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Families covered: Darcy of Chiche, Darcy of Danbury, Darcy of Maldon, Darcy of Tiptree, Darcy of St. Osyth's (Osith's), Darcy of Tolleshunt

Presumed to have been descended from the baronial house of D'Arcy mentioned in Darcy01 was ...
Robert Darcie of Maldon
m. Alice FitzLangley (d 1448-9, dau of Henry FitzLangley)
1. Sir Robert Darcy of Maldon and Danbury, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire (d 1469-70)
  m. Elizabeth Tyrell (dau of Sir Thomas Tyrell of Heron)
  A. Thomas Darcy of Danbury (d 1485-6)
  m. Margaret Harleston (dau of John Harleston of Suffolk)
i. Roger Darcy of Danbury (d 09.1508)
  m. Elizabeth Wentworth (a 1542, dau of Sir Henry Wentworth of Nettlestead)
  a. Sir Thomas Darcy, 1st Lord Darcy of Chiche (b 1506, 28.06.1558)
  m. Elizabeth de Vere (dau of John de Vere, 15th Earl of Oxford)
(1) John Darcy, 2nd Lord of Chiche (b c1532, d 03.03.1580/1)
  m. Frances Rich (dau of Richard Rich, 1st Lord)
  (A) Thomas Darcy, Viscount Colchester, Earl Rivers (b c1565, d 21.02.1639/40)
  m. (before 20.04.1583) Mary Kitson (d 05/6.1644, dau of Sir Thomas Kitson of Hengrave)
(i) Thomas Darcy (dvpsp)
  m. (Mary) Fitz (dau of Sir John Fitz of Tavistock)
  (ii) Elizabeth Darcy, 'Countess Rivers' (d 09.03.1650)
  m. Sir Thomas Savage of Rocksavage, 1st Viscount Savage (d 20.11.1635)
  Their eldest son became (2nd) Earl Rivers.
  (iii) Mary Darcy
  m1. Roger Manwood (son of Sir Peter of St. Stephen's)
  m2. (c1626) Sir Thomas Maples of Long Stow, Bart
  (iv) Penelope Darcy (d before 02.07.1661)
  m1. (1610) Sir George Trenchard of Wolverton (dsp 1610)
  m2. (c1611) Sir John Gage, 1st Bart of Firle (d 03.10.1633)
  m3. Sir William Hervey of Ickworth (d 30.09.1660)
  (v) Susan Darcy (d unm)
(B) John Darcy (d unm)
  (C) Mary or Elizabeth Darcy (d 02.02.1616/7
  m. John Lumley, Baron Lumley (b c1533, dsp 11.04.1609)
  (2) Thomasine Darcy
  BE1883 identifies a Thomasine of this generation who married Richard Southwell of Wood Rising. This must be a duplication with the Thomasine of the previous generation.
  (3) Constance Darcy
  m. Edmund Pyrton of Bentley
b. Eleanor Darcy
  c. Thomasine Darcy
  m. Sir Richard Southwell
  d. Elizabeth Darcy
  m(1). John Legh
  Elizabeth Darcy appears also to have married ...
  m(2). Humphrey Colles of Barton
  ii.. Thomas Darcy probably of this generation
  m. Anne Gates (dau of William Gates)
  B. Robert Darcy
  C. Elizabeth Darcy
  m. William Barly (Barley, not Berkley)
2. John (Thomas) Darcy, later of Tolleshunt
  m1. Anne Tyrell (dau of Sir Thomas Tyrell of Heron)
A. Anthony Darcy of Tolleshunt, Sheriff of Essex (d 18.10.1540)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Christopher Wilson or Wilkinson)
  i. Robert Darcy (dvpsp 1535)
  m. Joanes Bassel (dau of John Bassel)
  ii. Thomas Darcy of Tolleshunt and Tiptree Priory
  m1. ??
  m2. Anne or Jane Mundy (dau of Sir John Mundy, Lord Mayor of London)
a. Thomas Darcy of Tolleshunt, Sheriff of Essex (d 02.09.1586)
  m. Margaret Sulyard (dau of Eustace Sulyard of Runnell or Runwell)
  (1) Thomas Darcy of Tolleshunt
  m. Camilla Guicardini (dau of Vincent Guicardini of Florence)
  (A) Thomas Darcy (dsp)
  (B) Mary Darcy
  m. Chrishopher Nevill (son of Edward, Lord Abergavenny)
  (C) Elizabeth Darcy
  m. Sir Henry Mildmay of Woodham Walter (b c1585, d 1654)
(D) Bridget Darcy
  m. Sir George Fenner
  (E) Frances Darcy (d 02.08.1663)
  m. (1612) Sir Henry Vane (b 18.02.1589, d 1654, Secretary of State to Charles I)
  (F) Margaret Darcy
  m. John Browne
(2) Mary Darcy
  m. Richard Southwell of Woodrising
  (3) Elizabeth Darcy
  m. Henry Maynard of Great Waltham
  (4)+ other issue - John (dsp), Eustace, Bridget, Dorothy, Margaret, Anne
  b. Anthony Darcy
  (1) daughter
  m3. Elizabeth Heydon (dau of John Heydon of Baconsthorpe)
  c. Brian Darcy of Tiptree, Sheriff of Essex (a 1585)
  m. Bridget Corbet (dau of John Corbet of Sprouston)
(1) John Darcy of St. Osyth's and Tiptree (b 1560, d 1638)
  m. Dorothy Audeley (dau of Thomas Audeley of Berechurch)
  (A) Thomas Darcy of St. Osyth's and Tiptree 'of Tolshunt'
  m. (1621) Mary Astley (dau of Sir Andrew Astley of Writtle)
(i) Sir Thomas Darcy of Braxted, 1st Bart of Tiptree and St. Clere Hall, St. Osyth (b 1632, d 1693)
  m1. Cecily Dewes (dau of Sir Symonds Dewes)
  (a) Anne Darcy (d young)
  m2. Jane Cole (dau of Robert Cole)
  (b) Sir George Darcy, 2nd Bart of Tiptree (2nd son, b c1677, d unm 10.1698)
  TCB (Darcy) observes that the 2nd Bart was "Often, erroneously, called Thomas". BE1883 reports that Thomas, 2nd Bart, was father of Thomas, 3rd Bart, father of George, 4th Bart who died "a minor", and his three sisters. However, BEB1844 shows Thomas, 2nd Bart, died unmarried and this is confirmed in TCB. We follow TCB which confirms that Frances was daughter of the 1st Bart.
  (c) Frances Darcy (d 22.12.1705)
m. (11.1692) Sir William Dawes, Bart, Archbishop of York then Canterbury (b c1671, d 30.04.1724)
  (d) Mary Darcy
  m. Thomas Boteler
  (e) Elizabeth Darcy
  m. William Pierpont of Ollingham
  (f)+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Brian, William, John
  (ii) Mary Darcy
  (2) Mary Darcy probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Edon
(3)+ 2 sons (d young) and 1 daughter
  iii. Anthony Darcy in Norwich
  m2. _ Bois/Boys (dau of _ Bois or Boys of Tolleshunt)
3. Eleanor Darcy
  m. Sir William Tyrell of Heron
4. Anne Darcy
  m(1). _ Montgomery
  This is possibly the Anne who (also) married ...
  m(2). Nicholas Barrington of Hatfield (d 27.09.1504)
5. Margaret Darcy
  m. William Tyrell of Gupping (Gipping)
6. Alice Darcy
  m. John Clopton
7. Elizabeth Darcy
  m. Henry Bruyn
8. Catharine Darcy
  m. Robert Crane

Main source(s): BE1883 (Darcy of Chiche) with support from BEB1844 (Darcy of St. Osoth's)
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