
  (2) Edward Dansey (dsp)
  (3) Richard Dansey of Blakemere (a 1628) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Winston (dau of James Winstoin)
  (4) Margaret Dansey
  m. Bohun Witherston of London
  (5) Elizabeth Dansey
  m. Thomas Garnons of Garnons
m2. Bridget Hyat (dau of James Hat of Norton, widow of _ Jones)
  c. Susan Dansey
  m. Thomas Apperley of the Hill of Eaton
  d. Mary Dansey
  m. James Winston of Blakemere
  e.+ other issue - Coningsby (dsp), Winifred, Hesetr, Elizabeth, Frances
  ii. daughter probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Thomas Garnons of Garnons (d c1670)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (d by 1636), Richard (d by 1636)
  m2. (sp) Anne Skevington (widow of Anthony Shuckborough of Shuckborough)
  C. James Dansey
  m. Katherine Tomkyns (dau of Richard Tomkyns of Monington, widow of James Pichard)
  D. Thomas Dansey
  m. Frances Smyth (dau of Richard Smyth of Stoke Prior)
  E. Richard Dansey
m. _ Baskerville of Netherwood
  F. Symon Dansey of Fernall in Brilley
  m. _ Baskerville (dau of Thomas Baskerville)
  G. Jane Dansey
  m. Edm. Browne of Harewood
  H. Elizabeth Dansey
  m. Thomas Nicholas
2. John Dansey of Webton in Madley had issue
  m. Margaret Morgan (dau of Thomas Morgan of Arkeston)
3. Anne Dansey (a 1532) probably the Anne who married ...
  m. Alexander Whittington of Notgrove (d 1579)
4.+ other issue (a 1532) - Sibyl, Maude, Elizabeth, Isabell

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Dansey formerly of Butterley), Robinson (Hereford, Dansey of Brinsop and Little Hereford)
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